Week Ten, 1983

Saturday 5 March

Took Fi & Lysarne to Esplanade to give Astro a run. Rained – extra good fun. After, made a clay road on the new road! Fi sleeping. All went to the Pizza Hut with ‘Figgles’. Met Natalie C. other party there! Discovered how to decorate balloons professionally (from Fi)

Sunday 6 March

Played with Fi till she went home, really have started wet season. Went to dad’s after fi went. Stayed for tea. Robbo’s came you see! All helped Julia with a project due tomorrow!

Monday 7 March

Boring day. HW – usual. At the bus stop, was overcast and breezy. No rain untill the afternoon. When I got home, Genelle was here. Apparently she was complaining that she was sick at school and meantime mum was cleaning Leonie’s. She got a ring from Leonie saying to pick up Janelle. Mum got her and she said after Janelle left at 6 o’clock that Janelle didn’t look or act sick at all. Bit fishy, eh?! [No idea why I spelt Janelle as Genelle in the first instance] Uniform has changed. See 8th!

Tuesday 8 March

Now the uniform is a blue (dark) skirt and a Peter blue or Bird of Paradise Print blouses! Yay! Anyhow, today, we made Honey and Nut Crunch in Home Ec! Was treadly fun! Astro came here, and we had to keep him quiet so Mrs Pajaya did know he was here. Pets aren’t allowed at our flat you see! Oh! Here’s the Address – Flat 2, 25 Old Smithfield Road Freshwater Cairns, QLD 4870! Today was 8.3.83! Funny eh! Rain has continued tremendously!

Wednesday 9 March

Yesterday & today at the bus-stop it has been pouring. Still the rain continues. Went to Toni’s this arvy – Kylie came too. Laughed our hearts out! Anyhow, Julia is staying the night at Dad’s. I went with him & Julia just for tea at the Robbo’s, but decided not to stay the night cause of HW. Figgles came (That’s why I went!) Anyhow, Mum went shopping and bought new things – toater[? can’t decipher my handwriting] self -polish shoe polish, Snickers, Violet Crumble bars, ice cream, utensils & umbrellas

Thursday 10 March

On Tues – Picked up my paper-bag pants from brewers. Wore them to Robbo’s on Wed!

Today started with a bang! Mum woke me and told me the bridges were over so I couldn’t go to school (Thomatis & Freshy). Later on, after Julia left for school, a garden drain next door ended up flooding Old Smithfield Road! (Or Changing it into a BIG Puddle!) Julia got a new Barbie – Golden Dreams! We both got a dress to go on our barbies

Friday 11 March

Boring school day. Though Lucy asked me to sleep the night. We were to go out with Anthony for a pizza or something, then to the movies, but mum didn’t let me go. She said Anthony couldn’t be trusted. So, it ended up that Lucy slept. ‘Figgles’ came over with some Tucky-fried chook (BBQ) for tea. Went to town and bought 2 new, yellow comforatable canvas chairs. Petra couldn’t sleep. (Julia asked her also)


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