The Camp, the Fete & Some Indecision (21-27 October)

Monday 21/10/85

Had a fire drill today. Wowee. And another camp meeting. Everyone in our cooking group except Adrienne was away (at the geography “excursion” to Green Island.) Got Jenny’s sleeping bag also got into a BIG tantrum. It is TOO BIG. It won’t fit in either bag – without taking up all the space in it. Mum’ll have to buy me a smaller one tomorrow. [Typically high expectation from a typically naive teenager. Children are expensive – demanding – little critters!] Everyone was dull today. At Bluelight apparently Praybon took an interest in Beka (danced & kissed) Anna got fiercely Jealous. And Erica everyone forgot about her but she said she doesn’t care about him at all anymore. Early night. Am tired after weekend of good movies. Still dunno about CHS [Cairns High]. Got the art forms today.

Tuesday 22/10/85

Little excited about the camp today. Mum got me a sleeping bag & it FITS INTO my KNAPSAC!! Yahoo!! A Life in WordsI have everything (except things I’ll need for tomorrow) already packed away. Can’t wait!! Watched part II of “Flying Doctors” thought it was last episode – but there’s a III one! IT’S SO FRIGGIN’ HOT I can’t take it!! I was alright during the day but the heat now is killing me!! Lucy came round this arvy. Went to shop – to Lucy’s & to shop again. I bought Lifesavers for the camp. met Fran & Colleen & Anna & Trudi Goodness me! Didn’t get my art forms handed in [for the special art course (CAD) at Cairns High]. I’m lucky Ms Anderson is gonna accept them, elsewhere. [elsewhere? what?!] Am tired – is 10:35 I wanna get some sleep

Wednesday 23/10/85

[It would appear that I left my diary at home for the whole time I was on the camp and filled it in upon my return. This kind of diligence obviously underlies my habit: if for some reason I’ve been unable to make an entry for one day, even now, I am compelled to recount it as soon as possible afterwards – usually the very next day. On this – and the following two – pages of the diary –  I ‘highlighted’ the fact that I was away on camp by drawing diagonal lines across the pages, through the handwriting. At first sight I thought I’d made a huge mistake – like making diary entries on the wrong days or something. But then I realised I was just being ‘cute’.]

RIPPER FUN!!!! The whole camp was tops!! But first I’ll tell you what happened today. Got packed in morning & struggled to bus stop. At 9:00 got on the buses. Arrived around 10:30. Immediately noticed March flies – sooo many. After setting up & having lunch group 2 (Fi’s) & group 3 (mine) did canoeing. I went with Shane S. [to think only two years earlier I’d’ve died & gone to Heaven to be in the same canoe as him!] Fi was with Wade. Everyone swapped around. Paddled up stream (Fi, Connie & I were finally together) Had to walk canoes over rapids – got big bang & ankle is swollen now. Got back ½hr early. After dinner & relax period, activities started. Only watched nature films & did bush dancing BORING!! Fran, Fi & me finally got to sleep around 12:00 I think.

Thursday 24/10/85

After brekky (woke about 5:30) we did orienteering. It was really an obstacle course was fun, too. some things were quite hard to do!! After lunch, did canoeing again, this time Connie, me & Mr Ross went, canoed down stream in steady rain (for 1hr) took us about 3½hrs. SOOO many rapids!! We went over soo many rocks & then Mr Wilson (other teacher) blew us up! At the bridge – boys took canoes to trailers & most people squished into 2 cars. I got in one. Others had to walk back & it was a long way. A Life in WordsFound out our tent was saturated (& sleeping bag from rain) [That wouldn’t’ve gone down well with me. I can imagine the sook I’d’ve become with that ‘tragedy’.] Lucky our bags were in Connie’s tent. After tea, watched “Killing Fields” for nite activity. Soo uncomfortable that I didn’t watch it. Slept in Sharon D’s tent

Friday 25/10/85

Woke again around 5:30. Pity it’s last day. Mainly ate up scraps for breakfast. Fires were hard to light just like last night’s. Our last activity today. HIKING – god!! the mountain was 90º! So hard to climb up – was so slippery & everything. Only got 1 leech – a baby – & it didn’t have time to start sucking blood. [I absolutely detest leeches, and still do.] Got back early. Went for a swim. (Had packed up sleeping bag & tent earlier) After lunches, buses came, we boarded and went home. Boys had egg fight at skool. Tinaroo-ers said they had fun but probably not as much as us. Nana was at home. Disorganised night. Watched movie. Glad to be home but camp was unreal. So many things that happened also but I can’t fit in. Night night!

Saturday 26/10/85

ANOTHER late night  tonight!! My goodness!! Will I ever get a full night’s sleep? The fete was unreeeal! Not so good stall-wise, but many people were there and disco and fashion parade were a HUGE success. Also, tim actually talked to Justine while I was there!! But it looks as if he’s going with Joanne B. OH well!! Slept in late this morning. Watched abit of TV & did a bitta drawing – wasted day in other words. Tim was hunky in parade!! He actually looked at me while Justine was talking with him – but only when I butted in. Still, it’s a start – he could (must) get to know me better!! WADDA HUNK! Is 12:54 now ni nite

A Life in Words
Included in my portfolio for the CAD interview

Sunday 27/10/85

Today was another complete waste! I woke late again (believe it or not) & lazed around all day. Watched TV, did some drawings & the questionaire for the art thingo. [CAD] My interview is tomorrow. Got my samples [‘portfolio’] ready. I’m going same time as Fran (we’re latecomers) Did absolutely no HW whatsoever TERRIBLE!! Shoulda, huh?! Had a water fight with Julia. Pretty boring day. Am having second thoughts about Cairns High. I like Tim still. & after the fete, who knows?? I thought he disliked me for some reason. Hope he doesn’t. Wanna be a friend then who knows??!! [Oh…my…God! Seriously? *shakes head, rolls eyes* Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do in life – make decisions based around others. Especially others who seem to barely know you exist. Tsk, tsk!]

Growing Pains at the Cairns High Fete (13-19 August)

Monday 13/8/84

Practically asleep on my feet today. Not a good day – slow & boring. Mick came late, so we were the 5th bus to leave, instead of 3rd. Got a book out of the library called Manx Mouse – haven’t started reading it yet. At home, rode to shop & bought a ‘Cool Shark’ for arvy tea – there is NOTHING & I mean nothing to eat in our house. [I tried to find a picture of the old ‘Cool Shark’ ice blocks but to no avail. They were literally blue in colour and the thought of that toxic colouring now sends shivers down my spine]

Tuesday 14/8/84

A Life in Words
…and in case you didn’t know what the knees were…

Asleep on my feet again! Am SO TIRED lately! Slow day. Shamed Sharon M. today. She likes John C. & when he walks past our stop in the mornings, well today we yelled out things like “Sharon loves John” etc. Still haven’t started “Manxmouse” yet. At last year’s speech concert, I had to wear a black cotton dress. Today I cut it into a tube. Just belt it at the top & it makes a great skirt!! [My mum didn’t think so. “I wish you wouldn’t cut everything up” became words I got too used to hearing. But I was a budding fashion designer…what did she expect?]

Wednesday 15/8/84

ANOTHER slow day! Went to the dentist: he said I’m his no°1 toothbrusher (with) braces) & I’ll have to have these shitty braces on for 18 months. Stayed in at art in Big Lunch. After speech went to shop & our tree. Ate & got home on dusk! Supposed to get my ear repierced (the right one – the one I couldn’t get an earring into) Pat said it was too small so I’ll hafta go back & get him to do something.

Thursday 16/8/84

Didn’t go to Kevin Shorey today – just forgot! STUART d. has sugar DIABETES. [Type 1, unlike the majority of  children these days, sadly] Fi said he went into hospital today [I have omitted a potentially sensitive statement here] she’s really upset – cries & everything. Mim & I wanted to go & see him but couldn’t. Today was boring – watched high jumps again. Phillip & Matthew were around asking Julia to go for a walk. Kept bugging us but was fun!

Friday 17/8/84

Dunphys may be buying the Sheridan St Newsagency!! And Fi said I could do the paper run but Nana is against it. UP HER ARSE!! Today was also .. Boring. In Double Science ½ of 9B had to come into our class because their teacher was absent (& there were no relieving teachers) but Fi went into 9C. Went to High Jumps AGAIN. A Life in WordsWatched the movie “the Big Bus”. Was meant to be funny, but wasn’t that good. In fact, it was pathetic.

Saturday 18/8/84

Am bugared. Mrs H. drove us to & from tennis. Got home, showered & had lunch. Made my black skirt, dressed & met Karen to go to the Freshy fete. Stayed for ½hr – wasn’t great. Rushed home, changed, picked up Lucy & went. The Cairns High (CHS) fete was fantastic &  great. The Disco was unreal (or at least the breakdancers were) Got growing pains [aching legs] therefore I was tired & bored. Mima was with Glenn C. most of the night (y’know his sister Lynette – the one with all the fashionable clothes.) He is spunky!! (and year 8) Am sooo tired now.

Sunday 19/8/84

Woke up 8:30. Left for dad’s. Stayed at a park while dad had a trial run for triathlon. [It was his debut – and maiden – entry in the major local event , the “Coral Coast Triahtlon”. I am quite certain he was a part of a team, since I don’t recall him ever owning a bike. He was a (fun) runner.] Went to little Di’s place for lunch after & stayed till 7:30. Back at dad’s had soup for tea, got into bed at 8:50 & I hoped to be asleep before 9:30.

Days Missing & Earring Dramas (6-12 August)

Monday 6/8/84


Tuesday 7/8/84

I forgot to fill in. Must have been so boring I forgot to. Don’t think anything ‘notable’ occurred…

Wednesday 8/8/84

Woke at 4:30 & rushed a rough copy of my history assignment, only to find in History that Mr Van Slooten had extended it till Friday. Boring, slow day. Had an arvy tea without added sugar! Orange, banana & museli bar! [Oh dear, if I only knew then what I know now! Obviously did not read ingredients on packaging in those days] After shower & speech I dressed for school disco. Only 100 people went but rap dancing was tops! Disco was alright.

Thursday 9/8/84

Booooring – (but isn’t every school day??) Interhouse sports practise in periods 5,6 & 7. I got out of everything! (except being a reserve in high jump) [A vast change in attitude from 1983, when I complained about not being chosen to participate in anything] Mark (the new bus driver) beckoned us on the bus this arvy cos’ he thinks lining up is a waste of time (we all agree of course!) Also, went to block – framing is up & it does make the ‘house’ (area) look bigger.

Friday 10/8/84

A Life in Words

Test was a synch. Got a new speaking assignment & writing essay in English. Slow day. Had a bath & Ruth came for tea with her friend Pat. I wore my frangipani earrings (I gottem from Lucy for my birthday) cos’ I remembered last time Ruth said she didn’t like sleepers. I COULD NOT GET THE RIGHT ONE IN AGAIN. I tried & tried but it wouldn’t budge. Pat (had her ears pierced) tried unsuccessfully, I went to bed without it.

Saturday 11/8/84

Bad at tennis again – lost all games. Went to Esplanade – had lunch etc got home about 2:00. Stopped at Savina Park & had a water fight. At home, had a snack, then went to speech – drama practise. Early-ish nite

Sunday 12/8/84

Very lazy day mum was out, I watched Olympics & ateateate & Julia did her project. Am quite troubled lately. So much is going wrong. Kevin McK. has made changes in the framework without consulting Geoff – now that’s put more pressure on us (have to wait longer for the house) [As in 99% of cases, house-building takes double the expected time. This was the second house we were having built in a matter of 3 years. Why my mother chose to tread that path again, I can only guess. How she managed, I’ll never know, but I damned-well respect her for it. Even though the smoking-like-a-chimney eventually contributed to her premature death] I had an early-ish night.

7-13 May 1984

Monday 7/5/84

Went to Fi’s at 9:00. Went to mim’s at 10. Still asleep. Came back 9:30. [what the?!] Polly said she woke a minute after we left! Went to beach with Brewers. Rough & strong rip. Visited the beachside shop now & then. At home, hurriedly dressed to see Julia off on her Lizard Island Camp. Shane was going, too. I think he tried to make me notice him. Got an ice block on the way home. Fought over the house plans. Mum wants it her way; always her way. Did essay. Wrote about when I came back from Outward Bound Camp & Julia told me mum was leaving (Gr6). [Well THAT’s a surprise to me. It proves how irrelevant Time is to your consciousness, in the long run. Memories blur into each other. I ‘d could’ve sworn I wrote that essay in Grade 7 (1982), as I have said previously. Also, I know my father & mother’s relationship disintegration spanned some time but I’d never have guessed it was 2 years (1981-1983). How terribly painful for them both] After, cause of fatigue, got shitty when something got in my eye & still won’t come out. Tried everything. I’ll just go to bed & hope it’s gone tomorrow.

Tuesday 8/5/84

A Life in Words
That little black thing sticking out the right side of ‘my head’ is my sad little rat’s tail

Speck is still there, but I’m used to it. Wrote out essay neatly before school. Ants got into my lunch – starved in PES. I was also whacked in the jaw – PAIN! Fi & me stayed in at art at Big Lunch. Got my haircut. Short with a scungy ratstail. It’s too small – looks silly. Watched Last part of “Return to Eden”. Was good.

Wednesday 9/5/84

Woke late, feel tired. Wore Julia’s peach & white striped Tshirt in PES! Got a bad graze & bruise on my leg, when at little lunch a boy pushed his mate into us & as he fell, stood on my leg, [we were sitting on the ground] pinching it to the ground. Stayed in art again, before leaving for tennis – “I’ma gettin’ betta!” Lenny couldn’t start the bus this arvy – fooling around with a spanner when the problem was the handbrake was still on! Got home 3:55 LATE! Wore mainly Julia’s clothes to speech – UMAH! Was fun. After, Lucy, me, fi & mim rode playing “follow the leader”. Geoff staying for tea.

Thursday 10/5/84

Yesterday, I accidentally walked back into Kel M. – he put his arm around me & said “Orr, Sorry Darling!” I ignored him – a bit!! Slow day until Jules came back from camp. Slept 3hrs & was delirious saying things like, “Is dad home?” “I don’t wanna go back”, “everyone hated it”, “no water”, “salty baths”, “dry island” [which it is – there is no fresh water source on Lizard Island. I’m no doctor, but it sounds to me like she was pretty dehydrated]. DISCO was great but I was wierdest dressed. Michelle S. & Sandra E. & Shaun H. laughed at my shoes. Didn’t get BP updated UMAH!!

Friday 11/5/84

A Life in Words
Stained Glass Art

BP book was almost complete when handed in. Busy little lunch – ate ½ lunch, changed shoes, changed into blouse & handed in my maths folder! Big lunch, all sat under our tree & talked. Finished “stained glass window” in art. Looks TERRIFIC!! Lotsa stupid jokes in German got Miss Schmieman mad. This arvy rang mim 10 times & Fi 2. neither were home. I knew they were together. Upset that they didn’t get me. However, I cried…..(but what’s new?) Watched the movie “Smoky & the Bandit. TRIFF!!

Saturday 12/5/84

Tennis was okay. 1/3 games. I’m getting better. Went to mim’s after. Had a swim, all played a game. Was great! Now are all going to camp out in Mim’s Nanny’s Yard. Am so nervous – don’t know what to take! Will it be cold? Will we be alright? Hope mim’s nanny doesn’t mind.

Sunday 13/5/84

Was great! Mima & Fi wre uncomfortable so slept in the house – Beka & I didn’t. Packed up, went back to mim’s where had brekky and played games all day. Beka left around lunchtime. After, we had a swim, then made patty cakes for our mums. Was dark & all kept hearing things, like someone calling “mima!” Scared to death! When got home, mum got uptight about me being away all day on MOTHER’S DAY. Feel so guilty. Mum worked all day – on mothers day.


March 1984

Thursday 1 March

Late night last night. Slow day today. Maybe going late night shopping. On the bus, it was boring as ever. This week has gone so slow!! Went late nite for ½ hour. The black belt I saw is gone, but there are two others I like (both black) $10 or $20 or in City Girl a double wrap belt $20.

Friday 2 March

Good day. Got 17/20 for English essay (Insurance claim) Handed in my letter one. At tennis, mim, fi & me couldn’t beat Toni & them to the courts so we all played together. Was fun. When the others went, they left a bottle so we went & refunded it. [Better recycling initiatives in the ‘politically incorrect’ 80’s? Take me back there please] The shop was closed but the snack bar was open. The lady said we could refund if we bought something. Bought 2 10c bubblegums. We got free fats frogs (but fi got a ‘Wiz’) They were damaged so she gave them to us. When I came home dad was here and I told them about riding to tennis lessons in the morning. They both wouldn’t let me. We brawled about it & still aren’t on good terms. I’m minding my business and mum’s minding her.

Saturday 3 March

Made up with mum after she rang Mrs B. and arranged to pick up everyone. Had fun! Was in their group (lied that I had taken lessons years ago) Anyhow, did okay. After had a swim at mim’s. Beka was snotty about something. Had a picnic lunch at my place when Beka left. Then made 2 cakes. After, dressed up and walked around the streets with ‘Thriller’ blaring from the tape recorder which fi carried; mim skated & I carried a basket. Teased hair’n’everything!! Looked TERRIFIC!! They’re sleeping here. thriller-by-michael-jackson

Sunday 4 March

Recorded a make-believe radio station & did HW. The we dressed the same as yesterday and walked to the shop in the rain by the longest route. Ran into Martin & Shane. They teased but we know they’d be too gutless to do anything similar. After lunch did HW, had a water fight & played games. Early night.

Monday 5 March

Boring school day. Have decided what to wear to our disco but I can’t work out colour coordination. Early night.

Tuesday 6 March

On the news & in the papers, Brian D. (Fi’s Dad) fell off his boat at 10:00pm, while the crew slept. He was fixing nets on the ‘prowler’ when a giant wave knocked him over. In the water for 6½hrs, he was lucky no sharks were nearby.

Wednesday 7 March

Mossman Sports Day. At school am doing tennis but today, we had to go temporarily into other groups. I played Fi in ‘Touch Footy’. The last two periods were ‘fun’ versions of maths’n’history. //Fi’s dad is alright & on his way back to Cairns. Toni was away today. Think she wagged it.

Thursday 8 March

Toni is away today too. BOG!! Went late nite. Found a great pair of grey jeans but they were stretch jeans – I don’t want to show off my fat legs. On our way home, went to the Food Barn. I bought their special – 4 chocolate bars for $1!! [Hilarious. Complaining about fat legs in one sentence followed by 4 chocolate bars in the next..insanity!]

Friday 9 March

Toni came today. My english model is unreal!! Used crushed velvet for the floor and walls. Floor, chocolate brown; Walls, beige. Ate my last chocolate bar for big lunch. Went to Julia’s disco. Shane said he wasn’t ‘gonna go’, but he did (because I was, I think) At disco (mim came) Brendan said Shane loves me & that I should “try him tonight”. I don’t know whether to believe him or not!!

Saturday 10 March

Got into group 3 (out of 4) with mim, fi & beka but was put down when they went up again. [tennis fixtures] I’m not going back again, EVER. PM: made more things for my english model and started my “Cairns Colours My World” Banner. 4CA are holding this competition to celebrate the Opening of the International Airport. Celebration week is from 17.3.4 to the 26.3.84 Pay $5 & you get paint & canvas supplied. 17 & over win $250. 16 & under win $250. 250 paintings will be chosen & hung in the streets of Cairns. Anyway after, went to mim’s, made up another radio station & slept at Fi’s.

Sunday 11 March

Got to sleep at 2:00 last night. Mim & I had a laughing fit & made up some, mistake, millions of silly riddles (some good) Eg: [Q] What do you call a mashed up Chinaman? [A] Custard! Ha, ha!! Slept until 10am then played hospitals, made patty cakes (with sickly sweet mock cream) PM: Helped fi make her disco outfit then swam at mim’s. At home, started painting banner. I was meant to take my brace off at 4AM but slept in & therefore gained 6½HRS. [Because I knew there’d be times I’d want to go out in public when I should technically be wearing the brace, I became extremely disciplined in recording (& ‘accruing’) time so that I could afford to have those special occasions ‘off’.]

Monday 12 March

I have a feeling this is gonna be one P*A*C*K*E*D week!! I haven’t done my english model or the essay yet! UM-AAAH! Boring School Day. Went clothes shopping today (for disco) Bought an ESPRIT shirt (white & aqua green) earrings (Sportsgirl; red’n’white) black dog collar, white mesh’n’buttons, lilac stockings & blue socks. I couldn’t get any shoe colour – OH NO!!

Tuesday 13 March

Am excited about the disco. About the shoe colour, both mum & Nana tried to get it today but ….alas, NO. What shall I do???

Wednesday 14 March

Up early. I haven’t finished my english yet – HEAVENS!! Kept my bag (of disco clothes) in my locker all day. Coloured my shoes with black & white shoe polish. Worked quite well. Disco was unreal!! After rushing out of speech to Fi’s, hurredly dressed & left. Shane didn’t go. I almost won best dressed but Rebecca P. beat me. (Bitch) Naah!

Thursday 15 March

Pretty hectic day! Got to bed 11:30 last night. Woke at 5 this morning, but did get my english done. Mum wrote a (lie) note, so that I can hand the model in on Monday. At lunch did German research. Is due tomorrow. Also, banner is due Sunday now because not enough entrants, lucky, huh? On bus Martin & Patrick kept saying Shane had a crush on me. I don’t believe them.

Friday 16 March

In history, Mr Van Slooten & Mr Addison have decided to join their classes together & have an Asian day. Good, eh? That means I’ll be with Shane most of the day! I think Shane likes me. He keeps pulling my hair gently on the bus!! Melinda is sleeping tonight

Saturday 17 March

Today went with mum to see some of her clients, then browsed in town. Found this beautiful dress – a skirt with straps (like braces) attached (a pinafore) It’s really neat & suits me well. Gotta save $25. Spent the rest of the day on my banner. Am now finished. Looks unreal!! Julia is staying at Dad’s tonight

Sunday 18 March

Went to Mulleys this arvy! Came home at 9:30. Also, finished my english model at 6:00. Looks fantastic with little telephones’n’everything. UNREEAL! Julia came home & told us that Roger & Leonie are splitting up. Today ate so much cake! UMAH!!

Monday 19 March

Got driven to school because of my model. Toni came with me. Lotsa people saw it & liked it. I’m proud of myself!! Tried to finish German tonight. Mum’ll just have to wake me up early to get it done. Lucy went home today; felt sick. Everyone was in a weird mood today!!!!

Tuesday 20 March

Funny (weird) day today. I don’t think I love Shane anymore, i.e. I’m not sure; I do but I don’t. Early to bus stop. Had science test – quite easy! Also watched Thorn Birds Ch3 in the mini-series was unreal. BP test on Thurs. Began netball in P.E.S.

‘The Thorn Birds’ was the first (Australian) mini-series I can recall being allowed to watch

Wednesday 21 March

Bad girl today, wore wrong shoes, ring & necklace; forgot hat. Want to get my haircut (short bob with flicked fringe – to suit my round face) tomorrow night Good time on bus. Asked Ms Chant about test prepare sheet; still don’t get it. “Flashback” costs $13.50, OH NO!! Had 50c to spend today.

Thursday 22 March

Mr Mahony’s (dd Yr 7 teacher) birthday today!! BP test was EASY!! When I went late-night shopping, beautiful pinafore was gone; only red or blue left. PITY. At lunchtime we made a long grass rope (from grass roots) about 15m long! Angela came on bus this arvy. Tony WHOOPS!! Toni said we’ll go to the First bus stop on the corner of Down St & Kamerunga Rd in the morning

Friday 23 March

Today got really tired at lunch. Got my english assignment back – 19/20 VHA or A. My model will be displayed in the library!! Took a book out for Nin called “In the Wet” by Neville Shute. Began 1st chapter. Sounds good! (I’ve found some really good books in our school library!) After school Jules & me had a water fight. She is staying at Dad’s. No one noticed my haircut (because it wasn’t that short after all). Toni, Angela, Rebecca & me went to the first bus stop. No big deal! Mum & I watched the (funny) movie.

Saturday 24 March

Very boring day today. Went to town in the morning. Got “Flashback” & new felt pens. Drew all day. Rang Fi but she wasn’t there. She & mima rode to tennis & were at Elisia’s, doing some project. Mum & I are going to see “Never Say Never Again” & “Yellowbeard” at the Drive-In. never_say_never_again

Sunday 25 March

Remember when my last band broke? (Well, it was Wed, 22/2) Well today the other one broke off. Stupid, stuffed things! Only 10 days till it comes off! Mima slept at Fi’s Today I was upset about them being together all the time; leaving me out. But we went to the International Airport & looked about. A man told us we weren’t supposed to be there so we left, as the police were “on their way”.

Monday 26 March

English Demonstration today. Did it on how to & how not to eat SPAGHETTI & SOUP!! Went off well – I forgot a few things but got 16/20!! Also today, took out yesterday’s hurt on Fiona, saying she “didn’t go to the Bluelight [disco] because Jemima wasn’t allowed.” She said, “that’s not a nice thing to say.” I said “but it’s true.” We didn’t speak again for the rest of the day.

Tuesday 27 March

Watched the last of ‘Thorn Birds’, tonight. Was sad – only watched ½. Fi & I sorted everything out today. The last two weekends were “groggy weekends”. They “didn’t want me being bored” with them. Toni & I almost missed the bus. Were at the drain/Gina’s house when Toni saw the bus coming. We ran like Hell! I have also officially declared I no more love Shane.

Wednesday 28 March

I think I do still love Shane a very little bit, but I also see Kristian L. (just a VERY weeny bit) Shane is still ranked no.1 on a friendship (male) list. Got up late (7:10) Toni told me about ‘Thorn Birds’. Ralph & Dane died, Meg, her mum & Jussy made up & lived together. Sport day today. Played tennis. Had Rebekah as my partner. Was in a BAD mood. (Speech was good) During dinner, there were 5 blowies (blow flies) zooming around, which got me mad, and then, when we got back from the shop, Julia shut my foot in the door!!

Thursday 29 March

Raining & overcast. Lucy, Karen & I want to go in the Conga line – we don’t know what to do! (Will it still be on? ie will the rain halt it?) BORING SCHOOL DAY. Went into town this arvy – saw some banners – approximately 20 have been put up, minus ours. My pinafore is being ordered in again by Rockmans. Hopefully there is a white size 8. Julia bought a new outfit tonight – apricot & white striped T-shirt, peach skirt & matching mesh overskirt. Altogether $13. Not bad, eh?! I might borrow something….now & again!!

Friday 30 March

Had 60c, bought 2 nutellas. 30c change. Karen “wasn’t allowed” to go in the Conga line; Lucy & I did. Went to the Food Festival, after, for tea. Met mima. Was so crowded! Ate & drank all night! (Well, not all night!) Watched TV. The USA Rock Awards were on – Michael Jackson won heaps! 8/13 I think!! He looked ready to cry!

Saturday 31 March

Mima, Fi & Mrs B. stopped in on me & asked me if I’d still like to go to fixtures cause I’m in Fi’s team. I said yes – my excuse was that I’d been sick over the last 2 weeks. After, (mim & fi went to Elisia’s for project work) at home, went straight into town to see our posters/banners, then Geoff took us to the new airport (it was now officially open) looked around, had tea (at home), then, back at the airport, watched the first Jumbo Jet land & take-off. It was GIGANTIC!

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Week Eleven, 1983

Saturday 12 March

Went to Lucy’s early. Adrienne M. came over & we played. Am going to sleep at Lucy’s and go to see ‘We of the Never-Never’ accompanied by a pizza. Also mum bought a 2ndhand washing machine

Sunday 13 March

Ended up not staying the night at Lucy’s cause I got sick and came home. AM – Went to look for a d. table [dining room, my guess] not lucky.  PM – Mum went with ‘Figgy’ to his Joshouse while I spent the whole arvy at Karen’s.

Monday 14 March

Boring school (As usual) Went without Toni. Thought she was sick or something but, it turned out she was waiting for her mum as she was going to go to work & said she’d drive toni to the bus stop. Julia is staying at dad’s tonight. We saw him today and I realized how much mum’s been seeing ‘Figgy’. Heaps more times than seeing dad.

Tuesday 15 March

For PE today we started the Aerobic Dancing Unit. Was treadly fun! [oooh! Maybe this is where my fitness passion germinated?!] Forgot to take a long T-shirt, so ran home (from bus-stop) and grabbed my blue & white striped big-shirt. (Found out it had yellow paint dots on it)!!! Later in the day, Quoggie (Grade 9) asked me where I got it! I said it was dad’s. Sound like she liked it! Boring School Day otherwise. Mum went to ring Nin at 6:45 came back at 7:30. Heart attack!

Wednesday 16 March

Thought I would fill in my diary before the disco, can’t waite! I haven’t told you about it yet, have I? Anyway this is just our school social these are the dates that were supposed to be the ‘big night‘ – 2nd then the 4th then the 9th. now 16th! Boring day again. Nothing seemed to go right. When I wore my Big T-shirt yest., I felt it comfy so I  wore my brown & white striped top today. Will report about disco after I get home. Page – 17th Mar.

Thursday 17 March

A Life In Words
This was the hairstyle of Mindy’s we emulated: centre-parted “half-pigtails”, pulling hair back from the face but leaving the bulk of it down.

Last night’s Disco – Was treadly deadly & broiling hot! Today had a double Home Ec. Made scones. Didn’t forget my apron this time. One thing – forgot to put my hair right up. So took out my mindy’s [a hairstyle – see pic – taken from the character Mindy in the TV show “Mork & Mindy” which starred Robin Williams as an alien visiting planet Earth] & roughly tied my hair back. Gave the other band to Karen – she forgot too! Anyhow, I ended up eating 3 of them at school – umah! Then mum & I scoffed some more: – so we gave 4 to dad with 2 left for us! I made 16!


Friday 18 March

PE again! This time in aerobic dancing, we have to get in groups And make up and ‘exercise’ number/show. ‘Figgy’ is taking us to see On Golden Pond and Man From Snowy River. That will be accompanied by Kentucky Fried (not BBQ) chicken before the movies. Boring Day of School  besides everything else. Oh! we did our conflict sketches ours would have to have been the worst! Rebecca blames us. – We couldn’t hear her.