The Rest of April 1984

Saturday 28 April

Didn’t get Fi as a partner for tennis but still won 2/3 games with my “assortment” of partners (one in our team was away so I had a different partner every game) Had no lunch, just junk food. Went to Fi’s at 3:30. Talked, then Fi, Stu, Brad & me went against Martin & Liam in a water fight. TREADLY!! Had hamburgers for tea. Finished my graffiti bag. ie the plastic case I covered in brands. I just put a string on & covered it in CONTACT!!

Sunday 29 April

Went to Fi’s, but she was at mima’s. Mima came back late yesterday, you see. Fiona got lots of presents. A shirt (for cleaning the pool & feeding cats) stickers, bubble gum, a rubik’s cube & sunglasses (which she bought out of Fi’s money) All I got was a pack of stickers. We played smurfs all day (pizza for lunch in between) Later, watched their holiday video. Went home. Early night.

Monday 30 April 

DON’T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!! I’m sick of it! Melissa was away today. Had to wear my black shoes for double science BLISTERS! Had an emu parade at 1:30 in Big Lunch. Shitty teachers – missed out on the rest of the break. Film in Science made me very sleepy. Everyone ran to the bus this arvy. But were sent back. Shitty Mr Gralton – we went last. Had meat pie for tea again.

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