1-6 May 1984

Tuesday 1/5/84

GUESS WHAT?!! Mum rang Dad & he said I’d definitely have my bike by Thursday!! UNREEEAL!! Last night, I woke, sitting up chocking on my saliva. I coughed & sucked back mucus till my throat got sore. It has been sore all day, now. Very drowsy day. A Life in WordsBought lunch – A mince roll. YUMMY!! [Interestingly enough, I clearly recall this little moment in my life: how good – soothing – that warm mince felt against my inflamed oesophagus.] MY THROAT IS KILLING ME.  Tonight, whilst doing my HW an accident (involving Kim H.) occurred across the road. A dog was run over. I know nothing more.

Wednesday 2/5/84

I GOT MY BIKE!! It’s not a Galaxy II because it has a racing seat (hard on the bum), 12 speed & more expensive. Got it after speech. Lucy, Fi, Mima & I went for a test ride. The throat lozenges for my sore throat changed my taste bud’s senses and made me feel sick. I’m getting better at Tennis! Bought my disco ticket & got a new History assignment. Hard to talk today ’cause of my throat. Think I might get Larangitus.

Thursday 3/5/84

Feeling heaps better. Lotsa HW – Hell! Chucked a tantrum in front of Toni this morning over terrible blocked ears. Feud at the bus stops this morning. We saw Shane & them coming, so we walked to the corner of Sharon M’s house and got on there but the boys kept walking. After all, about 30 got on the 1st stop, 4 on the 2nd and 5 or so at the 3rd. Went late night. Bought gloves & dog chains for disco. Got good seats on bus today.

Friday 4/5/84

Cold must be cured! Feel so good! Didn’t go to tennis at the courts because mima was going out & “didn’t feel up to it” anyway. So Fi & I went for a ride to the shop. Met Lucy. Bought the “supplies” & played the ‘Lolly stop’ Game. Fun! Lucy asked me to Go to to Fitzroy Is. for the weekend with her but I don’t know cause I’ve got tennis Saturday & lotsa HW.

Saturday 5/5/84

Decided not to go. Rained at tennis, Luckily it was mum’s turn on the roster, so she drove us back to mim’s. Played ‘The Ungame’. A Life in WordsIt helps you discover yourself & others. Had a swim, rode to Beka’s & got the “Thriller” tape. At mim’s watched it twice, went to the shop, then went home. Did very little HW. Big 3 course dinner!

Sunday 6/5/84

The movie last night was called “40 Carats” & it was stupid. Did HW in AM (English Essay has got me stuck. Dunno what to write) Went to Fi’s. She was still in bed reading. Finished her book, mucked about then had salad sammy 4 lunch. Rode to mim’s but Mr B. said she was still asleep, to come back in 1 hr. Went to shop, tennis courts, then mims again. We all went for a swim, then shop, then Pony Club. Talked to Justine & Erica. Went home. Mum is still at Tinnaburra. AHHH! I turned the light on!! Movie – Jazz Singer. I might watch it. Yes, I think I will.

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