Facing the Fear

A Life in Words

I am fully aware that publicising my diaries could put me in a difficult place….with people I used to know and with people I still do. It’s not my place to create issues for others so I’ll respect privacy where it’s needed, for anyone whom asks, but for myself I have no fear of losing people who can’t understand what I’m doing. Life is too short.

Everyone has moments of negativity – thoughts, feelings or experiences about others in their lives, even if they are their dearest Loved Ones… it’s Human Nature. So I will not hide, nor apologise for anything that my Loved Ones will potentially be surprised to read, because I know – as John says – that those that matter, those who know me, and know themselves and the nature of human beings, will stick by me.

We’ve all done stuff. We’ve all thought stuff. And we’ve all felt stuff. I’m just facing the Fear (head on) that’s goes hand-in-hand with admitting it all.


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