Vomit, Exams & a ‘Smashing’ Good Time (11-17 June)

Monday 11/6/84

Woke late. Are all very tired and lazy. Slept with mim cos’ mattress on the floor was sandy: Packed up and went to the old museum – boring. Driving home, stopped at Palmer River Station 4 lunch. Boring drive home. Dropped mim off. I watched Sons & Daughters and went to bed at 9:00. AM EXHAUSTED!!

Tuesday 12/6/84

Was SICK!! Luckily missed out on my science exam (which according to Rebecca P is very hard.) Soon as I woke, felt sick. No brekky – when Toni came, chucked up my orange juice. Felt better then so went to school on bus – felt sick again. Going to ring mum at office, chucked up under a bush. Mick took me home. Spewed 4 times today.

Wednesday 13/6/84

yesterday felt better around 3:00. Talked to Lysarne & Rebecca P. Had dry toast with honey & 2 grated apples! Kept ’em down! Today felt heaps better. Poured at bus stop – english was pretty easy – maths competition was hard and science was quite easy. Came home in pouring rain, after speech, updated BP – but didn’t study – and I have maths (OH NO) Art (okay) & History (Hell!) They could all be quite hard. Tell ya later

Thursday 14/6/84

Maths and Art – a synch BUT I just know I flunked History. It was liking giving a 2 Yr old a uni-test. Besides that, I’ve just been to Freshy School viewing films of Julia’s Lizard Is. Camp. Not many shots of Julia, but the one she was in the boys made finger shadow like pinching her bum!

Friday 15/6/84

Shane was there last night. I don’t know if I like him anymore /// BP was good, german was better, but the best thing is no more exams!! Rode to shop this arvy, met Karen and walked her home. Ms Chant said I could hand in my BP book on monday instead. Thank God! Julia’s staying at Dad’s. I’m having a pretty early night considering its Friday.

A Life in WordsSaturday 16/6/84

Rode to tennis – think I’m allowed now. Rang mum & told her I was going to town. Had ripper fun!! Got clothes 4 mima’s – had tacos for tea which was too hot 4 me to eat! Watched 3 movies. Really tired. Movies – Alligator, Class Reunion & Polyester which you can smell 2!! scratch’n’sniff card comes with it.

Sunday 17/6/84

Got to sleep ~ 2:00 worse – woke about 5:00 (3hrs sleep) Dozed til 9:45 Beka had been waiting outside for ½hr, we found out – umah! Anyhow watched Alligator again (3rd time) for Beka, cleaned up, went to Lucy’s about 11:30. Watched “Hostage” (true story) Had a ‘gala’ lunch & played a ruff-tuff game. I sat on the glass coffee table and it broke. I feel absolutely terrible (Had a smoke – they were “Drum” roll-your-own! UMAH!


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