Marshmallow Fail, Static Electricity & Conan (2-8 July)

Monday 2/7/84

At 5:15am today it was 8.5°C. Lowest temperature recorded since ’65 (7.3°C) COOOLD!! Tho’ Hobarts max. today is expected 8°C! Our max 4 tomorrow is 23°C! Townsville 4.5°C, Irvinbank -10°C Herberton -2.5°C. Cairns coldest ever was in 1932: 6.8°C. But today, at work did Women’s Weekly Puzzeler & some book work for dad. Staying 2nite again

Tuesday 3/7/84

At home, Mima came up & we made Marshmallow – what a mess! It boiled over & under the hotplates. We had to cleaned it up (euch!) Bonza tea of meat pie. Est. temperature minimum is 10°C tonight – not as bad as last night but not as good either – course it is! I love WINTER & JULY! When Polly came over I had to try’n’sleep in an ice cold bed! BRRR!

Wednesday 4/7/84

Polly, Julia, mima & I went to town with mum & in Suzie Cue like in all shops, the carpet gave us electric shocks. I rubbed my feet & touched Julia. We nearly fell over! There was a LOUD POP & we were SHOCKED Badly! After I got my braces tightened went to Earlville & Kmart (saw Mark!♥) Then had powder & towel fights before feeding the cats. I flung the meat accidently into some bushes when the others told me to swing it round & flick the blood on each other & it broke!! On Tuesday Julia told mima I like Mark. Knew I couldn’t trust her.

Thursday 5/7/84 A Life in Words

At mima’s worked with clay until they went out at 10:30. I had a key so, at home, watched TV till Brewers picked me up again about 2:30. Watched “Conan the Barbarian” on their video – alright, mum picked me up, I fed the cats & had a late night at home.

Friday 6/7/84

At 8:40 mima rang & asked me into town. There was a big mix-up. I couldn’t make the 9:00 bus as she had asked. She got on thinking I was down near Griffith St – it was Clare McK. So I rang Mrs B. & she picked me up on her way in. I met mima & we walked around. At 12, saw Fi & Sandy Lee (they were waiting for greyhound bus – SL was leaving. She is nice after-all. I misjudged as usual. We missed the bus cos mim a wanted to buy some books, but the Dunphys dropped us home. Watched TV Dad came. Staying at Dad’s 2nite.

Saturday 7/7/84

Lazed about at home. Mima rang in the arvy & I went up to help her & practise speech work. Ex’s were very hard. Mum picked me up, fed the cats, and had a late night at home.

Sunday 8/7/84 A Life in Words

Read Dolly & helped Julia with her Spain project all day. Watched TV etc. Fed the cats & went to bed quite early. I’d summarize the holidays as good, fattening (did exercises only for 1 week) am fat now. Finally, me teeth are together! See, on Wednesday when I had them tightened, they became so close I almost fainted. The next morning they were shut. Looks great – UNREEEEEEAL!!!

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