Mood Swings, Errant Incisors & The Jody Keen Memorial Trophy (31 August-6 September)

Monday 31/8/87

Well it’s 10:30: I have only ½ my english assignment done (if I don’t hand it in before school tomorrow I get 0/20) and I have ASAT (Australian Scholastic Aptitude test) tomorrow, which I haven’t even looked at the booklet, for. [See this post from a fortnight ago if you want a little more detail about the ASAT] Great, huh? I really felt conscious today about my schoolwork .. I’m going to work harder to get everything right for my exams – maths, chem & biol. next week. [Yeah yeah, heard it all before…] MUST do well. Got my art mark Got 16/20- I was disappointed: a few people got 20’s -about 5. But I made her [my teacher] ‘up’ my mark by one, so I’m a V.H now, at least. [Well …that’s interesting. I don’t remember that, and can’t believe I was that …”assertive”. Some assertiveness in other areas of my life would’ve been helpful…] God, I’m tired & I know I’ll stuff up the ASAT tests. SHIT. I won’t even get my english assignment done. God help me. I barely talked to Mark at all today. He’s really getting me down – he is so bored with me & that really does nothing for my ego. A Life in Words[And I was way too young to realise that Ego IS the problem…] Wrote a letter – not sure if I’ll send it yet. I’ll get Fi to read over it & tell me if it’d make him react wrongly (ie: MAD) [LOL, a ‘wrong reaction’?!] mucked around in biol. though I actually was a bit more bold & felt really relaxed around him. could tell he was still bored with me tho’. Please change back Mark – be romantic again. [Wanting or expecting someone (anyone!) to Change = nothing but Pain]

Tuesday 1/9/87

I arrived later than usual trying to get my english done (I didn’t) went up to do ASAT tests . . were hard, generally, although some parts were easier than others. . at little lunch I left straight away: finished my assignment at home then went to see the orthopaedic surgeon (Dr Bottoms) he talked a lot went in late, of course; came out around 1:35. . […and the result was? I can’t recall, or even guess, whether this appointment was actually for my personal ‘benefit’ or related to the building of my Third Party compensation claim from the bus accident…] got back to school near start of 6th period. Boring in art; did little in chemistry (Cameron distracting me a lot) after school, I went up to talk to Mark, for the first time of the day: “What’s wrong?” I said cheerfully. No answer “OK” I said & sat next to him. He said “Don’t ever say that to me again.” I was just shocked. “What?” “What’s wrong?” I sat really bewildered & depressed & upset – I moved over to Fi & tears sprang up. What the fuck had I done wrong? I was very upset. At home rang Fi – she said ring him – wasn’t home, so rang me back – seemed cheerful enough – said “I just hate people saying that – giving me sympathy when I don’t need or want it.” SHIT. OK. I fucking got the message. A Life in WordsWrote another letter -told him about them & I’ll let him read them tomorrow

Wednesday 2/9/87

Fucked up day. Pissed off cause stupid bitch wouldn’t let me go for my learners cos I only had I.D. no birth certificate. Then I went to courthouse to get it & found out I have to send away to Brisbane (will take ages) then I get home this arvy & mum finds out I’ve got it after all. & tonight I’m really shitty about my teeth The fucking gap is growing bigger, still. soon it’s going to be just the same as it was – fucking mile wide. [For those who haven’t been following my ‘story’, I’d grown up with an impressive sized gap between my teeth – as well as a decent overbite – which I hated (see my post Welcome to My Life for more detail & a picture) but had to wait until I was about fourteen to receive the quite complex & lengthy corrective (orthodontic) treatment I desperately desired. Once I was permitted to ditch the final piece of oral apparatus – my plate – I didn’t realise the stubborn gap would slowly, sneakily open up again. It certainly didn’t return to its original size, and I don’t recall being overly conscious of it, but years later I finally discovered the cause: my ‘frenum’ – the tissue connecting my top lip to my gum – was so thick and large that it forced my teeth to separate again. A Life in Words(My sister had the same problem: thanks for those genes, mum and/or dad!) Needless to say, my dentist at the time performed a ‘frenectomy’ (ASAP!) to remove the offending tissue and my incisors slowly shifted toward each other again. Yay!] ASAT finished thank god. Saw Mark’s photo’s from (before) the formal. He got my letters but hasn’t read them yet. Bet he did tonight & I’ll bet he’s shitty tomorrow or something. [That’s positive thinking!] He’ll probably say “stuff you bitch – I won’t go out with you anymore then.” PISS OFF. I’m in the worst mood. [No?!] He was rather nice today tho’. Made an effort, kind of (Are you sure you didn’t already read those letters??) Wierd. Hot weather – but still cool at nights & in early morning (to about 9:00) Don’t be angry Mark – I love you too much. [Illogical reasoning! The act of loving someone bears little influence on their moods.]

Thursday 3/9/87

Well we had a parade this morning – Mr McKenzie received a certificate for the crash (or something) [I can’t recall this, but I am certain it would have been for his amazing conduct, leadership & compassion during and after the bus accident] and, Mark seemed O.K. today. He gave me the formal photos from his dad’s camera. This arvy I got upset a bit because he resorted to the usual “I don’t like you & I’m never going to talk to you again…” routine I’m sick of it [again; you DO have a  choice…].. and I hate, detest hearing it from him. Jesus. My english exam I found pretty easy- I know I’ll pass, but don’t know how “well” I’ll do. My appointment with Ms Forbes [our school counsellor] was a waste: she was busy so I had to see that guy Mr Inskip & I forgot all my material anyway so it was a waste. […of time. And we know how much I hate ‘Waste’…] A Life in WordsI was rude, I think – it was so tired. Finally finished copying out M’s & C’s letters. [Mark gave me these to read the week before. I must’ve found them so entertaining that I wanted to make copies. Go back to Thursday’s entry in my previous post if you want to know a bit more about them.] It’s 10:37. I’m dead! Wonder if Mark’ll talk to me tomorrow. God that hurts. I’m so sorry I’m a sook.

Friday 4/9/87

A Life in Words
Jody at our leadership camp, just a few hours before the bus crash that took his life.

Well, we talked a bit, but after school we had a big talk. It lasted about 45 mins and, had I not been out picking Julia & Cherie up from the movies, and doing quick grocery shopping with mum, he would’ve rung & we would’ve talked more. He doesn’t know what to do about our relationship: he, oh, I don’t know (either does he) [hmmm, I’m not sure about that…] Boring day. My appointment was another waste of time today – Mr Inskip hopeless. Did QTAC forms this morning period one (the day’s timetable was totally rearranged) [The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) is the organisation that manages student course applications for pretty much all tertiary education centres in the state. You can imagine it’d be a pretty complex task…] God I’m tired. We lost the Rugby Union Final. Brothers (Saints) defeated us 14-4 & took the (new) Jody Keen Memorial Trophy. [Jody being one of our fellows killed in the bus crash. I remember feeling a bit disappointed that our CHS union team failed to claim a trophy dedicated to one of its own students, in its premier year.] P.N. spent lunch CH M,M!!! Said Hi this arv. too! [Crush, much?] Need to get to sleep soon: mima & fi & I going to town tomorrow, then Mark’ll ring or visit (he left a message on machine tonite). We’ll do something tomorrow night (He & Keith are moving into David’s (Keith’s brother’s) house for 2 weeks while he’s away) → (has no phone on) we still need to talk a lot.

Saturday 5/9/87

I slept very badly last night (Waking frequently) Woke around 7:00 this morning unable to fall asleep again, I got up. Around 8:45 mima & fi picked me up- we went to Earlville first (PN not work.) then into town.. not really exciting, but a good way to start off the weekend; just wish I had money to buy some clothes. At home, did chem, as well as resting a bit. Mark & Keith came around 3:00, we went for a drive (hockey fields) took Glyn (B.) home & then me. Jo rang tonite, after Mark; they came around 8:30 & we went to the House on the Hill. EMPTY!! Glyn came down; she had to be home by 10:00- Mark drove her. (Played pretty cool music, towards 11:00) When he came back ($ drinks) sat in Smithy’s till 11:45. (Mark was being really nice – that stuff I said about romance & chivalry might’ve got thru’ to him, because he was so sweet .. and I laughed a lot- couldn’t help smiling – even tho’ we didn’t dance (much), it was probly one of the best nights, up there .. music & Mark – the way he was!) Picked Glyn up [continued next page:]

Sunday 6/9/87

→again and back at David’s, we tried (supposedly) to sleep, but mucked around. I could never get bored with the ‘foreplay’ Glyn left around 3:00 – came in, & let us know she was going (!!!) […hmmm…] Slept – so tired. I woke around 6:00. . couldn’t sleep again for a while (wanted M. to wake but he wouldn’t) so eventually I dozed off. around 9:00 we were both wide awake & mucking around again. Keith “chucked a fit” around 10:00 (“Get up – make a move”) A Lfe in WordsAfter one crumpet, they took me home, where I dozed & slept till about 2:00 . . Mark rang, mid afternoon – sweet! I was surprised he rang “for no reason” – just to talk. And that we did (not a long phone call- I don’t like long calls anymore after that arguement he had with his folks that time) so I did chem. before going to dad’s. [Aha… Father’s Day] We sat for ¾hr waiting before going home again (where I tried to do maths) He rang about 8:30- said he only just got home. Too bad – he’s coming ‘fore school 2morrow to get his prezzy. It’s almost 10:00 now, I must get some more sleep!!! I ♥ MARK.

Séances, Black Forest Cakes & A Retainer Brace (6-12 May)

Monday 6/5/85

I was bored today. I think this long weekend has gone so slow. It’s cos’ I bin bored – I’m gonna keep saying to fiona (after every weekend) “what did you do on the weekend?” & when she asks me wot I did, every time I will reply “-oh, u know, the usual boring weekend I always have.” – Today I watched TV, ate, an’ even made up a new exercise plan which I will start 2morrow. The Bests came out in the arvy. We went to the park (there’s a slippery slide there 2, now!) Watched TV, went back (they’d gone by then.) Watching TV now. Have had a bath & tea. Did a poo just a few minutes ago. [Too much information? Thanks to “the Coxen Bowel Fetish”] Feel better. Am determined 2 have an early nite 2nite

Tuesday 7/5/85

Only 2 days of skool this week!! Going to the orthodontist tomorrow to get a plate – my 2 front teeth have started to ‘space’ again. I need the plate to hold them permanently – but I don’t need the late permanently!! Felt like rubbing it into Fiona about my lonely, boring week ends 2day, but couldn’t. Was hot. Sleepy, too. Art is due Fri (assignment) so German Camp kids get to hand it in on Mon. Just as well cos’ I haven’t started!! Got clay today. Made last things tonite after HW. a brandy snap, 2 doughnuts and a cream’n’strawberry tart. Is another early nite 4 me 2 nite. Exercises this morning took alot less time!

Wednesday 8/5/85

A Life in Words
My retainer brace looked similar to this
(that’s not my smile!)

Was busy today. Had to try and remember so much! German Camp health form, art money, swimming gear, art texts etc – god!! Had period 7 instead of period 1 (don’t know why) BP instead of History. Neither one any fun. Did paintings in art. My clay work’s drying slowly. Tim is a hunk! Mum picked us up after swimming (glorious day the stinger net’s gone!!) [For those who don’t know, some deadly marine stingers inhabit the coastal waters of North Queensland for many months of the year (approximately November-May) so swimming at beaches is only possible where the special stinger-net enclosures are based.] Got my ‘plate’ at orthodontist. It’s called a retainer brace – a bit fits in the roof of your mouth and wires (just one) goes round your smile! At speech mima said “Do you want to go out with Steven? He’s your height and quite spunky”. I changed the subject. Why? I just got nervous! (Jemima said (when I asked her) that she didn’t set Neville & me up. At another National Trust meeting. Have to wake early tomorrow to pack, etc. I’m gonna be soooo tired.

Thursday 9/5/85

Got everything done this morning! Even got a ‘white’ costume – I’ll be snow WHITE! Shame job at skool. I wore shorts (but that wasn’t the bad bit) Everyone musta thort we were crazy to go on a German Camp. [I don’t quite understand what’s SO ‘shameful’ about this. Unless it was considered ‘daggy’…but we were getting time off from school, so…?] But ….got Dorm. 2 again (5 of us + natalie & tania P.) Did activities like wotch slides (boring) & made paper beads (boring) While we did that, fiona’s group did skit & made Black ForestCake. Food was alright. Swam – was cold but very refreshing. Had disco 2 nite cos’ something wrong with Film. Was silly – no one danced. Have a feeling 2nite will be late.

Friday 10/5/85

Late nite got to sleep ’round 12:30. Others told ghost stories, so I blocked my ears & dozed. [Yes I was a scaredy-cat. And I still detest horror films. I don’t see the point of stressing myself with negative images & thoughts.] Fi & Beka on their way 2 loos ran into a snake. Wots worse, when we all called “snake” & “Mr Pudniks” [one of the teachers] no one came!! Were woken early for a walk. Long walk. Practised our concert items after brekky. We (Shane, Natalie, Tanya ‘n’ Justine ‘n’ me) had to perform Bremen Musicians on cards (I drew ’em of course.) After our skits, had free time. Swam – Had lunch then concert (u guessed it – ) on film! We won best act – got choccy! A Life in WordsMade & ate our Black Forest Cake after another swim. Lucy, Fi & me talked about what we didn’t like about each other. After Bath’n’ tea, watched Film. Not so gut [german for ‘good’] as last year. Rushed ending. Probably ‘nother late nite 2 nite. The others want to hold a sayonce. [You guessed it – I meant séance] Wish some spunks came. Tim or someone!! !!

Saturday 11/5/85

Last nite had big joke session after unsuccessful sayonces. Then another sayonce (unsuccessful) then sleep. Too tired to look at watches. Coulda been after 12 // No walk this morning, didn’t swim 2day. This camp was good! Wade ‘courting’ Jenny (we think (cos’ we thort we overheard him torking to Ian) [not keen on this ‘cutesy’ phonetic spelling I seem to like falling into every so often. I DID know how to spell ‘talking’…] he thinks “she’s the only one who’d do anything” and “the rest are moles”.) After brekky, packed and rest of morning (Besides session of scrabble & pancake making (and eating) and lunch) was free time. Boys came to our dorm, cos’ Jenny left early. We must be 2nd best! Had a whip fight with sapling branches. Free time – till parents came. Shane is nice – still a fond friend I think! At home, (Julia bought me 3 popsicles to win a prize in this competition. We’re close to winning PANAM HOLIDAY to Disney & Hawaii, or a stereo getto blaster or computer. Then I unpacked, bathed and slept 3hrs! TIRED!! Bests are here 4 tea. I’m off 2 have some baked alaska! [I remember this! Mum’s one & only attempt at Baked Alaska. She did well, but I think the amount of work that went into it was enough to put her off trying to make it ever again.] Lateish nite I s’pose.

Sunday 12/5/85

Today had to do English Book Review talk & art assignment. Wasn’t in the mood, but struggled and got English talk done in between reading magazines, eating and lazing ’round. Had shower and we went to Dad’s new house Is nice! Pretty big too. Got ½ art assignment written – rough copy. Today was MUMS DAY gave mum only a home-made button bracelet but dad bought round a plant 4 us to give 2 her. Lateish nite

Recycled Carpet & a Metal-Free Mouth (29 April-5 May)

Monday 29/4/85

Anna is going with Prabon. It happened at the Bluelight & Megan is too embarrassed to sit with Anna while she’s with him. Anna’s feeling guilty. Had science test not too bad. Also got maths test back 20/25 Best in maths so far this year! Got form for german camp – it’s next week. I know I want to go, & Justine is but I don’t know ’bout anyone else. Jodie T. had a bottle of perfume which she shot Fi & me with at B. lunch – smelt 4 rest of the day. At home, read Dolly (May, new one) until carpet ‘witch’ aunty Hilary sent up, came & mum began laying out 4 the lounge & dining room. [Because mum didn’t earn a great deal, much of our Simon Street house was built with secondhand materials…which these days would be considered VERY cool by the Greenies. Mum had procured all the french doors, the whole kitchen, and some of the external building materials…as well as, evidently, recycling my aunt’s old carpet. I’m so proud of my resourceful mother.] Didn’t do any HW. Man came 2 fix washing machine. Is 8:50. Mum’s starting to carpet her room, now. She won’t stop!!!! [That was SO my mum. She was a real worker, never stopped. If she did, it was lights out!]

Tuesday 30/4/85

Windy & cool. Is definitely coming into winter cos’ its starting to get dark at 6:30. Mr Van Slooten wasn’t here today, thank god. Got on bus (this morning) 2nd last & there were NO SEATS LEFT. Everyone was barred or taken. Julia eventually let me sit on the one she had barred 4 Philip & Brendan (so that they wouldn’t take Anna’s again) [Ah, Hierarchies in Everything. Bus seats?] Have only just realised that my English letters, due tomorrow, I have not even thought about. It is 8:35. Can I get 2 done? Stay tuned folks…..

Wednesday 1/5/85

A Life in WordsGood day today. Happy!! (most of the time) Wore white sandshoes – yes, they were white! We cleaned them last night in power clean & they’re white! [‘Power Clean’ was – and still is – one of the best products my father sold. I’m not sure what its active ingredients are, but it DOES do a great job on most things! It’s probably one of his best known and oldest in his product range.] Got science test mark – 15½/25 OH! OH! In german, doing work on adjectives an example was Elissa hat ……… schwester. [In English: “Elissa has  ______ sister”] and everyone had to add adjectives – told Jules some ‘o’ the words were nice, some bad. Are doing fantasy drawings in art – have to listen to music from “War of the Worlds” to help ideas. Wish we could do our own dreams, tho. Beach was good – overcast and cold, but warmed up. Went 4 that walk – everyone had to. (Puffed) only got ½ way. Speech was good, mima talked to me! about Bluelight, Brent, kissing Brent…….. At Geoff’s for National Trust Meeting – tired!!

Thursday 2/5/85 

A Life in Words

TODAY WAS THE DAY!! I GOT MY BRACES OFF [In my original diary, this text was handwritten over three lines. Excited much?] Looks so different (my teeth are too nice for my face!!) [Hmm, there’s a glaring hint about my degree of self-love] Feels funny, like I have wax over them – they’re so smooth! Penwarden, Jenny, Petra, & Marney & Noela didn’t notice at first!!! (Dunno how they could’ve missed it) Beka found out at school in maths today I wrote it on my maths book & she saw – she knew but didn’t tell. Big Yr9 fight today. Anna cried co’s anne & agnes hate her 4 spending so much time with Praybon so she told him she wouldn’t hang ’round. How sad. Paid money for German Camp. Robbo’s (- Peta had work) came for tea left 8:45. I did get my english letters done. Bed at 10:00.

Friday 3/5/85

Today – I liked this day very much. Woke early – teeth feel like I’ve still got braces, but are covered in wax. Hardly anyone noticed my teeth, without my help in making them notice!! Fiona knew (straight away, almost) that I was lying when I wrote that I had Larangitis. [There was never any ‘pulling of wool’ over her eyes.] Double religion was boring (but Tim’s in Anglican too) think he was watching me, sometimes. English did spelling & handed in. Finished painting plate. Must do 5 articles in clay over weekend. Cross Country Run I came 23rd in age group & 2nd in age group for Trinity. [Well this is a surprise to me… I didn’t think I could run.] Went with Deyanne. Lucy was 2 far behind 4 her & Fi & Beka were too far ahead of me. Got home quite early slept! (about 1hr) Yacht Club 4 drinks then take-away pizza at our house. Watching movie – weird. Lateish nite.

Saturday 4/5/85 A Life in Words

Woke 7:00. Lazed till 7:30. After Brekky watched TV till ’bout 10:30 when started HW. After “Air waves” [a locally produced TV music video programme], finished maths & all HW, then got clay down from “attic”. Was hard – dismayed me. Won’t get my clay work done, now. Made some more bracelets – another bead one, and a safety pin one. Countdown taped most songs. Julia left for Catherine W’s party 5:30. Watched TV. Am watching movie, now “Tim”. I reckon the ‘movie season’ has started. Good movie last nite, 2nite & “Voyage of the Damned” 2morrow nite! Yesterday I thought mima would come ’round 2 c my teeth cos’ when she waved on her bus I pointed 2 my teeth & she got really excited. But she didn’t come. Shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Sunday 5/5/85

Woke 6:00. Read ‘1984’ till about I don’t know when! But went to Raintrees Sunday Markets & (shame’n’shit!) guess who was there? The one & only Master R, himself. Tried to dodge him much as possible, but at the National Trust stand, I was under the impression he was trying to be seen. He’s grown one hell of a lot taller – brought up some old emotions oh! & of course Julia embarrassed me in front of him. SHAME!! Rest of the day, finished ‘1984’. Around 4:30, bathed (& shaved) ‘Nother late nite – at Dianne & Kerry’s. Watched countdown. Saw footloose on video.

The Persistent Suitor & a Hangover Memory (25 February-3 March)

Monday 25/2/85

BACK TO SCHOOL for another week. Yuk. Fiona has a cold. She’s bin sniffin’ all day. Lucy has left too. For good – I think. & Justine’s in her own world with Sarah H. Am tired. Nothing really happened today. End-of-unit science test on Wednesday; new PES teacher is Mrs Connors (she’s ooookaaaaay); German another bludge. double History (bigger bludge in the library); art was alright; BP yuk as always. Got the March Dolly & Wham! Magazine today. GREAT x-ept I’m a little disillusioned with the WHAM! thing. Not that excellent. Late-ish nite.

Tuesday 26/2/85

Today was supa-hot, too. More rain this arvy & thunder. Fiona’s cold is bad. I don’t (& she doesn’t) think she should’ve come to school. She had a temperature in the afternoon. Tim wasn’t here today. I didn’t see him, anyway. Mima yelled to me this arvy “Neville wants to know if you like him.” I smiled a sorrowful smile & shook my head; No. I wish he’d give up. I’ve already told (lied to) him that I’ve got a boyfriend in Brisbane. Hardly any HW tonite. Learnt a little for my science test. Nothing on except cricket (BORING!) Am so hot & bothered. Dunno if I’ll get to sleep. Bluelight is on 16th March (or so they say…)

Wednesday 27/2/85

I didn’t like today. (except that science test was easy & got a hell of a lot of work done in BP.) Fiona went home at little lunch, leaving me with Rebekah. Also lost my ruler and after speech, Fi brought up Neville again. She said he wrote, “I love Elissa” all through mima’s HW Diary. I wish he’d lay off. I don’t think I’ll go to the next Bluelight, cos’ (no doubt) he’ll be there hoping to dance & dance & dance….. And I know I’ll blow my stack. Mum went to a National trust meeting, Julia to a disco & me to Mandy & Bills. HOT again today. Got braces tightened. Dr Kadell said this was the last stage in my teeth fixing!! They come off on May 2nd!!

Thursday 28/2/85

Fi was away today. Boring. Hot. Told Beka about Neville (about the “Neville wants to know if you like him” & the “I love Elissa”.) She tried to hid her dissapointment. I told her I wasn’t going to go to the Bluelight, but later in PES (when she’d recovered) she told me I must come & be mean to him. I don’t know why she wants to do that. Rang Fi tonite. Told her about it she says she doesn’t want to go either – she’ll tell me ’bout it tomorrow. [Unfortunately if she did tell me about it, I didn’t enter it into my diary. So we’ll never know why.] Jodie (Julia’s friend) embarrassed me today… Tim (spunky) has bandages on his nose. He walked past & she said aloud “look at his nose”. (he’s broken it, doris!) He turned around How embarrassing!! [SO easily embarrassed?] Mandy came and looked at the tiles. Practised handstands I’m gettin’ betta! Can’t wait till Fi gets back!

Friday 1/3/85

16candlesPOSTERToday was Hot. Again. Yes, again. Fi was here today. School was boring. God Tim’s a spunk. He’s got bandages on his nose. Wonder why?…. (BROKEN, dick!!) Got off at Fi’s stop, cos’ mim told (signalled) me to. We had arvy tea then read books. Then we all went home. Then we got ready to go to the movies. Then the Brewers picked us up & Mim, Fi & I went. Julia was there too, with Petra. Beka SHIT was there too, with Justine. “16 Candles” was a top movie. “Hard to Hold” (before it) was THE pits.

Saturday 2/3/85

Today was plain. (I thought) Woke around 7:30 & lazed & dozed until 8:30. Didn’t start getting ready to go to work till around 10. Dad came an hour late. up till then. I just tried to do my english essay but couldn’t & walked around tidying up stray things. [Textbook Procrastination – a defining trait.] At work, I didn’t feel at all like doing washing drums cause at his new place, there’s no drains (You can’t do it outside in case the grass dies from chemicals) [It amazes me now that no one put two & two together back then: so it’s ok to drain the residual chemicals into our waterways, but not kill the grass outside the premises? How did it take – and unfortunately still is taking – so long for Humans to realise that we’re in a ‘closed circuit environment’?] So I cleaned 4 drums & did 2½hrs labelling – ($11) altogether. Lunch was filling. At home, mucked around watched TV. Had bath. Watched TV. No tea Just snacks. Late-ish nite. Not so hot, now. Fi rang today. She Didn’t ring back.

Sunday 3/3/85

Gutsy today. Ate so much. Woke around 7:30, wanted not to go to Pt Douglas with mum & Geoff, or to Dad’s, but to Fi’s. Rang her, but she rang back 5 mins later, crying, saying I wasn’t allowed. So went to Dad’s. Jenny had a bad hangover. She spent most of the day in bed! Jules & I got words for songs then I spent most of day doing nothing or watching TV, while trying to write my english essay, But I did get it started (finally) and am now almost finished. Is late & movie is stupid. Am full. Jenny left after walk on the beach, then Penwardens came for drinkies! Australia lost to India. Are definitely out of the finals now. [This day was forever etched in my stepmother’s memory. Or should I say branded, with a scorching hot poker? Julia & I played, stopped, rewound & played the song “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head on one of our mixed tapes on Dad’s stereo, over & over until we’d transcribed the lyrics, unbeknownst to us permanently instilling in Jenny a hatred for the song. She was sick as a dog and just wanted it to stop – but didn’t say anything at the time. It’s a running joke now.]  

In case you can’t recall the tune, here’s a link to a YouTube music video: One Night in Bangkok

It’s a Mean World (5-11 November)

Monday 5/11/84

Extremely hot, tiring, boring day. AM SOOOO TIRED. All talking about J’s party. Was TOPS!! Lucy’s having one now, but the boy’s’ll sleep over. Did no HW. Rained this arvy. Presentation Night – the 13th. Did I tell you, I got a merit award?? Whoop-ee-do! who cares?? [There’s that perfectionism rearing its ugly head again: knocking an achievement for which I didn’t even work hard to earn.]

Tuesday 6/11/84

Another boring day. Was upset all day about Mark cos’ Fiona told Jemima & all mim said was “isn’t that nice!” She didn’t bother to say anything about me like “tell Liss not to worry”, etc. Anyway, Fiona said she thinks something will happen for me at Lucy’s party so I’d better hope. Early night.

Wednesday 7/11/84

Another BORING DAY in the MEAN WORLD. A stupid day of school & school work. Came home, had bath, went to speech. Mima & Elisia set up something about a phone call that Mark made to mima (just to stir me up) I Bet. Jemima doesn’t like me. Had a terrific storm afterwards – rain, sqwalling winds, thunder & lightning (the Lot). After trudged with mum to check on the house. Looks OK. Early-ish night.

Thursday 8/11/84

No storm – hot & still day. Fiona told me that what happened yesterday was a joke but they weren’t going to do it  because they knew it would hurt me. Elisia did it tho! Orthodontist said I’ll need these on for another 6 months at the most. After, went with mim, Fi & Jay to Freshy tennis courts. Mim met Glenn (he rode out to see her) she was with him most of the arvy. I didn’t mind. Polly, Fi & I still had fun.

Friday 9/11/84

Kept forgetting it was friday. Such a slow week that I didn’t know it was coming to an end. Staying at mim’s cause Geoff & Mum are going out to dinner & Nana’s not home.

Saturday 10/11/84

Ever since my braces were tightened on Thursday , they’ve been giving me hell. Woke early but got up about 9:30. Mim & Pol had to go to music (lessons) so Mrs Brewer dropped us home. Tried on all mum’s clothes till went back to mim’s at 12:30, called Fi & spent all arvy  on the trail bike. Glen came but wouldn’t get on the bike. At home 5:00 played french cricket with Petra & Julia. Read “home” magazines & went for a walk after tea. A Life in Words

Sunday 11/11/84

Petra left early. Had pancakes for brekky, lazed around. At 12:30 Dad & Jenny came – went to little Di’s for lunch. Kim N. & Paul P. were in the park. Late night. REMEMBRANCE DAY.

Marshmallow Fail, Static Electricity & Conan (2-8 July)

Monday 2/7/84

At 5:15am today it was 8.5°C. Lowest temperature recorded since ’65 (7.3°C) COOOLD!! Tho’ Hobarts max. today is expected 8°C! Our max 4 tomorrow is 23°C! Townsville 4.5°C, Irvinbank -10°C Herberton -2.5°C. Cairns coldest ever was in 1932: 6.8°C. But today, at work did Women’s Weekly Puzzeler & some book work for dad. Staying 2nite again

Tuesday 3/7/84

At home, Mima came up & we made Marshmallow – what a mess! It boiled over & under the hotplates. We had to cleaned it up (euch!) Bonza tea of meat pie. Est. temperature minimum is 10°C tonight – not as bad as last night but not as good either – course it is! I love WINTER & JULY! When Polly came over I had to try’n’sleep in an ice cold bed! BRRR!

Wednesday 4/7/84

Polly, Julia, mima & I went to town with mum & in Suzie Cue like in all shops, the carpet gave us electric shocks. I rubbed my feet & touched Julia. We nearly fell over! There was a LOUD POP & we were SHOCKED Badly! After I got my braces tightened went to Earlville & Kmart (saw Mark!♥) Then had powder & towel fights before feeding the cats. I flung the meat accidently into some bushes when the others told me to swing it round & flick the blood on each other & it broke!! On Tuesday Julia told mima I like Mark. Knew I couldn’t trust her.

Thursday 5/7/84 A Life in Words

At mima’s worked with clay until they went out at 10:30. I had a key so, at home, watched TV till Brewers picked me up again about 2:30. Watched “Conan the Barbarian” on their video – alright, mum picked me up, I fed the cats & had a late night at home.

Friday 6/7/84

At 8:40 mima rang & asked me into town. There was a big mix-up. I couldn’t make the 9:00 bus as she had asked. She got on thinking I was down near Griffith St – it was Clare McK. So I rang Mrs B. & she picked me up on her way in. I met mima & we walked around. At 12, saw Fi & Sandy Lee (they were waiting for greyhound bus – SL was leaving. She is nice after-all. I misjudged as usual. We missed the bus cos mim a wanted to buy some books, but the Dunphys dropped us home. Watched TV Dad came. Staying at Dad’s 2nite.

Saturday 7/7/84

Lazed about at home. Mima rang in the arvy & I went up to help her & practise speech work. Ex’s were very hard. Mum picked me up, fed the cats, and had a late night at home.

Sunday 8/7/84 A Life in Words

Read Dolly & helped Julia with her Spain project all day. Watched TV etc. Fed the cats & went to bed quite early. I’d summarize the holidays as good, fattening (did exercises only for 1 week) am fat now. Finally, me teeth are together! See, on Wednesday when I had them tightened, they became so close I almost fainted. The next morning they were shut. Looks great – UNREEEEEEAL!!!

21-27 May 1984

Monday 21/5/84

Late morning. I have a horse cough, now (y’know a deep, hoarse wintry cough) Was cold & windy today. Love it!!! Haven’t got Fi’s present yet – UMAH! Mucked around at lunchtime. Quite boring really. Came home and cried. Don’t know why – just got angry & cried. [brilliant example of inexplicable teen angst, due to raging hormones?] Dad rang and tried to calm me down. He has his own flat now. Jodie S.’s birthday

Tuesday 22/5/84

I GOT MY PINAFORE!! It’s grey but still great! Gave Fi a postcard & I will every day of the week (until Saturday – the surprise party.) Heaps of HW today (Angela’s birthday, too, today) AM worried I won’t get it done. GUESS WHAT?!! Shane is going to the Blue Light with Jenny H. He doesn’t know she smokes. Poor boy – another broken heart!!!! [ah, the naivety of youth…hilarious]

Wednesday 23/5/84

Fiona didn’t get on the bus today. She & Jemima wagged it, together – they told me. That’s quite upsetting. I told Mrs Dunphy about the surprise party & she’s agreed to let Fi go. One problem – Jemima knows. Stuart blurted it out. I’ve got no choice but to lie to her. Hope she doesn’t find out. At the movies this morning were gonna see Footloose as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the shitty teachers made them turn the projectors off. Couldn’t go to tennis – no buses left. Got into Toni’s group for Round Robin. FUN! On the way home from speech someone at the school whistled & whistled & whistled. I think at me! Sounded like it!

A Life in Words
the only photo (to my knowledge) of me with braces

Thursday 24/5/84

Got my BRACES!! They’re not big chunky ones at all (like Lucy’s) They’re good! Stayed home. Watched TV & did History. Went to Toni’s (when she got home form school). Drew up the man for “Pin the dick on the Spunk” game at the party. Went home. Late-ish night.

Friday 25/5/84

Ran late because my teeth were aching & I couldn’t eat quick enough! Wasn’t worried – no one teased me. Parade this morning. Have some new assignments. Talked about party at lunch, while Fi was at Library & Angela at a debating meeting. Ate 3 bowls of ice-cream this arvy, but did a lot of riding after!! Mima came around, asking about the surprise party. I told the truth except that “Karen, Rebecca P. & Natasha” organised it. She was very upset. Riding to tennis tomorrow. (I’m actually allowed to ride!) Fi & mima were planning to go to the Bluelight. I feel I’ve hurt Jemima badly  by telling her she couldn’t come. It seems she hates me for it.

Saturday 26/5/84

Rode to tennis. Jemima didn’t talk to me once at all. Fiona filled in mima’s team; I filled in Beka’s. Had a great day, despite Jemima’s sourness. Beek & I talked about it. She rode me home. (the other two went to the Esplanade). I dressed and went to Dad’s. Found out Peta & Marney both smoke! At home, paced nervously until time to go. Got calls from Lucy. Got Fiona but was trapped. Jemima came back down the hill. They explained about how they found out the truth & said sorry. I cried. Took Fi’s gear up then collected Fi.

A Life in Words Sunday 27/5/84

Was great! We ate & played with water bombs, got beds ready, sat & ate dinner, watched “Porky’s” (was UNREEAL!) Played pin the cock on the man, then Boarding Schools. Watched “Clas of 1984”, then talked & talked & talked. Slept on & off – I got around ½hrs sleep! Angela & Natasha didn’t sleep at all. Some had a swim in the morning – COLD!! Had pancakes the size of piklets for brekky. Mucked around. Came home at 2pm. Slept ½hr. Want to sleep again. I’ll have an early nite!




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