Birthday Clothes Shopping (9-15 July)

Monday 9/7/84  Nana’s Birthday

2ND SEMESTER 1ST DAY BACK. Woke early. Made cards & almost missed bus. Boring day – Shane broke his arm – suck eggs! No one noticed my teeth – I had to tell them! Held a yummy dinner for Nana!

Tuesday 10/7/84 A Life in Words

Wasn’t excited in the least! Still aren’t Altogether I now hove $69 in my money box ($5 from working for dad + $14 mum, $5 julia, $20 Geoff, $10 Nana & $12 Jodie & Michael & Co. Extra $3 was my own. Luckily no one sang Happy Birthday, but almost did. Chook, pavlova & Nin & I cut our cake! Also got my black shoes. Fi gave me a black chain necklace & a Sportsgirl bag (to take my tennis things in) Lucy gave me beautiful coral earrings but STUPID me lost one.

Wednesday 11/7/84

Wore one earring to school. Boring day. Am now really stuck into a rudy book Lucy gave me – “Lovers & Gamblers” OK… Mim gave me (at speech) a basket of lollies (most of which she ate.)

Thursday 12/7/84

Dunno why but today I feel different. Went fast today. Practised skipping for the Jump Rope for Heart skipathon, fed the cats for the last time & went late nite with my $69. Bought red’n’black check blouse, red floppy sox, red belt, grey vest & black jumper 4 the show. Had $7 left UNBELIEVABLE! Bought everyone a drink. Crawled into bed

Friday 13/7/84

Papa has yet to give me $20 (I hope) I’ll keep that for summer fashions. Got my money from St C’s [the family whose cats I’d been feeding for the previous fortnight] $60! I’ll use $40 for the show ← I can’t wait. My terrific outfit is planned. Boring day. did more jump rope at school & almost finished book!

Saturday 14/7/84

Got to Beka’s & decided we didn’t want to ride so rang mum (we were running late anyway) Played exceptionally well considering we hadn’t played in 2 weeks. After walked from courts in Dalrymple St, Edge Hill, to Stereo World (PUFF! PUFF!) Chose movies & Mr B. dropped us to Beka’s. Had lunch & rode home. Grabbed me speech stuff for drama practise. While mim was in, Fi & I (word) fought with little cheeky kids next door. Mrs McI. helped me a lot. Staying at mim’s now. A Life in Words Watched (boring) Boy George concert & “American Werewolf in London” for the 6th time. Fell asleep around 12:00.

Sunday 15/7/84

Got 9½hrs sleep! (woke at 9:30) Dozed till 11:15. Brunch was chips, saveloys & fish fingers then at shop bought HEAPS & I mean HEAPS of lollies & went our own ways. Packed for Dad’s & started HW. At 6:00 took HW but didn’t do any. Watched movie. Read a lot too. Sleep well I hope.

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