Riding with Saints Boys (30 July-5 August)

Monday 30/7/84

Hectic morning. Different bus driver – has funny smile & beard & ‘mo’. Boring but fast day. Talked to Sandra F. on way home – told her I’d live next to her – she shrugged it off. Watched Olympic Games in History.

Tuesday 31/7/84

LUCY’S BIRTHDAY up at 7:00 watched Olympics. Took 80c for lunchtime party. Fi’s german class watched video – we couldn’t it was booked out. Got Dolly & read article ’bout a girl who lost heapsa weight made me more determined now. Today went so slow.

Wednesday 1/8/84

Watched Olympics in am again (as per usual). After a boring school I got off bus to meet mim a (she left CHS sports carnival at 1:00 & decided to meet me off the bus) MIRACLE!! Met Fi & went to shop. Two guys whistled at us & we sped off to our tree. They found us when we’d finished eating & chased us & we chased them all arvy (Even thru’ speech!) But after, they had to go to a BMX thingo. I didn’t do any HW xept BP.

Thursday 2/8/84

A Life in Words
My grandfather (Papa) with me & Julia at Peregian Beach (circa 1974)

PAPA HAD A HEART ATTACK THIS MORNING. THEY GOT THERE JUST IN TIME. I thought he was dead. He’s alright now. Toni has a racer Big Whoop! Watched Olympics in history & BIG Lunch. PM: my bag broke, i.e. 1 handle. Also, mim, Fi & elisia came round & we went to the shop & guess wot! We used tactics but Wayne & Bevan (YR 10 – Saints) cornered us. Asked mim & Fi to Space Skate (Elisia was translator between the 2 parties) but mim & Fi said they couldn’t skate. The guys said there were ‘other’ things they could do. Filth! But mim & Fi made up stories about big hunky boy friends!

Friday 3/8/84 pumpy__high_

Got up early (Luc rang to see what I was wearing) After little lunch received our assigned areas & ropes & began jumping at 12:00 till 3:00. Was great fun!! Had ‘showers’ under the hoses & drank 1 Litre water! Got burnt, too. Wrote to Jodie & Mike tonite & also to Papa, Uncle John & Co. Julie H. & her mum came round (late nite)

Saturday 4/8/84

Lost every game at tennis today. 1/4 -0, 2/3 -1, 3/3 -2 Bad!! Mr B. rode in with us – it was his turn on the parent roster. Beka didn’t go because her team had a ‘bye’. SO WHAT? Bitch. [I’m not sure why Beka deserved the name-calling here?] At home; prepared for Lucy’s party. Was fun (movie was slack). Toni, Karen & Rebecca P. & me rode to the shop on way home. Then went separate ways.

Sunday 5/8/84 

Very slack day. Watched TV until did english essay. Ate & Ate & Ate. Mum seriously thinks I have a tapeworm. (I’m FAT.) Bed at 9:00. Mim & Fi came up in the morning to see where on the slab was my bedroom. That’s all. They went home, & I didn’t see them for the rest of the day.

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