‘Spaß’ at German Camp (23-29 July)

Monday 23/7/84

Boring! Fi bought my 8 patty cakes to school & I ate 7 of them. UMAH! Am now excited about the German Camp (commencing Thursday 9.15 till Saturday 2:30 (pm)) Almost finished my mile-long list! Went to town in pm & got new joggers (Addidas – dark grey with light grey stripes & built-in arches. sub-title “Road Trainer” VERY VERY COMFY! Also tonight watched a special 90min episode of Sons & Daughters GOOD!!

Tuesday 24/7/84

Toni came today with a pussy cat! They found it on their porch in the morning. We let it out but it came back in the arvy. Boring skool day. Am tired. Went to town & got a pair of white $4 shorts! I ♥ them! And 2 shirts both of which do not fit. We’ll take ’em back tomorrow, I think…

Wednesday 25/7/84

Took back the shirts –  got an aqua T shirt in place of the yellow one & an orange striped “sweat” T shirt instead of the purple striped one. Today went ‘moderately’ fast. Little excited. Went to Julia’s “Joseph” [and the Technicolour Dreamcoat] concert. Rebecca P & Natasha were there. Natasha said she’d not packed yet like me but Rebecca had. After concert Mum went to a National Trust meeting so I stayed up a while and packed in a few things.

Thursday 26/7/84

Sooo excited that I felt sick this morning – didn’t have brekky – ran round frantically packing. Fi’s mum took us to school. At the Dorm’s (Scout Club) we unpacked, had fruit for morning tea & group 1 (me, Fi, Beka, Becca P. Lucy, Natalie P. & agnes) made gingerbread hearts. Then started our paper mache puppets. sammys (sandwiches) for lunch & made Blackforest cake – arvy tea & swim. Wade & Shane swam out to an old log (soggy) we followed. Shane took off his shoe to get some “snails” out & Wade told Fi to climb up she swung up  & with force grabbed the branch – it snapped & Wade, Fi & Shane toppled into the water. They swore like hell at her – was all so funny! Had a shower & free time. After tea watched a german film with sub titles. Was treadly.

club dorm

Got to sleep 12:30 after swapping dorms (dormitarys) & talking and sticking our heads out the back doors etc

Friday 27/7/84

Woke 7:30 instead of 7:00. After run & exercises, had brekky & spent all morning on paper mache puppets then swim then free time & after arvy tea we held the puppet plays on video Shame! After, had showers & played bingo. I won 2/10 games! And our group (the gang) won 7/10 altogether! Had tea then disco where Beka won another choccy so we had 8!! Justine, Beka & Wade ‘rapped’. [That’s rapDANCING, not ‘singing’ just to clarify] Justine couldn’t 4 nuts but Beka & Wade were good. We feasted on the 8 choccy prizes tonite in our Dorms. Lucy didn’t want one so we all had 1 each. Got to sleep at 1:30.

Saturday 28/7/84

(sad to leave german camp – was ripper fun.) Up late again, did run & had brekky. Free time then went hiking. After swim & lunch, everyone started leaving. At home I rested until the Bluelight (was BORING) & I mean boring.

Sunday 29/7/84 A Life in Words

Watched Olympic Games opening. I didn’t find it so “emotional”. Went to Dad’s after Rod was there – they were taping music for his & Margie’s wedding. Watched Countdown “Beat Street” finals, had tea & Margie came so I had a late night cos’ she rattled on about rap, breakdance, family trees etc… Forgot to bring my bra, undies & shirt stoopid


2 thoughts on “‘Spaß’ at German Camp (23-29 July)

  1. I remember those German camps, they were fun because not a lot of people were there like other camps. Face it, most camps were fun. Time away from the family and drudgery of every day life! I think I remember eating sauerkraut which was pretty disgusting. Always loved the videos in German class about the food, especially the cakes.


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