Exam Anxiety on Fathers Day (27 August-2 September)

Monday 27/8/84

Can’t believe Shane’s ear is pierced!! He looks a real punce! It soo stupid! Good, fast day. (but got a lot of HW) Got essay done just in time! Wrote a quick, crappy conclusion. Toni picked me up again as usual. Forgot to tell her I don’t want her to anymore. Don’t know why. Got the bath for the house! Is GROOVY!

Tuesday 28/8/84

Today I was tired & forgetful Here I was picking flowers for a science experiment in double science & I forgot to bring my leather shoes! So Melissa C. & Wanda & I stayed outside for the 1¹⁄3hrs. Had to write lines. [I am fairly sure that was possibly the onlly time in my life I ever had to write lines. I was such a Good Girl.] Mum bought a stupid present for mim, so went to change for nail polish and lip balm.

Wednesday 29/8/84

Gave mim her prezzy at speech ←didn’t do a thing so I hafta go tomorrow for 20mins. Panicked cos’ I thort I had ta do my english artistic speaking, but mine’s on Monday. Am peeling from sunburn. soo tired – don’t seem to be getting enough sleep. Got a seat on the bus.

Thursday 30/8/84

Did I tell you Nana left for Brisbane on Fri. & I hafta start her car every day? [In case you haven’t read previous entries, this responsibility was entrusted to me by my grandmother whenever she left town. I don’t actually recall ever being remunerated for the task, but then unpaid chores were part-and-parcel of being a kid in those days.] Well cos’ o’ skool, I haven’t had time – done it once this week. Horrible, slow boring day. Nothing happened. Xept stayed longer at Mrs McI.’s than had planned to. Didn’t do any HW. Late night.

Friday 31/8/84

Slow, boring day. Mum’s got niccotine chewies – hasn’t started them yet, tho. Worried ’bout speech exam. Late nite.

Saturday 1/9/84

Didn’t go to tennis. Lazed around at home. Studied for speech & helped mum paint Julia’s bed white. Early night. Boring day. Mum finished her fags & started the “Nicorettes” – said they taste horrible. [Mum’s smoking habit spanned about 25 years in the end, and I lost count of the number of times she tried to give up. By the time she passed away, she had been off the fags for approximately a decade. This particular attempt was therefore not one of her successes and the gum’s flavour might just have been one of the reasons, you think?] Worried about wot to wear to my speech exam.

Sunday 2/9/84

A Life in Words
Coral Coast Triathlon swim leg, 2008
(unable to find pics of 1984 competition)

FATHER’S DAY. Shitting myself this morning – wore grey pinafore, black & red checked shirt, black shoes, red stockings & black belt. I did terrible!! Only my poem “Mushrooms” turned out good. After, (didn’t see Dad start or finish the Coral Coast Triathlon) we met mim at the triathlon finish, then went to little Di’s after lunch. Saw Kim N. (lives just across the road) Had a fun game of baseball. After, picked up uniform & gave dad his prezzy, then went to Ian B.’s for tea. Home late. little HW done – NOT much at all.

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