Mood Swings, Errant Incisors & The Jody Keen Memorial Trophy (31 August-6 September)

Monday 31/8/87

Well it’s 10:30: I have only ½ my english assignment done (if I don’t hand it in before school tomorrow I get 0/20) and I have ASAT (Australian Scholastic Aptitude test) tomorrow, which I haven’t even looked at the booklet, for. [See this post from a fortnight ago if you want a little more detail about the ASAT] Great, huh? I really felt conscious today about my schoolwork .. I’m going to work harder to get everything right for my exams – maths, chem & biol. next week. [Yeah yeah, heard it all before…] MUST do well. Got my art mark Got 16/20- I was disappointed: a few people got 20’s -about 5. But I made her [my teacher] ‘up’ my mark by one, so I’m a V.H now, at least. [Well …that’s interesting. I don’t remember that, and can’t believe I was that …”assertive”. Some assertiveness in other areas of my life would’ve been helpful…] God, I’m tired & I know I’ll stuff up the ASAT tests. SHIT. I won’t even get my english assignment done. God help me. I barely talked to Mark at all today. He’s really getting me down – he is so bored with me & that really does nothing for my ego. A Life in Words[And I was way too young to realise that Ego IS the problem…] Wrote a letter – not sure if I’ll send it yet. I’ll get Fi to read over it & tell me if it’d make him react wrongly (ie: MAD) [LOL, a ‘wrong reaction’?!] mucked around in biol. though I actually was a bit more bold & felt really relaxed around him. could tell he was still bored with me tho’. Please change back Mark – be romantic again. [Wanting or expecting someone (anyone!) to Change = nothing but Pain]

Tuesday 1/9/87

I arrived later than usual trying to get my english done (I didn’t) went up to do ASAT tests . . were hard, generally, although some parts were easier than others. . at little lunch I left straight away: finished my assignment at home then went to see the orthopaedic surgeon (Dr Bottoms) he talked a lot went in late, of course; came out around 1:35. . […and the result was? I can’t recall, or even guess, whether this appointment was actually for my personal ‘benefit’ or related to the building of my Third Party compensation claim from the bus accident…] got back to school near start of 6th period. Boring in art; did little in chemistry (Cameron distracting me a lot) after school, I went up to talk to Mark, for the first time of the day: “What’s wrong?” I said cheerfully. No answer “OK” I said & sat next to him. He said “Don’t ever say that to me again.” I was just shocked. “What?” “What’s wrong?” I sat really bewildered & depressed & upset – I moved over to Fi & tears sprang up. What the fuck had I done wrong? I was very upset. At home rang Fi – she said ring him – wasn’t home, so rang me back – seemed cheerful enough – said “I just hate people saying that – giving me sympathy when I don’t need or want it.” SHIT. OK. I fucking got the message. A Life in WordsWrote another letter -told him about them & I’ll let him read them tomorrow

Wednesday 2/9/87

Fucked up day. Pissed off cause stupid bitch wouldn’t let me go for my learners cos I only had I.D. no birth certificate. Then I went to courthouse to get it & found out I have to send away to Brisbane (will take ages) then I get home this arvy & mum finds out I’ve got it after all. & tonight I’m really shitty about my teeth The fucking gap is growing bigger, still. soon it’s going to be just the same as it was – fucking mile wide. [For those who haven’t been following my ‘story’, I’d grown up with an impressive sized gap between my teeth – as well as a decent overbite – which I hated (see my post Welcome to My Life for more detail & a picture) but had to wait until I was about fourteen to receive the quite complex & lengthy corrective (orthodontic) treatment I desperately desired. Once I was permitted to ditch the final piece of oral apparatus – my plate – I didn’t realise the stubborn gap would slowly, sneakily open up again. It certainly didn’t return to its original size, and I don’t recall being overly conscious of it, but years later I finally discovered the cause: my ‘frenum’ – the tissue connecting my top lip to my gum – was so thick and large that it forced my teeth to separate again. A Life in Words(My sister had the same problem: thanks for those genes, mum and/or dad!) Needless to say, my dentist at the time performed a ‘frenectomy’ (ASAP!) to remove the offending tissue and my incisors slowly shifted toward each other again. Yay!] ASAT finished thank god. Saw Mark’s photo’s from (before) the formal. He got my letters but hasn’t read them yet. Bet he did tonight & I’ll bet he’s shitty tomorrow or something. [That’s positive thinking!] He’ll probably say “stuff you bitch – I won’t go out with you anymore then.” PISS OFF. I’m in the worst mood. [No?!] He was rather nice today tho’. Made an effort, kind of (Are you sure you didn’t already read those letters??) Wierd. Hot weather – but still cool at nights & in early morning (to about 9:00) Don’t be angry Mark – I love you too much. [Illogical reasoning! The act of loving someone bears little influence on their moods.]

Thursday 3/9/87

Well we had a parade this morning – Mr McKenzie received a certificate for the crash (or something) [I can’t recall this, but I am certain it would have been for his amazing conduct, leadership & compassion during and after the bus accident] and, Mark seemed O.K. today. He gave me the formal photos from his dad’s camera. This arvy I got upset a bit because he resorted to the usual “I don’t like you & I’m never going to talk to you again…” routine I’m sick of it [again; you DO have a  choice…].. and I hate, detest hearing it from him. Jesus. My english exam I found pretty easy- I know I’ll pass, but don’t know how “well” I’ll do. My appointment with Ms Forbes [our school counsellor] was a waste: she was busy so I had to see that guy Mr Inskip & I forgot all my material anyway so it was a waste. […of time. And we know how much I hate ‘Waste’…] A Life in WordsI was rude, I think – it was so tired. Finally finished copying out M’s & C’s letters. [Mark gave me these to read the week before. I must’ve found them so entertaining that I wanted to make copies. Go back to Thursday’s entry in my previous post if you want to know a bit more about them.] It’s 10:37. I’m dead! Wonder if Mark’ll talk to me tomorrow. God that hurts. I’m so sorry I’m a sook.

Friday 4/9/87

A Life in Words
Jody at our leadership camp, just a few hours before the bus crash that took his life.

Well, we talked a bit, but after school we had a big talk. It lasted about 45 mins and, had I not been out picking Julia & Cherie up from the movies, and doing quick grocery shopping with mum, he would’ve rung & we would’ve talked more. He doesn’t know what to do about our relationship: he, oh, I don’t know (either does he) [hmmm, I’m not sure about that…] Boring day. My appointment was another waste of time today – Mr Inskip hopeless. Did QTAC forms this morning period one (the day’s timetable was totally rearranged) [The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) is the organisation that manages student course applications for pretty much all tertiary education centres in the state. You can imagine it’d be a pretty complex task…] God I’m tired. We lost the Rugby Union Final. Brothers (Saints) defeated us 14-4 & took the (new) Jody Keen Memorial Trophy. [Jody being one of our fellows killed in the bus crash. I remember feeling a bit disappointed that our CHS union team failed to claim a trophy dedicated to one of its own students, in its premier year.] P.N. spent lunch CH M,M!!! Said Hi this arv. too! [Crush, much?] Need to get to sleep soon: mima & fi & I going to town tomorrow, then Mark’ll ring or visit (he left a message on machine tonite). We’ll do something tomorrow night (He & Keith are moving into David’s (Keith’s brother’s) house for 2 weeks while he’s away) → (has no phone on) we still need to talk a lot.

Saturday 5/9/87

I slept very badly last night (Waking frequently) Woke around 7:00 this morning unable to fall asleep again, I got up. Around 8:45 mima & fi picked me up- we went to Earlville first (PN not work.) then into town.. not really exciting, but a good way to start off the weekend; just wish I had money to buy some clothes. At home, did chem, as well as resting a bit. Mark & Keith came around 3:00, we went for a drive (hockey fields) took Glyn (B.) home & then me. Jo rang tonite, after Mark; they came around 8:30 & we went to the House on the Hill. EMPTY!! Glyn came down; she had to be home by 10:00- Mark drove her. (Played pretty cool music, towards 11:00) When he came back ($ drinks) sat in Smithy’s till 11:45. (Mark was being really nice – that stuff I said about romance & chivalry might’ve got thru’ to him, because he was so sweet .. and I laughed a lot- couldn’t help smiling – even tho’ we didn’t dance (much), it was probly one of the best nights, up there .. music & Mark – the way he was!) Picked Glyn up [continued next page:]

Sunday 6/9/87

→again and back at David’s, we tried (supposedly) to sleep, but mucked around. I could never get bored with the ‘foreplay’ Glyn left around 3:00 – came in, & let us know she was going (!!!) […hmmm…] Slept – so tired. I woke around 6:00. . couldn’t sleep again for a while (wanted M. to wake but he wouldn’t) so eventually I dozed off. around 9:00 we were both wide awake & mucking around again. Keith “chucked a fit” around 10:00 (“Get up – make a move”) A Lfe in WordsAfter one crumpet, they took me home, where I dozed & slept till about 2:00 . . Mark rang, mid afternoon – sweet! I was surprised he rang “for no reason” – just to talk. And that we did (not a long phone call- I don’t like long calls anymore after that arguement he had with his folks that time) so I did chem. before going to dad’s. [Aha… Father’s Day] We sat for ¾hr waiting before going home again (where I tried to do maths) He rang about 8:30- said he only just got home. Too bad – he’s coming ‘fore school 2morrow to get his prezzy. It’s almost 10:00 now, I must get some more sleep!!! I ♥ MARK.

Two Phone Calls & Chemistry in the Kitchen (1-7 September)

Monday 1/9/86

Bad, Bad, Bad, Sad day. People were kinda thrilled about that night etc, kept saying things. [I’m assuming they were happy for me to have hooked up with the guy they all knew I’d been infatuated with for so long.] But my art…and my maths & english and …Mark….. A Life in WordsI said “Hi” (he came early to school & mim & Fi & Judy weren’t on the bus) he just looked at me. At art, Fi & I saw them just walk into their room; Steven came out & talked. Mark didn’t. At big lunch he went off with Cameron, when he came back, I went. I was so confused – on the bus, I decided I’d ring Cameron. Yes, I did do it. Results: negative. E: I just want to ask you something about M… Does he still like me? C: Yeah, but he likes Nicole too. E: Oh, I see C: I thought it was pretty terrible what he did E: To me? C: Yeah. He was pretty drunk THAT EXPLAINS IT. WHY HE WAS SO HOSTILE AT FI’S … WHY HE DIDN”T TALK. [Oh is that all you were concerned about?] He doesn’t like me. I’m … SO SAD. But I am not crying… yet

Tuesday 2/9/86

It’s cold. I’m sad. I still cannot accept the fact that he does not like me as he ‘used to’. It’s not fair. I keep hoping; there is hope deep, deep down, but I’m hurting myself more: I’m disappointing myself. He talked to me today; Just a little in Biology… but I’m sure he likes Nicole. Maybe if I just get to be a good friend… what’s the use? Oh, it’s not fair. I like him so much. (Academically it was a good day) – (41/45 for bio test – what we talked briefly about – and 8/10 for my art folio – Both BIG surprises) Oh why…why couldn’t this have happened ages ago when he didn’t know Nicole. Damn it. A Life in WordsIf we were friends; if we could talk . . . I wish I could click my fingers & he would be flipped over me. [Happy endings aren’t a given in Life, and Magic? Well…keep dreamin’.] Didn’t ride – raining/cold. Speech – had a practise exam then walked to shop with Fi & mim. Ate. (Had no dinner. Have decided to diet) [typical female response to rejection?] 8:35.

Wednesday 3/9/86

I still cannot believe it. But he does like her, at least is ‘deeply’ infatuated; I said to Cameron after chem. today: “Did you tell Mark about the phone call?” C: Yeah Me: What’d he say? C: He didn’t think you liked him that much E: He must be thick, tell him he doesn’t have to pretend to like me or anything like with Trish.. [my assumption] C: He’s on a bit of a high – got a note from Nicole E: What’d it say? C: Just [that he’s] the most beautiful thing on earth etc. E: Oh. (He starts to walk off…) E: Cameron, I still want to be friends, even though I feel differently. And THAT was IT. Judy seems to think he likes me, but is “fascinated” by Nicole: she’s different; younger etc. She’s really nice. Judy, that is. She wants him to wake up cos I’m one of the nicest people… [Oh, sweet Judy. I’d forgotten that I’d had this much interaction with her…] Late for speech… I forgot. We rode today. Overcast. Mark was at swimming. God I wish everything was back to normal… 10:35. Watched the Movie. Oh woe is me. It’s not fair … the one guy – I s’pose not – there will be others. . . . . [this statement is almost uncanny… read on!]

Thursday 4/9/86

I’ve still got Jemima’s swatch. [?] And I’m still depressed. But this afternoon I was more so than ever before. I had english exam (fail- it was so bloody hard) little lunch in 4th & cos of my chem. exam in big lunch, my big lunch in 5th period. And then Biology (I failed chem, too) I didn’t do HW so I’ve got detention tomorrow [for someone who NEVER had detention, I can see how this would have tipped me further into a depressive state]. And that’s just built up, a long with my depression over Mark. I was so withdrawn this afternoon; I even thought Mark was taking more notice of me. Don’t get your hopes up Liss. I could not believe how quiet I was. Talking as little as possible to anyone. Thinking/day dreaming all the time. I am changing. I am not me at the moment. I am sad and pity myself. I enjoy being alone, like this→ usually I enjoy the attention it attracts [the “what’s wrong?”s and “you can talk to me”s], but not anymore. [Smacks more of real depression…] This time, I really want to be left to myself. I am in deep. [LOL Drama Queen] 9:45

Friday 5/9/86

A Life in WordsI feel fine when I’m not thinking about it, when he’s not in sight; but (like writing this) I get depressed thinking about it. [I obviously hadn’t yet learnt about the Power of Thought] certain things he does make me think (hope) that he does like me. But I must be pessimistic or I will be hurt more. Let off biology detention [phew]… went to art excursion, came back at beginning of lunch hour. . . other schools came & we sat thru 1½hrs (6th & 7th periods) of “chemistry in the kitchen”. Boring. Tania C & I laughed & mucked around. Got cheerier this arvy. Slow week, this was. Great! Must have fun this saturday – forget everything but first of all – HW & assignments. Must get ’em done. Also feel I want to clean out my desk. . . won’t have time, I bet. Probably won’t even get my eng. done this weekend either [almost being honest with yourself there, Liss!] OH well. Almost 9:30. Sleep & do HW then (??) At least I don’t see them together much, anymore (tho I know they are) That’s great. [Yes: out of sight out of mind]

Saturday 6/9/86

I ate heaps. I watched TV, cleaned out some drawers and listened to music. And I also did not one scrap of HW. Although all I have is maths, english & speech, I have heaps of each (esp. eng & maths) And I have to go to Dad’s for at least a little while in the morning for Father’s Day. Tania came over this arvy . . . we rushed, but Fi & I got to the movies around 7:15; Tania was later. Saw “D.A.R.Y.L.” (what we did get to see) and “About Last Night” A Life in Wordsgreat movies. Anyway Mima & Steven & Polly & Anna & Sally & Danae were there too. Fi & I caught a taxi home (I had to pay – Fi had $1 left) Oh well. Now how’s that? Wonder what Mark & Nicole did tonight. No I don’t. I Don’t care. I don’t care. I’m tired. It’s 11:45. I want to get some sleep – don’t want to think about depressing things. Why do fools fall in LOVE?????

Sunday 7/9/86

I am ashamed. I did no HW, whatsoever at all this weekend. That is terrible. Planted & gardened a bit with mum (Julia stayed at dad’s last night) we went to dad’s around 10:00 I think, but before we left – just before we left – the phone rang. Mum said “Its’ for you” I said “Sharon” she said “no, a male”. No, it was not Mark. It was Peter H. Ha Ha. Anyway he said his friend Phillip C thinks I’m cute & has for a long time – saw me at movies last night, at the chemistry lecture & at Trobruk Pool (last wednesday, I deduced it was) And he said “do you want to meet him?” No. let it be. I’ll just wait and see. [I was – and still am – totally averse to set-ups or blind dates. Anything contrived puts me right off. One of the (many) reasons internet dating is not for me.] (At Dad’s watched Weird Science on video & went to see the house he bought – could be nice with doing-up) Rang mima around 2:00, asked her about him. She reckons he’s cute – really tall (brown skin) was sitting with Rodney T at the chem. lecture & I didn’t see him. SHIT. Oh well – prob. is I still love Mark. Watched Romancing the Stone on TV tonite Great! Is almost 11:00. School work is YUK.

The Exchange Student & “Having It Off” (26 August -1 September)

Monday 26/8/85 

I worked at my desk this arvy!! Wasn’t too bad. In fact its good having glue, hole punch, stapler right where you need them!! Could’ve got my HW (and a little extra) done faster, though. Kim, the exchange student, didn’t come to school however only enrolled today, She’ll be here tomorrow. Justine said she’s tall (thank god I’m not the only one, now!!) slim & has hair same colour as Fi’s. [I think my keen interest or curiosity about this exchange student was because she was American. Most probably due to media ‘saturation’, I was slightly in awe of anything American..and believed that anything American had to be more ‘cool’. And what teenager doesn’t want to be Cool?] Julia is nicer now. In the mornings she gets on (beats Sharon M.) & minds Anna’s seat. Am gonna read my book after this to finish part II then I’ll only have VI more!! OH NO!!

Tuesday 27/8/85

Kim is soooo shy. And (at least Sarah &) I know what’s gonna happen: she’ll stick like glue to Justine & justine’s goody-goody ways will rub off on her, so she’ll get a bad name or whatever, And Justine will “show off” about knowing her etc. She reckons that Wade & Allan (W) don’t like her as much because she told them Kim had blonde hair & its dark. Wat a loada crap!! It’s because she’s got braces & is thin as a rake (like anorexic) but she does have beautiful (big) brown eyes. [Everyone’s a Critic!] Has no subjects xept form, science, english & PES in common with me. [None…but four?] Anyhow for me the day was terrible. I forgot deodorant. A Life in Words

Wednesday 28/8/85 MIMA’S B.DAY!!

Boring today. Lotsa people either wagging it or gone to the inter-school carnival. We had to stay at school & “work” Yes: (mostly) work. Kim said on days like these at her school, people would have normal classes but do anything they wanted – Lucky. Went to Mima’s after school. Didn’t get/make a card Told her I’d get one. Got beautiful prezzys – shoes, clothes & things She asked Brent what he wanted for his Birthday – he said “you”. She said “Oh, I’ll come with a big bow on my head” & he said “I want more than that!” He wanted to have it off!! [“Have it off” is wonderfully old-fashioned slang for “have sex”. Ah, so entertaining.] Jemima said she dropped dead on the spot. She’s going to dinner with her family, Brent & his family. Is “shit-scared” about what he’ll get her. Went to Lucy’s after that got my Bday prezzy (chipped’n’cracked) She persuaded me to stay longer than I ought to. Mum is at Geoff’s. We’re on our own. Nite Nite!

Thursday 29/8/85

Had lots of HW. Trust Lucy to come over. She dragged me down to the shop. Saw Jemima. She took us back to Fiona. We met David & wasted time talking. I eventually left. Sooo much HW, Can’t do my maths achievement test. Is upsetting. Nothing worth noting happened today. Oh. Tina also LVS Tim. & he’s still flipped over Addrienne P. so I’ve no chance, huh? Anyway… tomorrow’s Friday thank god. Will study on the weekend & work….

Friday 30/8/85

Looks like I’ll only get 7½hrs sleep at the most tonight. I am bugared!! Will have to wake at 7:30 to get ready for work. Camp meeting today. I’m in Group 3 with no one. I’m in cooking group F with no one. [“no one” of course meaning none of my friends. I was terribly shy – still am somewhat – so being amongst ‘strangers’ was a daunting prospect. I’m always much more comfortable with the ‘Familiar’] lucky me. Always my luck. Anyway, got fair amount of (weekend) HW done, got ready to go to town. Got in there about 6:30 with Justine & her cousin Yasmine (←nice!!) Saw mima & fiona lots, Steven ♥! & Mark M & his “gang”. Felt happy Time went too fast. (Steven didn’t see me) Pity. Anyhow, played Trivial Pursuit at 10:00 when got home. I didn’t finish game (they just have now.) Am too tired.

Saturday 31/8/85

I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT TOMORROW Am angry. But I want to see Dad. Worked today God, am upset & feeling angry. Holding it (forcedly) in. Earned $24.50. A Life in WordsKeeping $12.50 want to buy a swatch for the camp. Have decided to ask Mr Carter (good luck) if there is any possible change into another group – but if not, I will enjoy myself & make friends of these people. [Great – rare – Resolve, Elissa] Got home late (4:30) Cos worked all day. AM PROUD OF MYSELF, TOO!! Cos as of yesterday (I did today, too) I did not snack between meals. When I thought I felt hungry I drank & it worked. [Thatta girl! Hang on, drank WHAT? I don’t recall being a huge fan of water when I was younger so this might not be the Win I thought…] Played trivial Pursuit is now 11:50. Am “fucked”

Sunday 1/9/85 FATHER’S DAY

Woke 7:30, Slept till 8:00. Got up & frantically tried to  make Geoff a card, but decided I didn’t need to cos he isn’t my father. Couldn’t however, even make dad a card or wrapping paper cos I spent the morning “removing hair” with depilatory creams. Went to Dad’s & gave him his prezzys. Girl from Port with her boyfriend (hoony) entering Miss Australia Quest. Ha! Fat Chance!! Julia stayed there. At home, hurriedly made Geoff a card (didn’t mention Father’s Day) [He was] Shitty when he came. Didn’t “look” at the presents. At Port, mum & I sunbaked for 2hrs. Nothing happened to me. What a waste of time then at 4:00, Geoff wanted to go to the pub. Got home at 5:45. Geoff didn’t pick up his prezzys. Mum’s writing a letter to him saying stop being childish etc. She’s mentioning marriage – which I don’t want. [I don’t actually recall witnessing any ‘disagreements’ between my mother & her partner so this has been an eye-opener for me.]

Exam Anxiety on Fathers Day (27 August-2 September)

Monday 27/8/84

Can’t believe Shane’s ear is pierced!! He looks a real punce! It soo stupid! Good, fast day. (but got a lot of HW) Got essay done just in time! Wrote a quick, crappy conclusion. Toni picked me up again as usual. Forgot to tell her I don’t want her to anymore. Don’t know why. Got the bath for the house! Is GROOVY!

Tuesday 28/8/84

Today I was tired & forgetful Here I was picking flowers for a science experiment in double science & I forgot to bring my leather shoes! So Melissa C. & Wanda & I stayed outside for the 1¹⁄3hrs. Had to write lines. [I am fairly sure that was possibly the onlly time in my life I ever had to write lines. I was such a Good Girl.] Mum bought a stupid present for mim, so went to change for nail polish and lip balm.

Wednesday 29/8/84

Gave mim her prezzy at speech ←didn’t do a thing so I hafta go tomorrow for 20mins. Panicked cos’ I thort I had ta do my english artistic speaking, but mine’s on Monday. Am peeling from sunburn. soo tired – don’t seem to be getting enough sleep. Got a seat on the bus.

Thursday 30/8/84

Did I tell you Nana left for Brisbane on Fri. & I hafta start her car every day? [In case you haven’t read previous entries, this responsibility was entrusted to me by my grandmother whenever she left town. I don’t actually recall ever being remunerated for the task, but then unpaid chores were part-and-parcel of being a kid in those days.] Well cos’ o’ skool, I haven’t had time – done it once this week. Horrible, slow boring day. Nothing happened. Xept stayed longer at Mrs McI.’s than had planned to. Didn’t do any HW. Late night.

Friday 31/8/84

Slow, boring day. Mum’s got niccotine chewies – hasn’t started them yet, tho. Worried ’bout speech exam. Late nite.

Saturday 1/9/84

Didn’t go to tennis. Lazed around at home. Studied for speech & helped mum paint Julia’s bed white. Early night. Boring day. Mum finished her fags & started the “Nicorettes” – said they taste horrible. [Mum’s smoking habit spanned about 25 years in the end, and I lost count of the number of times she tried to give up. By the time she passed away, she had been off the fags for approximately a decade. This particular attempt was therefore not one of her successes and the gum’s flavour might just have been one of the reasons, you think?] Worried about wot to wear to my speech exam.

Sunday 2/9/84

A Life in Words
Coral Coast Triathlon swim leg, 2008
(unable to find pics of 1984 competition)

FATHER’S DAY. Shitting myself this morning – wore grey pinafore, black & red checked shirt, black shoes, red stockings & black belt. I did terrible!! Only my poem “Mushrooms” turned out good. After, (didn’t see Dad start or finish the Coral Coast Triathlon) we met mim at the triathlon finish, then went to little Di’s after lunch. Saw Kim N. (lives just across the road) Had a fun game of baseball. After, picked up uniform & gave dad his prezzy, then went to Ian B.’s for tea. Home late. little HW done – NOT much at all.