Clique Bitchiness & a Haircut Tanty (20-26 August)

Monday 20/8/84

Boring day. Didn’t do any HW previously. Am in trouble with Ger. Fi & me have left the group (but Beka, Justine & Natasha have come.) We don’t want Natasha (we’d rather have Angela) Stayed up till 9:30. Late-ish. Went to Kevin Shorey. He didn’t repierce my ear, just pushed the earring through, so he’s broken the skin at the back. Also, Nana got bronchial asthma. She could die any moment. Please, god NO. [My grandmother was quite a heavy smoker. Stands to reason?]

Tuesday 21/8/84

Today she is feeling better (that’s good) I haven’t told you much about the house lately, have I? Well the frame is up, the roof beams, a few interior walls & electrical sockets & wires. Now that we’ve moved away from the group, (Angela is with us now instead of Tashy) there is an ALL-OUT WAR! We didn’t want one – but – ! On the way home, they talked about us out loud deliberately. Also when I got on the bus, Karen took 1 seat & put her bag on the one in front of that, because there were no other seats left & no one was minding it. Natasha said to Lucy “Sorry but elissa took our seat.” “I did not take anything of yours at all,” I said. “Orrr, not half,” she slurred. BITCH.

Wednesday 22/8/84A Life in Words

The fight is now over. Toni & them made up. Natasha & Rebecca are leaving & so are Fi & I. Today was quite boring. My english assignment, due tomorrow & I haven’t started yet. OH WOE IS ME. Watched the end of ON GOLDEN POND (Watched most of it on Monday in double period.) – Saw last bit today. Am miserable → have itchy eyes & nose & sneezing.

Thursday 23/8/84

THIS IS A FUCKIN’ STUPID HAIRCUT & I HATE THE BAG WHO CUT IT she is a shit. She couldn’t follow some simple instructions & now I look like a freak. Boring school day. Went to town to get a new haircut & the stupid bitch (a new girl) couldn’t cut my hair the way I asked, let alone cut it in a straight line. [Needless to say, the caps and bold type represent extreme anger, which appeared in the diary as rather messy, very heavy-handed scrawl!]

Friday 24/8/84 [Sports Day]

Fixed my hair with mousse this morning – cut it myself just a bit so that it’s spiky. Was GUT! Knew Trinity would win & we did But it was close between us & Clifton. Kewarra got 3rd & Ellis last!! Badly sunburnt. Had a water fight with Melinda S. & Julia at the park. Had the roof-wetting party at the house & I have some type of allergy – I’m sneezing & have itchy eyes & nose. Mum’s gonna take me to the doctor’s for an allergy test sometime. [Sinus issues plagued me as a child. I grew up on skim milk because of the continual flow of phlegm down the back of my throat (a condition known as ‘catarrh’) which was noticeably worse when I consumed whole milk. I ended up seeing an Ear Nose & Throat Specialist at some point in the future, amongst others.]

Saturday 25/8/84

Our ‘blue’ team lost tennis semi-finals Drove home – mim & Fi stayed for Pizza lunch. They went & I started ironing before speech. Diane & Kerry were home; had a look at the house. We met Melinda & Brendan S. He & SHANE have their EARS PIERCED (their mother took them to Kevin Shorey’s, paid for that & even wants to pay for their earrings.) COULDJAWANNA??!!?! [Yeah, the 80’s…Gender-bending! At some stage, the unwritten rule about males with pierced ears was; if it was in the right ear you were gay, if the left you were cool.] After Di & Kerry left, I got ready for the Bluelight. Was good TAS boys (& the girls) were there but nothing happened unfortunately. Mima had a good time with Glenn. I got sore legs again.

Sunday 26/8/84

Ate & ate & ate today – lazed around. Tried to do my english opinionative essay. Got started. ½ done. I’ll hafta wake up early & finish it. Am sooo tired. Late night

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