Nostradamus, Free Dress & Strudel (10-16 September)

Monday 10/9/84 A Life in Words

Can’t believe it’s the last week! Shit! My Maths was (18/30) TERRIBLE. This was the 1st time in my whole life that I’ve never wanted a test mark back. Before the test I even predicted 18/30! I could become another Nostradamus, eh?! [I’d ‘loved’ Nostradamus ever since I’d watched a TV documentary on him – at some earlier point in my life. I have a ‘thing’ for the ‘intangible’ and it’s so much more appealing when scientists get involved. All I recall of his predictions now, is anticipation of World War III and the “Plague of the Twentieth Century” …which I believed to be AIDS/HIV but…??English not bad 6½/10  Slow, boring day. Got a Mr Whippy ice-cream [aah, the soft-serve ‘pig-fat’!] & gave Mandy & Heath a tour of our house.

Tuesday 11/9/84

S(hane) has the paper run now. Shithead. Oh well, I have St Cloud’s job AGAIN – OMYGOD. Another $40! Boring day minus the catastrophe – NANA CAME BACK. God I’m mean. [The Love-Hate relationship I had with my grandmother was mostly due to the Generation Gap; as any teenager would, I rebelled against her ‘out-dated’ beliefs & standards] Free dress day on Friday. Got nothing to wear… [It has just struck me how ‘lucky’  Australians are, that – because uniforms are enforced during our ‘formative’ years – we are not pushed as quickly into the consumerism that is Fashion. I had only one day to stress about “what I’d wear”…can you imagine how ‘imperative’ it would be to shop regularly to maintain a wardrobe for EVERY school day, as in the US? Feed the Machine…]

Wednesday 12/9/84

I said to mum yesterday “I’ll just have to wear my black skirt” & she said “I’ll buy you anything but don’t wear that skirt”. so I’m gonna get an orange top & socks! [I actually don’t believe this was deliberate ‘cunning’ but my, how kids can ‘persuade’ their parents at times.] Did badly in english listening & viewing tests. Had heaps of potato salad, brattwurst, sausages & buns + apple strudel to eat at the german BBQ. I felt sick! Just played games at speech today. Had a late night.

Thursday 13/9/84

Went late night shopping & got a cherry lane, orange cotton shirt (midriff, box shoe, very big) & a black rubber belt. Also a sportsgirl orange bangle. No shop had any orange socks at all left. [The early 80’s witnessed the return – from the 60’s – of Fluorescence in fashion. My fluoro colour of choice was orange.] BP test was easy, but I only just got it finished. Otherwise – boring skool day. Early nite.

Friday 14/9/84

Great day today! Wore all my new gear with mum’s white skirt, black shoes, black lace in hair & additional bangles. BLUDGE DAY! Played cricket in PES. In BP she marked tests, so we bludged. In History watched “Creepshow” in library.A Life in Words [I’ve no idea HOW I watched that movie when I detested the Horror genre (and still do). I can only assume it was for ‘appearances’ sake: to disguise my fear by following the crowd.] In double science did a simple test & an unreal prac experiment. Normal artwork & german was games & puzzles. At home, lazed around till Dad came then worried about what to wear to Jill & Barry’s. (sorted it out) [I often ‘worried’ about outfits; a legacy of Perfectionism. My love of fashion, but lack of ample wardrobe content, combined with body-image issues often resulted in tantrums. “Fat Days” seemed to greatly outnumber the rest, and I have to admit that I still have them, 29 years on. Thankfully ‘reactive tantrums’ have been phased out.] Mulleys went too but Penwardens didn’t. Was a Rage! Talked till the late movie (a comedy) then watched Hoges. Hafta stay the night. Had bad hay fever. (Dad’s too pissed to drive home. So’s R.)

Saturday 15/9/84

Got only 5 hrs sleep cos woke at 8:00. Left at 9:00 & went straight to work. Dad mixed some chemical while Julia & I dressed & STARVED. Went straight to Raintrees – Did shopping & got a custard strudel (for brekky?!) At home, had proper brunch. Lazed around then went to Little Mulgrave to inspect the finishing site of the Hash 200th Run (or something). [Dad was a highly active member of the Cairns Hash House Harriers (a very socially-oriented running club) for many years – virtually since our arrival in the city in 1975 – and many of our family friendships were born of that particular social circle.] Came home, got ready & went to Mulleys. Came home early.

Sunday 16/9/84 A Life in Words

After 10hrs sleep I’m still drowsy. Lazed around this morning. Went to beach – sunbaked with cream on but still got burnt! After lunch, worked, watched TV & Penwardens came. Lyn took us to feed the cats with the new sprinklers there, Jule & I finally worked them out but found the ‘jets’ wouldn’t work. Hafta get dad up 1 day to help me or  the plants’ll die & I won’t get me money. After that we drove back to the San Remo where Dad & Neill already were. Home early from the pub. Watched movie FLASH GORDON was Ripper! Late night.

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