Orange Everything (17-23 September)

Monday 17/9/84

Boring day at home. Rang Fi last night. She went to Michalmas Cay with Lucy on Sunday (mim wasn’t allowed – hmm!) and she & mim went together to the movies today. I knew they’d be together. Ate only in the arvy but ate alot. Watched TV & played with the microscope kit all day

Tuesday 18/9/84

Read 3 books this morning. After lunch watched TV, till mum went to the blood bank & we looked for curtain material. Had an ice cream from “the Great Australian Ice Creamery”. YUMMY! A Life in WordsWanted (was meant to) go to Fitzroy Island with Lucy today but, when I went to feed the cats, mum said hurry so I ran & fell & grazed my foot & knee & my left arm began aching so I called it off. Really did want to go too. LATE-ISH NITE. Rang mima again (really to see if she was with Fiona) Lucy had also asked them to go to Fitzroy but they weren’t allowed. But she only spent a little time with Fi. SURPRISING HUH?

Wednesday 19/9/84

Mima, Fi & I went to town. Didn’t buy clothes or anything but had Fun! No one slept over. I wondered what’d happen tomorrow.

Thursday 20/9/84

Mim & I went to town. (Fi was getting her haircut.) Got my orange socks!! And orange dress material. Mim & Polly got tube skirt material. No one was home at home. Picked up Fi (her hair is layered & short & looks GREAT!!) Went for a swim at mima’s. I Fed the cats then went home. Got ready and went to Heat 1 of Breakdance Competition. Mima saw Glenn & that was all. Had fish & chips. Early nite. (Also bought orange fluorescent paint for clothes today)

Friday 21/9/84

Played handball with Julia then went to mima’s to work out how to use the clothes paint. Stayed the day. Fi came after lunch & we watched TV all arvy. Did the cats. Fi & mim staying here. The TV movies were OKAAAY.

Saturday 22/9/84

Woke early-ish. Went into town AGAIN (so mima could see Glenn) They had lunch at my place & we mucked around. Mulleys came & Amanda, Genelle, Fi, mim, me, Julia, & Petra talked (uncomfortably) till they left. We played King while Karen M’s uncle & his family moved in next door. (well just their furniture.) All staying At Fi’s. Lucy staying too – she rang Fi to see if she’d stay but (of course) couldn’t so invited her here. Got to sleep about 1:00.

Sunday 23/9/84

Woke 9:00. At Lucy’s watched a video had lunched & played a game all arvy. Forgot to feed cats.. Watched the movie. Am sooo tired. Hope I can sleep in.

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