Monopoly & a Stomach Bug (24-30 September)

Monday 24/9/84

Woke about 7:30. Prepared to paint my white T-shirt but worried it wouldn’t turn out & wouldn’t come off . Decided to see “Streets of Fire”. Rode to mim’s (phone’s not working) She wasn’t home so rode to Fi’s. At home, tried to get dressed but got shitty cos’ I don’t have any good clothes. [Outfit-based tantrums were quite a common occurrence…] All shitty with each other. [Mum, Nana & I] Rode to Fi’s to tell her I couldn’t go. Nana was against it [my riding to Fiona’s] so doors were locked when I got back. [Yes, my grandmother locked me out!] Climbed in thru open laundry window – watched TV rest of arvy and forgot about it all.

Tuesday 25/9/84

Went to town with Fi & Mim at 11:30. After a packed day picked up Debbie & went to mim’s. Watched movies all nite. Felt sick (went to loo 5 times: 3 bogs.) Got to sleep around 4:00.

Wednesday 26/9/84

A Life in WordsWoke around 7:00 But dozed until 8:00. Got up at 11:30, watched Mike Walsh, packed up & went home. Still feel terrible. The whole night was horrible. I must be getting a wog or something.

Thursday 27/9/84

Felt good today – no more ugly thoughts about the video party. Lazy day – read a good book, played monopoly with Jules. Went to town around  3:30 → 4:00 & got pattern for orange material. Got home & got ready for Trent’s party.

Friday 28/9/84 

A Life in WordsEarly wakening again. Am ded tired!! Wish I could sleep in. OH! Only 2 days of leisure left. I hate school. Played monopoly all morning. After lunch, packed away ornaments off the chest of drawers [WHY I would’ve done this, I don’t know – I don’t think we were moving anywhere – yet] & watched TV. Geoff came started monopoly but no one wanted to play so I forced them to Scrabble!

Saturday 29/9/84

Tired last night – slept like a babe! Saw the start of the Mall to Mall race (some really weird entries!!) [I actually don’t recall what exactly that event was all about] After got a “great Australian Ice Creamery” cone YUM! & went home (I rode to shop to buy bread.) Went to house. Had lunch. Geoff went. Had a rest. Began making my orange shirt Looks Fab!!!!! Went to Blue Light in Thomae’s combie van with no roof (I mean a BIG sunroof – open!) Fi found someone she liked. He asked her ot dance but then pissed off saying “gotta get my friend”. Never came back. TEASER.

Sunday 30/9/84

Boring day. Watched TV, (Hardie 1000 Car Race) & did HW (caught up on books) Early-ish night. My cough is worse. Since mim’s video party I have’t felt 100%. Thurs. I felt better but was ‘dizzy’ & congested (mucus) Now I have a “Laragitus” (Yelling to everyone last night didn’t help.) & a hoarse cough. Am taking cough & decongestant medicines 2ce a day. Hope it helps. I always feel worst in the mornings.

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