Birthdays Galore & a Sprained Ankle (1-7 October)

A Life in WordsMonday 1/10/84 

Woke early – gave mum $10 & wrote on the card “all we can afford is to give you a wish of good luck”. Mum’s eyes watered when she read it. BORING 1ST DAY BACK. While Ms Woods is overseas on holiday, we have Mrs Clayton, for english. Is alright. Had  strawberries & cream after a big tea, then rich (birthday I s’pose) cake. Geoff is staying.

Tuesday 2/10/84 A Life in Words

I have decided to turn over a new leaf: I will now be as nice as possible to mum & get stuck into my work and studies. Catherine W. (and Gina) came over. Catherine is Julia’s best friend now. Got an invitation to Natasha’s  birthday party (slumber, video party) Beka, Fi & I have decided to go & play tricks all night to scare them all!

Wednesday 3/10/84

Normal school day (God these days are going slow) HEATH’S BIRTHDAY! After school took him a little patty cake with 1 candle on it!! (& a present) Played with him all afternoon. Didn’t go to speech because didn’t know what day I was s’posed to go (but it was meant to be today. Will go with Natasha & Megan tomorrow

Thursday 4/10/84

Natasha’s Birthday. Yesterday – Heath’s 2nd was Lorelle’s & the 1st was mum’s. Funny, eh? Did go with Natasha & Megan. ← she’s quite nice now. Mum went to Carol B.’s & bought home some clothes. I love the 3/4 length, royal blue pants & green & white tennis outfit and the coloured grandpa shirt & the pale blue, full skirt. But tonite went to Breakdance 3rd & final heat. Fi & Catherine W. came. Got there about 7:30 so missed most of it. Kylie S. & some other Freshy Yr7 girls But she did acrobatics stuff & the (gigantic) crowd cheered, screamed, whistled, clapped. Loved her! After, did some quick grocery shopping before coming home & having a late night. On the bus it was not Fi’s day. It was rubber band day & she got hit in the eyes 3 times.

Friday 5/10/84

Another boring school day (No one’s birthday this time (today, I mean) Dad picked us up & we went to the Red Beret (fooled around) I was in a silly mood, then back at Dad’s flat, had an early-ish night.

Saturday 6/10/84

Up early doing shopping etc. Dad has decided to give mum the tiles for the bathroom in our house. At home had lunch, did a little HW then had a shower Both my tyres have punctures so I can’t ride to Natasha’s. I pumped ’em up but as soon as I got round the corner they were flat as pancakes again. The PARTY was great! Will probly get only 5hrs sleep!

Sunday 7/10/84

Bad luck at the party, tho. Toni left early in the morning with a fever, Angela’s glasses were almost smashed about 7 times. Justine (YUCH) mangled her little toe & I SPRAINED MY ANKLE. Starting jogging on wet concrete) Only one home was Nana. She came & took me to the ambulance depot. They bandaged it up & told me to soak it in icy water. At home, did this for about 30 mins, when dad came. At dad’s watched TV all day & (very carefully) played handball with Julia. Dad said I should relax it today & work muscles tomorrow. Good excuse to miss PE, huh?! Excited now cos’ it’s fun being fussed over!! (Mum was at Joss House wen it hap’ned. Nin was asleep when she got back so she didn’t find out till sometime later. She immediately rang me to find out about it.


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