It’s a Mean World (5-11 November)

Monday 5/11/84

Extremely hot, tiring, boring day. AM SOOOO TIRED. All talking about J’s party. Was TOPS!! Lucy’s having one now, but the boy’s’ll sleep over. Did no HW. Rained this arvy. Presentation Night – the 13th. Did I tell you, I got a merit award?? Whoop-ee-do! who cares?? [There’s that perfectionism rearing its ugly head again: knocking an achievement for which I didn’t even work hard to earn.]

Tuesday 6/11/84

Another boring day. Was upset all day about Mark cos’ Fiona told Jemima & all mim said was “isn’t that nice!” She didn’t bother to say anything about me like “tell Liss not to worry”, etc. Anyway, Fiona said she thinks something will happen for me at Lucy’s party so I’d better hope. Early night.

Wednesday 7/11/84

Another BORING DAY in the MEAN WORLD. A stupid day of school & school work. Came home, had bath, went to speech. Mima & Elisia set up something about a phone call that Mark made to mima (just to stir me up) I Bet. Jemima doesn’t like me. Had a terrific storm afterwards – rain, sqwalling winds, thunder & lightning (the Lot). After trudged with mum to check on the house. Looks OK. Early-ish night.

Thursday 8/11/84

No storm – hot & still day. Fiona told me that what happened yesterday was a joke but they weren’t going to do it  because they knew it would hurt me. Elisia did it tho! Orthodontist said I’ll need these on for another 6 months at the most. After, went with mim, Fi & Jay to Freshy tennis courts. Mim met Glenn (he rode out to see her) she was with him most of the arvy. I didn’t mind. Polly, Fi & I still had fun.

Friday 9/11/84

Kept forgetting it was friday. Such a slow week that I didn’t know it was coming to an end. Staying at mim’s cause Geoff & Mum are going out to dinner & Nana’s not home.

Saturday 10/11/84

Ever since my braces were tightened on Thursday , they’ve been giving me hell. Woke early but got up about 9:30. Mim & Pol had to go to music (lessons) so Mrs Brewer dropped us home. Tried on all mum’s clothes till went back to mim’s at 12:30, called Fi & spent all arvy  on the trail bike. Glen came but wouldn’t get on the bike. At home 5:00 played french cricket with Petra & Julia. Read “home” magazines & went for a walk after tea. A Life in Words

Sunday 11/11/84

Petra left early. Had pancakes for brekky, lazed around. At 12:30 Dad & Jenny came – went to little Di’s for lunch. Kim N. & Paul P. were in the park. Late night. REMEMBRANCE DAY.

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