Bitchiness & a Solar Eclipse (19-25 November)

Monday 19/11/84

Got around 8hrs sleep last night!! Fun day. On the way home I spillt pineapple juice all over me, my port my pillow & the seat! End’o’unit science test + a german exam tomorrow.

Tuesday 20/11/84

A Life in Words
Queensland Grading System (photo resource: Wikipedia)

Glad I learnt for the science test?? YEAH!! It was quite hard. Wish I could’ve learnt a little more for it cos’ I don’t think I’ll get a VHA in that nor in my german exam. [VHA = Very High Achievement. We only had the 5 ‘grades’ back then: VHA, HA (High Achievement) S (Sound = Pass) LA (Low Achievement) and VLA (Very Low) There were no grey area ‘plusses’ or ‘minuses’ like the ABC grading system had] I shoulda studied. But I don’t think I’ve done that bad, considering I didn’t learn much. Hot today not too bad tho’. Watched 3rd part to mini-seres “Bodyline”. Was excellent.

Wednesday 21/11/84

UNCLE PETER’S BIRTHDAY!!! OK. day. Overpowered with fatigue after school also very hungry. Started a new (self-planned) balanced diet today. House is going good! S’posed to be able to move in, in about 2 weeks, time!! [Haha, pfffft!]

Thursday 22/11/84

Very boring day. Beka, Fi & I talked about J. & how she gets on our nerves. (finally I can talk to someone about it!) She got a yellow bandless hat exactly like Fi’s, brought it to school and didn’t even wear (carried it round) She copies off people. Beka told us she even bought a black’n’white striped top/jacket like Fi’s! Went to Carol B.’s to get some plants [for the new house I imagine]. Stayed (what seemed like) hours!! I got bored & sat in the car. Had an early nite.

Friday 23/11/84

Wierd day! From 6:00 till 9:00 there was an eclipse [solar] & then, cos’ of the Yr 10’s exams, we only had 6 periods but some were 10mins longer while other were 5 mins longer. Late-ish nite. Julia’s going to Catherine W.’s Video Party (sleep over.)

Saturday 24/11/84

Feel so lethargic. Jules came home early. Did you know the TV’s on the blink yet AGAIN?? Now it’s the volume. Sometimes it goes off & stays off for ages. It only mucked up on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Wonder Why!! [Said TV was a ‘Rank Arena’ mum said we had bought not long after colour televisions hit the market (1974-75). It weighed a tonne (!!) despite having only maybe a 10″ screen, had an on/off switch by which you also changed the channels & the volume control was a slider knob. Not many modern televisions could lay claim to such a long working life.] Mucked around this morning Jules & I went with Nin to her new flat at Edge Hill. Is great! Went to mim’s around 3:00, watched ½ of “Flying High II” & “Moving Out”. Ran around Freshwater in the rain, went back had a swim, hot bubble bath & chips. A Life in WordsMum, Geoff & Julia came at 6:30 (with a change of clothes 4 me) and went to babysit Ben & Trent. Late nite. Watched “History of the World, Part I” & the TV movie, then fell asleep. Got home about 12, asleep about 1:00

Sunday 25/11/84

Woke around 8:15 & Had potato & apple pancakes for brekky. [Oh now I don’t remember those but they sound good. I wouldn’t mind trying them out but… I can’t ask mum for the recipe anymore.] Watched cricket & played board games all day with Jules. Went to dad’s around 4:00. Pretty early night.

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