Meeting the Future Step-Siblings (12-18 November)

Monday 12/11/84

Sooo tired but I’m also so restless. Fi admitted she loves Jason P. Personally, I think they’d suit each other. Dad hosted the “Stefan Finalists Northern Zone Hairstyle Awards” so Leanne’s giving him, Julia & I free haircuts (we’re getting it done tomorrow for the presentation night.) She said we could look at books, choose what we’d like & she’d tell us whether it would suit us, how to keep it looking good etc. I’m sooo nervous. How’ll I get mine cut?? late nite.

Tuesday 13/11/84

A Life in WordsPRESENTATION NIGHT. It was HOT. but fast. Had our rehearsal of walking up & receiving etc in periods 6 & 7. My haircut wasn’t too bad but Jules’ was great! (Leanne wasn’t there – called out of town on (bad) personal business.) Deep “V” cut short bob. → [see hand-drawn diagram… it’s the ‘rear view’ of Julia’s head, in case you’re baffled.] Concave cut. Mine’s neat too!

Wednesday 14/11/84

Boring, tiring day. Felt a bit sick. Had no dinner. Got whole english assignment completed. Went to speech – found it wasn’t on – finished for the year! I didn’t know!! My hair is spikey in the corner (of the fringe) & fat Julieanne walked past me & said to her friend “Look at her hair!” giggle-whisper-giggle, giggle. BITCH. but Anna loves it.

Thursday 15/11/84

Today was plain & boring. Nothing special to record except that it was BOILING hot & in art, took photos with our pinhole cardboard cameras. Is treadly. [These were pretty impressive! I still can’t believe we actually took photos with ‘cardboard boxes’. Also did the whole ‘dark room’ developing as well. Unfortunately I have forgotten the science behind it all now.]

Friday 16/11/84

Rushed day. Got exam timetable {mon, 3rd Dec = (1) Maths (2) Science (3) History // Tues 4th Dec = (1) nil (2) BP (3) nil//} Monday’s gonna be tough one. At home, vacuumed, showered & packed. Dad came & we went to Red Beret. After to Vic & Liz’s for tea. Fell asleep around 10:00. Got home around 2:00 though!

Saturday 17/11/84 A Life in Words

Dozed til 8:00. Dressed & went shopping. Ate big vanilla slice – bee-u-ti-ful!! At work played on dad’s new ‘paper’ calculating machine. At flat, dad did housework, we did HW. When we got to Jenny’s (it’s a beautiful house) the kids weren’t there – Jules & I did some polishing. Anthony came first, then Jacki. (She’s a tart – reminds me of Kim M. but she is very nice.) Anthony is good-looking (but so different to what we expected) & small. Played video games, rode the trail bike & mucked around all nite. Got little sleep.

Sunday 18/11/84

Mucked around – played chess, video games etc. An hour after BBQ lunch, went to Mossman Gorge. Took Anthony, Sean K. & his friend Shane. Jenny, Jules & I didn’t swim but had fun. Lost the key on the track but luckily, Julia found it! [My sister was always the ‘eagle eye’ of our family.] After, went to pub, then had a shower before Keanes came & knocked over the water meter!! (Anthony was in the shower!!) Late, very late night.

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