Exams & Old Man Time (26 November-2 December)

Monday 26/11/84

Quick day. Got December “Dolly”. Stayed in art all lunch hour. Hard in maths (got stuck in algebra) Have decided now to earn as much money as possible to spend on the Xmas holidays.

Tuesday 27/11/84 A Life in Words

Another quick day. History assignment due Friday & I haven’t started, yet. Watched most of final part of “Bodyline”. Is an excellent series. So hot…. Nin came around for tea. BOOOORRING!! English Drama exam tomorrow. Am tired. Know I will not do well.

Wednesday 28/11/84

Another fast day. In fact the whole week is going fast! I s’pose old man Time knows I have exams & wants to make me suffer them sooner. (!!) Very hot. Hate Lucy, the bitch. Wouldn’t let me sit on the very edge of the seat on the bus. Greedy bitch. Just as bad as Justine’n’everyone else who I hate. [Whoa! Such strong words & intense feeling. Glad I’ve grown out of THAT.] Mandy & Bill are ‘minding’ us tonite while mum goes to a National Trust Meeting. English exam was quite easy but I didn’t have enough time, I thought.

Thursday 29/11/84

PE exam was HARD. Actually, I guessed most of it so I suppose I wouldn’t have done too bad. Am tired – my legs are aching (OH NO! NOT MORE GROWING PAINS?!!??!)

Friday 30/11/84

History assignment must be got outta the way tomorrow morning. YOU MUST STUDY, GIRLY. Today went quickly Was bored. Kept  getting headaches similar to yesterday’s. Late-ish nite. Hope mim or Fi ring & ask me to study with them. Will be so much more fun. Hot-ish day.

Saturday 1/12/84

Rang Fi in morning after Mum went out and Julia left for the school’s mango stall by the polling booths. [This would have been at Freshwater State School, and it was for a federal election, the result of which returned Bob Hawke as Prime Minister for his second term] Left for Fi’s at 1:00. Went to mim’s at about 1:30. Went for a swim, then rode the motorbike to Fi’s and back. At home, Ben, Trent & Diane were here for tea. Had one hell of a late night. Today Mrs B., mima & Polly dropped in when only I was home to give Julia a brand new white jumpsuit. It didn’t fit Polly so Julia got it for FREE. I got to draw up an invitation for Stereo World Xmas Party. Hope she pays me!! NAH

Sunday 2/12/84

I showed the invit to Mrs B. & she gave me $5!! Went to mim’s around 10:30. Studied maths, had lunch, studied micellaneous, had a swim, study history. Mr & Mrs B. came home & Fi & I went. Had an early-ish nite.

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