Bullying & a New Heart Throb (3-9 December)

Monday 3/12/84

Maths was quite easy but I know I definitely have not got 100%. Science was ‘simple’ too but there were some questions and history too was easy but I didn’t know if I expressed myself correctly, in words. Otherwise, am pleased. Carol B. dropped mum’s plants over this afternoon. Had a late-ish nite & haven’t studied any BP …. UH-OH……..

Tuesday 4/12/84

I don’t think I did crash-hot. Around 55/65 I think I’ll get. Gave Rebecca P. more hell than ever today only to find her parents coming down to ‘scream’ at me. At first I packed shit, but then relaxed. Feeling guilty now about having to tell the ‘truth’ ie, naming mim & fi as some of the troublemakers. [I can’t remember exactly what kind of treatment we – because it certainly was not just me  – dished up to this girl but it clearly affected her enough that her mother (I don’t recall her father being present at all – if he was, he was definitely silent the entire time) flew into protective mode and was on the proverbial Warpath. I remember standing on our drive-way with mum as Rebecca’s mother verbally let rip at me & my mother. No one in our family is confrontational and our usual reaction is one of shocked silence, so I can’t really recall our ‘defence’.] Early-ish night. Haven’t studied much art…

Wednesday 5/12/84

Art was easy. Got History back 44/50 I couldn’t believe it! I went from 63% last semester to 83% this sem! Not as good as I thought in science: 56/70 OH WELL! Everyone knows about the P.’s coming to see me now. She will cop more shit than ever, now. (Apparently her parents only came to blow me up. Said  they were going to see everyone else but didn’t.) Mrs P., they’re all Bitches. Today (generally) was a bludge.

Thursday 6/12/84

Another Bludge. Am so glad exams are over! Got art back 37/40, same as last semester. Fran told Fi in their german class today what Rebecca P. actually yelled to me when we got off the bus. – “Poor Elissa, lives in a flat.” If her parents broke up, I’d like to see HER mum cope – OOH thats so mean. Makes me SOOOOO MAD. (Now everyone in the popular group knows). I think everyone does. [I have concluded that this girl’s parents (or parent, namely her mother) targeted me and my family simply because there was no ‘man’ around to defend us. In a pack of wild animals, I guess we would have seemed to be the ‘easy kill’?! They certainly did not confront any of the families of the other girls involved in the ‘bullying’ so in a respect, Mrs P. was a bully herself. With hindsight, it only serves to illustrate just how strong my mother was; to survive a marriage breakdown, work, build a house and rear two daughters. How can I not feel anything other than gratitude?]

Friday 7/12/84

Is BOILING the heat is suffocating. EVERYONE hates Rebecca P. Tina & everyone in the popular group talks to us more often now the others have left. I think I like someone else. I don’t think Mark is good for as SM would/could be. Tell ya who he is later … Late nite.

Saturday 8/12/84

God Sean is a spunk! I dreamt about him last nite (SM is Sean/Shaun M.) In 9G. Has been at Smithfield quite a while but I’ve only just woken up. I love ‘im! Was disappointed when dad rang to say we couldn’t go to work & had to go to Jenny’s. Went anyway. After shopping & housework (I got $5 for it!) went. Watched TV – very bored. Very late night.

Sunday 9/12/84 A Life in Words

*Fuckin’ hot today. Naaah! Forget that* Just hot & boring. Late outta bed. After brekky, sketched & played chess till ’bout 5:00. Went to pub. Staying tonight.

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