Christmas Shopping (17-23 December)

Monday 17/12/84 A Life in Words

Went to town with Justine at 12:00. S’posed to try to buy some shirts – couldn’t find any. Got Julia’s chrissy present also got some pale pink nail polish, grey eyeliner, 3 butterfly hair clips (1 4 me, other 2 for mim & Fi’s chrissy prezzys.) Julia found her present tonite. Stupid bitch. I’ll have to refund/change them now.

Tuesday 18/12/84

Julia has some sort of wog, Poor girl. I went to work for dad. Cleaned drums and earned $20!! [Some of the work I did for my father would be illegal in this day & age. My primary job was to wash out 10 litre cube drums that had had chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite with a hose, for recycling. No protective clothing, footwear, gloves, eyewear or respiratory masks. OH &S and Risk Management were non-existent in the ’80’s] Oh! I forgot tot tell you yesterday I finally put up the christmas decorations! After I’d come home from town that is.

Wednesday 19/12/84 A Life in Words

Went to see “Gremlins” with mim, fi, polly & anna. stayed in town after. Got Geoff’s Julia’s & Dad’s presents (couldn’t refund Julia’s records.) Nana left for Sydney today so I didn’t have to get her a present after all. Thank God! I can’t afford any more! A Life in Words

Thursday 20/12/84

Worked at Dad’s again today. Was quite hot. Am tired. (I earned exactly $20 & a pair of sunburnt thighs!)

Friday 21/12/84

Spent the whole day at Earlville with Julia. Got mum’s, Jodie’s, Michael’s, mim’s & Fi’s prezzys. Have no money left but no more presents to buy!! At home, I wrapped them all.

Saturday 22/12/84 A Life in Words

IS SO HOT!! Lazed around today. Finished wrapping all prezzys then watched TV all day. Ate too much. Going to dad’s tomorrow.

Sunday 23/12/84

Woke late, actually. Can’t believe I have not  woken up before 7:00 one day of the holidays so far! Packed bag & watched TV till dad came. Julia went with  Jenny. 10 min delay at Oak Beach. A van had rolled no one was hurt, tho. Just watched TV at Jenny’s.

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