Last Week of Grade 9 (10-16 December)

Monday 10/12/84

HOT got home at 6:45, to our flat at 7:40. Got to 1st busstop & saw the bus. Panicked but found out that the bus always sits at the stop if its too early. In double BP, had to move typewriters to L7/8. Heat! But at little lunch a giant downpour & wind cooled off. Not hungry tea & toast brekky, choccy thickshake lunch cereal for arvy tea & 2 sausages & sultanas for tea. Sean M. is a spunk. I think he’s terrifically good-looking. Hope he’s seen me. [Meaning, I hope he’s noticed that I exist] Can’t wait for the excursion tomorrow. Maybe something good will happen…?

Tuesday 11/12/84 A Life in Words

Alright. Hot on bus, headache at Brewery. (also a free soft drink!) 1hr at the esplanade, then got bored at the Waterworks. Sean didn’t go on the slides. Kept my eyes open – scanning, but found he spent most of his time on the video games. Hunky, brown trim body. Went to Fi’s tonight while Julia went to her Presentation/Disco/Graduation Night. Late nite. Lysarne P. won the “Citizen of the Year” Award. Jules had been working hard to get that one & bitch features won it. [My opinion of that entire family was evidently tarnished following the attack her mother made on ‘us’ in the previous week]

Wednesday 12/12/84

Boring day. Did nothing in most classes. Di & Kerry are minding us. Watched “Superman” It finished around 12:00. Got to bed about 1:00

Thursday 13/12/84

Great day!! Big bludge. At lunch there was a cricket match – YR8 & teachers vs Yr9. Sean was in the team so I wanted to skip 6th & 7th periods but Ms Clayton kept a few of us in (me, of course) to polish desks & had to go to BP. Just bludged anyway (Talked) In both lessons ¾ of the class were absent. NOT FAIR

Friday 14/12/84

Am not excited, really. Today doesn’t seem as important as it was months ago, i.e. I wish it was still school. Why? Cos I won’t see Sean for 6 weeks, unless he goes to the Bluelight. In PES, sat with Tina, Shelley & Melissa in B4. Mr Martin’s science class was in B1 so I got to see Sean. Left school at 1:00 after a wierd form party & litter parade [enmasse student rubbish collection]. Bored at home. Going to Jay’s party at 6:30. Wish (He) was invited I [some indiscernible word] him. Party was different. Justine & I stayed by ourselves (I had the feeling Jemima was till angry with me) Mum came 2HRS late. (12:30) Anna knows I like Sean now – she thinks he’s up himself. I don’t!!

A Life in WordsSaturday 15/12/84 

Very boring day. Mum finished my orange skirt for the Bluelight. Looks great!! Can’t wait! Rang mim & apologized myself (Polly told me that was wat she was really waiting for) Fiona could have told me earlier. Bluelight – little boring, very hot. Saw Sean 3 times (very shortly) wearing dark coloured clothes.

Sunday 16/12/84

Hot & boring. Made some bikkies, Jules & I basked under the sun (& hose!) Got a little burnt here & there.

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