Rain, Puzzles & Crusher Dust (14-20 January)

Monday 14/1/85

Woke quite late cause I had another late nite. After reading for awhile, left for mima’s where fi & I ducked to fi’s then back. Finally, we were ready to go to town. In town, saw hardly anyone except David D. (blech) wonder if he still likes me? Was hot & exhausting in town today. Got home at 5:30. Just read the Smash Hits magazine (which I bought for Jules). A Life in WordsHad a small dinner and an early-ish nite. Is overcast now – now raining: hope we get a good flood. Rang 4AM this morning. Bluelight:- 2nd Feb

Tuesday 15/1/85

Has been raining all day. I think we are in for a flood (I hope) It is much cooler now. Today woke at 7:00, then decided to go into work and earn some money. When Jenny dropped Julia back here – she had been at Dad’s Last nite & the night before – we set off. Once at Dad’s I felt no more like working. [So fickle!] So As Mum had an appointment with the bank manager, Julia & I went to Earlville & browsed. Got home at Lunchtime. Yard & carport are flooded But later Mr F. lent a hand in digging drains. Just lazed about all arvy. Am having an early nite.

Wednesday 16/1/85

I’ve been thinking about people who don’t like me. You know who they are, but I now know for sure that Beka hates me. Before we went to see ‘Ghostbusters’ Fi asked Beka what was wrong, I moved away & Beka said, “I can’t stand Elissa.” I hate you , too, Rebekah!! [Clearly this had been weighing heavily on my mind, since it’s the second time I’ve recounted the story] Today it did not cease raining for one second!! Pouring or sprinkling all day! I just wrote out (began to) my 1984 diary. It’s too messy to read, all squashed up in that planner. Petra, Auntie Leonie & Nana visited today. Jules is at Petra’s tonight. TV is bung. Mrs B.’s Birthday!

Thursday 17/1/85

Sun; I don’t believe it! It has finally stopped raining but now it will become hot again. Today I continued on with writing out my 1984 diary before & after we got back from Town. Mum just paid bills & got our address changed at various places. I went back to Kevin Shorey, finally. He put my proper earring back in. Seemed not worried about the earring & didn’t accept money for the disadvantage. Nice guy, eh? Petra came with us to town. I Bought a pair of white earrings ‘Button’ studs. Sorted out some junk before having a bath.A Life in Words Went to Di & Kerry’s for tea. Barbra & Darren are leaving tomorrow. Watched “We of the Never Never” (Again!)

Friday 18/1/85

Today was hot. Geoff was still here when I woke up. [Meaning: he stayed over and I disapproved.] Rang mima before going to town. She hasn’t found my copper bracelet yet. I also mentioned a trip to Green Is for, perhaps, Wednesday next week. After doing various things (getting Julia’s school shoes, port & blouses) went to Nana’s. Passed the take-away in the Plaza & two boys were there. One waved. I smiled & waved back! I have Confidence!! Got TV back, when got home. It was fixed for the 4th time, now. Lazed around at home. Did some puzzles in a puzzle book, made a pencil tin etc. Late-ish nite. Julia’s staying at Dad’s tonite & tomorrow night

Saturday 19/1/85

Today was boring. Woke around 7:30. Did some puzzles in the puzzle book, then had toast and orange juice for  breakfast. After more puzzles, I continued writing out my 1984 Diary. Played records all day. Mum cleaned paint spots off the louvres. Had a pie & sausage roll for lunch today. Mr F. gave us some (a lot) fine gravel to even up the ground. Mum & I levelled it out, while a big thunderstorm passed quickly. Mum kept up until the whole 1st pile was gone. We just had baked beans for tea. Late night. Am about to watch the movie. Night, night!

Sunday 20/1/85

Movie went on for years!! Got to sleep about 12 last night. Woke at 9:45!! Yes!! I slept in!! Was tired today. Ate like a horse. Continued on with rewriting diary. Made lotsa mistakes. Wore an old, ripped petticoat today & that red & white polka dot blouse which I cut the sleeves off. I cut off the collar, & wore it as a hair ribbon/tie. [Ever the fashionista. And oh, those scissors again, that mum hated me touching…] Watched cricket, too. Australia was put to shame again by the Windies. We lost by 65!! Rang mim tonight. Going to think about Thurs. for our Green Is. trip. She’s gonna ring me back tomorrow night. Going to work tomorrow. Feel guilty about how much I ate today!!

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