Hormones & Accused of Theft (21-27 January)

Monday 21/1/85

Today woke 7:30. Rang Dad. He said he’d pick me up, but be late. When he came, stayed for coffee, while I dressed & gathered my gear. Started cleaning drums 9:30. Finished After lunch – 1:30. Did 75; 25c per drum = $18.75. Then at 2:00, did 2hrs labelling work = $8. Total – $26.75. Had BIG lunch! Mum came & took us home at 5:00. At home, relaxed. Mandy & Bill came  & looked at the house. Heath is bigger & more beautiful, now! After they, left, had a bath (scrubbed chemical-free!) [shudder to think about all those chemicals I was exposed to now…] dins & watched TV all night. Am gonna watch “Dick Emery Show” soon. Geoff had a haircut. Skint! [Skint: the replacement word for ‘shame or embarrassment’. I have no idea how this word, which actually means “lacking funds” came to be used in this context. Unless someone decided lack of ‘face’ (as in ‘losing face’) was an acceptable ulterior meaning?] Rang mima. She forgot to ring

Tuesday 22/1/85

Today was hot because spent most of it out of the house. Woke 7:00 to the sound of a bobcat. Our yard is now quite very level!! Today went to town with mim & Jules. Took my $20. Looked around town for shorts. A few good options, but I didn’t buy. Was upset, [in other words, threw a tantrum] so mum (after getting petrol) drove us out to Earlville, where I finally bought a pair of yellow shorts $9.95 from ambition &  a$5 lime green T-shirt from Rockman’s. On the way home, treated me & Julia to a choccy eclair & cream bun (for jules). At home, drew & mucked around. Nana then Petra came. We played cards. She went home. Watching “Prophecies of Nostradamus”  [Aha! There it is. This was not the first time I had watched a documentary about the ‘great prophet’…I was fascinated by him or rather, his predictions.] Is eerie. Scares me.

Wednesday 23/1/85

In the bath last night, I cut myself twice with a stupid razor & gave up shaving. In bath just cried & cried for no reason. Kept saying “why me? why me?” Haven’t cried for ages…….[This kind of stuff happened on occasion. With hindsight, I would put it down to those wild teenage hormone fluctuations.]  Today, thought I slept in, but woke at 7:30. Went to do grocery shopping & I spent $5  dollars “click” just like that! Bought iced doughnuts. Sickly’n’fattening. A Life in WordsAfter, Petra & Anette M. came around. Later Margie. We just played cards all arvy. Had to get ready to go to Nana’s. I stalled. Rang mima. She wasn’t there. Pol answered. 5mins later she rang me. Not allowed to go to Green [Island]. Her mum said “why pay to get burnt?” Nana minded us while mum was at a National Trust Meeting.

Thursday 24/1/85

Today, Julia woke me at 6:30, to tell me that Oikaze (our biggest goldfish) was dead. [Interesting name…I wonder where we got that from? I don’t remember it at all] Got ready early for Brewers to take me to the beach (Trinity Stinger Net) Was fun there. Did not stay long at all. Went for a 20min walk, 20min swim then walked to the shop for  an iceblock, where Mr & Mrs B. picked us up. Went back to mim’s. Spent all afternoon in the pool! Estimated 6hrs swimming today! Came home & ate. Had a long bath, to soothe the ole’ sunburn. Just watched TV. Rang mim 8:30 Are going to movies tomorrow. I must also get a haircut & Kevin Shorey will teach me to change my earrings correctly.

Friday 25/1/85

Mum woke us early. Dunno why but was too early cause was ready to pick up everyone at 8:00, when we were supposed to go at 9:00. Beka came, too. (Bitch) “The Last Starfighter” was a great movie!! A Life in WordsSaw Liam & his friend, Adam. Also Toni & Angela Bitches, too. After, walked around all day. Boring! Got skinted 2 times. Williams the Shoeman I knocked over a shelf of shoes & in Sportsgirl I was accused of stealing. [I vividly recall this incident. I had found a dress I loved in a crowded rack of clothing on sale, and ‘hid’ it under another item of clothing on the same rack so that no one would potentially find my treasure & buy it from underneath me. As we all left the store, the manager came running after us & directed me back to the shop where she began her interrogation. I’m non-confrontational so was probably in shock at first but I recall professing my innocence and revealing the buried dress. I can’t remember if the others had come back in the shop as well or waited outside, but I was truly mortified and embarrassed – despite not being technically in the wrong.] BAD DAY. Got home around 5:00 Mum was at Freshy hairdressers. I couldn’t get in the house. Had a bath, watched TV & the movie. Was O.K. Julia went to the doctors yesterday ‘cos lately she’s been getting black marks on her pants. Dr D. said she has her PERIODS. [I truly thought my sister would not want this private information shared, so called her before transcribing, to check. She laughed her head off and said “I don’t care…it’s FUNNY!”]

Saturday 26/1/85

AUSTRALIA DAY. Had a dream about Andrew Ridgeley Last night – yes, the spunky partner to George Michael in Wham! It’s funny – I could actually see his features clearly. Normally you don’t see people’s faces, you just know they’re them in the dream. And now, when I look at the poster, I feel I know him thoroughly, like an old friend (I think I love him.) I’m nuts. [You said it!] Today, mum went to the Cairns City Place for the Aussie Day Celebrations. I went to Fi’s, then mim’s at 10:30. A Life in WordsWatched “Sahara”. Lazed around until Glenn came. Went to the spare block on the top of Blue Hills Cres. Liam & Adam came up. After, went to Fi’s, then Freshy Creek, then the spare block again. After, went home. Clarke’s came for drink. early nite

Sunday 27/1/85

Woke late, lazed around. Got 10-11 hours sleep last night. Good, huh?! Went to Tinaroo Dam today. Invited mim & fi. Laughed & talked on the way up. When got there, saw Rachel & Kate C. Felt the water. Went & sat in car, mim read while fi & I changed radio stations looking for good songs. Had lunch then continued in the car. Was windy & overcast, but eventually decided to swim. Strong rip in the dam, but had great fun. Was freezing out of water. Packed up when got out & went to a ‘maze’. [I only vaguely remember this maze, and have no idea where exactly it is/was. If anyone else can recall it, please let me know.] Was treadly. Got lost, but eventually got out. Really dudish! [Another new word! I don’t even remember this one. I can only guess that it’s another word for …cool?!] After, went to a pub, but we still sat in the car. Laughed had fun on way home. Early night again.

3 thoughts on “Hormones & Accused of Theft (21-27 January)

  1. I used to prefer Andrew Ridgeley to George Michael as well. Maybe we had some intuition about George Michael’s true preferences!


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