The Persistent Suitor & a Hangover Memory (25 February-3 March)

Monday 25/2/85

BACK TO SCHOOL for another week. Yuk. Fiona has a cold. She’s bin sniffin’ all day. Lucy has left too. For good – I think. & Justine’s in her own world with Sarah H. Am tired. Nothing really happened today. End-of-unit science test on Wednesday; new PES teacher is Mrs Connors (she’s ooookaaaaay); German another bludge. double History (bigger bludge in the library); art was alright; BP yuk as always. Got the March Dolly & Wham! Magazine today. GREAT x-ept I’m a little disillusioned with the WHAM! thing. Not that excellent. Late-ish nite.

Tuesday 26/2/85

Today was supa-hot, too. More rain this arvy & thunder. Fiona’s cold is bad. I don’t (& she doesn’t) think she should’ve come to school. She had a temperature in the afternoon. Tim wasn’t here today. I didn’t see him, anyway. Mima yelled to me this arvy “Neville wants to know if you like him.” I smiled a sorrowful smile & shook my head; No. I wish he’d give up. I’ve already told (lied to) him that I’ve got a boyfriend in Brisbane. Hardly any HW tonite. Learnt a little for my science test. Nothing on except cricket (BORING!) Am so hot & bothered. Dunno if I’ll get to sleep. Bluelight is on 16th March (or so they say…)

Wednesday 27/2/85

I didn’t like today. (except that science test was easy & got a hell of a lot of work done in BP.) Fiona went home at little lunch, leaving me with Rebekah. Also lost my ruler and after speech, Fi brought up Neville again. She said he wrote, “I love Elissa” all through mima’s HW Diary. I wish he’d lay off. I don’t think I’ll go to the next Bluelight, cos’ (no doubt) he’ll be there hoping to dance & dance & dance….. And I know I’ll blow my stack. Mum went to a National trust meeting, Julia to a disco & me to Mandy & Bills. HOT again today. Got braces tightened. Dr Kadell said this was the last stage in my teeth fixing!! They come off on May 2nd!!

Thursday 28/2/85

Fi was away today. Boring. Hot. Told Beka about Neville (about the “Neville wants to know if you like him” & the “I love Elissa”.) She tried to hid her dissapointment. I told her I wasn’t going to go to the Bluelight, but later in PES (when she’d recovered) she told me I must come & be mean to him. I don’t know why she wants to do that. Rang Fi tonite. Told her about it she says she doesn’t want to go either – she’ll tell me ’bout it tomorrow. [Unfortunately if she did tell me about it, I didn’t enter it into my diary. So we’ll never know why.] Jodie (Julia’s friend) embarrassed me today… Tim (spunky) has bandages on his nose. He walked past & she said aloud “look at his nose”. (he’s broken it, doris!) He turned around How embarrassing!! [SO easily embarrassed?] Mandy came and looked at the tiles. Practised handstands I’m gettin’ betta! Can’t wait till Fi gets back!

Friday 1/3/85

16candlesPOSTERToday was Hot. Again. Yes, again. Fi was here today. School was boring. God Tim’s a spunk. He’s got bandages on his nose. Wonder why?…. (BROKEN, dick!!) Got off at Fi’s stop, cos’ mim told (signalled) me to. We had arvy tea then read books. Then we all went home. Then we got ready to go to the movies. Then the Brewers picked us up & Mim, Fi & I went. Julia was there too, with Petra. Beka SHIT was there too, with Justine. “16 Candles” was a top movie. “Hard to Hold” (before it) was THE pits.

Saturday 2/3/85

Today was plain. (I thought) Woke around 7:30 & lazed & dozed until 8:30. Didn’t start getting ready to go to work till around 10. Dad came an hour late. up till then. I just tried to do my english essay but couldn’t & walked around tidying up stray things. [Textbook Procrastination – a defining trait.] At work, I didn’t feel at all like doing washing drums cause at his new place, there’s no drains (You can’t do it outside in case the grass dies from chemicals) [It amazes me now that no one put two & two together back then: so it’s ok to drain the residual chemicals into our waterways, but not kill the grass outside the premises? How did it take – and unfortunately still is taking – so long for Humans to realise that we’re in a ‘closed circuit environment’?] So I cleaned 4 drums & did 2½hrs labelling – ($11) altogether. Lunch was filling. At home, mucked around watched TV. Had bath. Watched TV. No tea Just snacks. Late-ish nite. Not so hot, now. Fi rang today. She Didn’t ring back.

Sunday 3/3/85

Gutsy today. Ate so much. Woke around 7:30, wanted not to go to Pt Douglas with mum & Geoff, or to Dad’s, but to Fi’s. Rang her, but she rang back 5 mins later, crying, saying I wasn’t allowed. So went to Dad’s. Jenny had a bad hangover. She spent most of the day in bed! Jules & I got words for songs then I spent most of day doing nothing or watching TV, while trying to write my english essay, But I did get it started (finally) and am now almost finished. Is late & movie is stupid. Am full. Jenny left after walk on the beach, then Penwardens came for drinkies! Australia lost to India. Are definitely out of the finals now. [This day was forever etched in my stepmother’s memory. Or should I say branded, with a scorching hot poker? Julia & I played, stopped, rewound & played the song “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head on one of our mixed tapes on Dad’s stereo, over & over until we’d transcribed the lyrics, unbeknownst to us permanently instilling in Jenny a hatred for the song. She was sick as a dog and just wanted it to stop – but didn’t say anything at the time. It’s a running joke now.]  

In case you can’t recall the tune, here’s a link to a YouTube music video: One Night in Bangkok

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