Recycled Carpet & a Metal-Free Mouth (29 April-5 May)

Monday 29/4/85

Anna is going with Prabon. It happened at the Bluelight & Megan is too embarrassed to sit with Anna while she’s with him. Anna’s feeling guilty. Had science test not too bad. Also got maths test back 20/25 Best in maths so far this year! Got form for german camp – it’s next week. I know I want to go, & Justine is but I don’t know ’bout anyone else. Jodie T. had a bottle of perfume which she shot Fi & me with at B. lunch – smelt 4 rest of the day. At home, read Dolly (May, new one) until carpet ‘witch’ aunty Hilary sent up, came & mum began laying out 4 the lounge & dining room. [Because mum didn’t earn a great deal, much of our Simon Street house was built with secondhand materials…which these days would be considered VERY cool by the Greenies. Mum had procured all the french doors, the whole kitchen, and some of the external building materials…as well as, evidently, recycling my aunt’s old carpet. I’m so proud of my resourceful mother.] Didn’t do any HW. Man came 2 fix washing machine. Is 8:50. Mum’s starting to carpet her room, now. She won’t stop!!!! [That was SO my mum. She was a real worker, never stopped. If she did, it was lights out!]

Tuesday 30/4/85

Windy & cool. Is definitely coming into winter cos’ its starting to get dark at 6:30. Mr Van Slooten wasn’t here today, thank god. Got on bus (this morning) 2nd last & there were NO SEATS LEFT. Everyone was barred or taken. Julia eventually let me sit on the one she had barred 4 Philip & Brendan (so that they wouldn’t take Anna’s again) [Ah, Hierarchies in Everything. Bus seats?] Have only just realised that my English letters, due tomorrow, I have not even thought about. It is 8:35. Can I get 2 done? Stay tuned folks…..

Wednesday 1/5/85

A Life in WordsGood day today. Happy!! (most of the time) Wore white sandshoes – yes, they were white! We cleaned them last night in power clean & they’re white! [‘Power Clean’ was – and still is – one of the best products my father sold. I’m not sure what its active ingredients are, but it DOES do a great job on most things! It’s probably one of his best known and oldest in his product range.] Got science test mark – 15½/25 OH! OH! In german, doing work on adjectives an example was Elissa hat ……… schwester. [In English: “Elissa has  ______ sister”] and everyone had to add adjectives – told Jules some ‘o’ the words were nice, some bad. Are doing fantasy drawings in art – have to listen to music from “War of the Worlds” to help ideas. Wish we could do our own dreams, tho. Beach was good – overcast and cold, but warmed up. Went 4 that walk – everyone had to. (Puffed) only got ½ way. Speech was good, mima talked to me! about Bluelight, Brent, kissing Brent…….. At Geoff’s for National Trust Meeting – tired!!

Thursday 2/5/85 

A Life in Words

TODAY WAS THE DAY!! I GOT MY BRACES OFF [In my original diary, this text was handwritten over three lines. Excited much?] Looks so different (my teeth are too nice for my face!!) [Hmm, there’s a glaring hint about my degree of self-love] Feels funny, like I have wax over them – they’re so smooth! Penwarden, Jenny, Petra, & Marney & Noela didn’t notice at first!!! (Dunno how they could’ve missed it) Beka found out at school in maths today I wrote it on my maths book & she saw – she knew but didn’t tell. Big Yr9 fight today. Anna cried co’s anne & agnes hate her 4 spending so much time with Praybon so she told him she wouldn’t hang ’round. How sad. Paid money for German Camp. Robbo’s (- Peta had work) came for tea left 8:45. I did get my english letters done. Bed at 10:00.

Friday 3/5/85

Today – I liked this day very much. Woke early – teeth feel like I’ve still got braces, but are covered in wax. Hardly anyone noticed my teeth, without my help in making them notice!! Fiona knew (straight away, almost) that I was lying when I wrote that I had Larangitis. [There was never any ‘pulling of wool’ over her eyes.] Double religion was boring (but Tim’s in Anglican too) think he was watching me, sometimes. English did spelling & handed in. Finished painting plate. Must do 5 articles in clay over weekend. Cross Country Run I came 23rd in age group & 2nd in age group for Trinity. [Well this is a surprise to me… I didn’t think I could run.] Went with Deyanne. Lucy was 2 far behind 4 her & Fi & Beka were too far ahead of me. Got home quite early slept! (about 1hr) Yacht Club 4 drinks then take-away pizza at our house. Watching movie – weird. Lateish nite.

Saturday 4/5/85 A Life in Words

Woke 7:00. Lazed till 7:30. After Brekky watched TV till ’bout 10:30 when started HW. After “Air waves” [a locally produced TV music video programme], finished maths & all HW, then got clay down from “attic”. Was hard – dismayed me. Won’t get my clay work done, now. Made some more bracelets – another bead one, and a safety pin one. Countdown taped most songs. Julia left for Catherine W’s party 5:30. Watched TV. Am watching movie, now “Tim”. I reckon the ‘movie season’ has started. Good movie last nite, 2nite & “Voyage of the Damned” 2morrow nite! Yesterday I thought mima would come ’round 2 c my teeth cos’ when she waved on her bus I pointed 2 my teeth & she got really excited. But she didn’t come. Shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Sunday 5/5/85

Woke 6:00. Read ‘1984’ till about I don’t know when! But went to Raintrees Sunday Markets & (shame’n’shit!) guess who was there? The one & only Master R, himself. Tried to dodge him much as possible, but at the National Trust stand, I was under the impression he was trying to be seen. He’s grown one hell of a lot taller – brought up some old emotions oh! & of course Julia embarrassed me in front of him. SHAME!! Rest of the day, finished ‘1984’. Around 4:30, bathed (& shaved) ‘Nother late nite – at Dianne & Kerry’s. Watched countdown. Saw footloose on video.

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