My Very First Perm (13-19 May)

Monday 13/5/85

Good to see Tim again – I mean, he’s a hunk. Sometimes wonder ’bout Steven. Bluelight’s on 25th. Rang yesterday. Wouldn’t stop talking ’bout camp. “Putted” around all day & often began talking about it during conversations. It was a good camp. Am bugared. Just rushed my art cos’ this arvy, met mima & fiona when we were at the hairdressers for jules. Went to mima’s. Were going to go to aerobics. They did. I couldn’t cos of periods. Dad bought [bike] tyre back. Can ride Wednesday, now! (Tim rides 2 school) wore jumper all day. Was cold & rainy. Haven’t missed out on 2 much work….

Tuesday 14/5/85

Getting heavy in my periods. Was lucky today that I didn’t bleed on my skirt. Must take 1 pad to skool & change daily at BIG LUNCH. Giggly, stupid mood in double science. Was cool enough to wear jumper all day without sweating. Watched bit of the german camp concert on video at Big Lunch – can’t really hear anything. Are going to ride to skool tomorrow. My bike is better, now. I cleaned it this arvy, oiled and pumped it up. Am gonna try another tampon tomorrow – see if I can go swimming. Mum went to opening of ‘Korvette’ in the Boland Centre. Got me a black, white’n’red checked flannellette shirt. Is great!! A Life in Words

Wednesday 15/5/85

I’ve made an important discovery about myself. I think I like fiona more than Jemima. It explains why I always try to make Fi guilty when she talks about the things she & mime do 2gether. I wish it was me instead of Jemima. Actually did it! First go! Slipped the tampon ‘straight up’! Easy! [EASY!] Yes, we rode. Justine & Beka had their reasons why not. Lucky it didn’t rain 4 us! we beat our bus by 5 mins. Short periods thank god! At swimming, went to loos – I changed tampon (easily!!) & went swimming!! Cold windy, big waves. Fun!! a little boring out of water. Riding home, wasted a lot of time cos’ left skool late – (we were shamed) Don’t know why! [And so I don’t know why now, either.] (At speech, I was only one – went in 5:15 Late!) Lotsa HW 2nite

Thursday 16/5/85

Got away with it this arvy. Had a feeling I should’ve changed tampons at lunchtime but didn’t. On bus went a drip or 2 thru’ skirt – only Fi knew. Got off bus with jumper round my hips! Had bath when got home. Wasn’t sore today [am guessing I meant after riding to school] – tired cos watched movie last nite. Cool today, too, but rain has pretty well stopped. At Geoff’s National Trust dinner. Am tired. Just finished BP HW. 7 Journals, Ledger & trial balance – & after that, my trial balance didn’t work out!! Worked catch up during lunch hour today. I hate science & it (& Mr ‘It’ Howy) hate(s) me. GOOD!!! Poofter!! Am buggared. Can’t remember anything else.

Friday 17/5/85

I took today off and GOT MY HAIR PERMED!! Woke too tired to do exercises. Was going to go to skool, but trouble with BP HW got me in a bad mood, so stayed home. [I wouldn’t’ve thought mum would have allowed me to stay home because of a homework tantrum.] Mainly watched TV. Attempted HW (BP) but still couldn’t find how I lost $2 in the trial Balance. 1:00 – showered & by 1:30 was getting hair washed at the hairdressers. came as a shock, but I think I’m used to it now. Julia & mum think it’s nice – a ‘classic’ bobcut. At home, hurriedly cleaned my room when dad came – hastily dressed & packed. At Freshy Creek anthony laughed at my hair. Too bad! Freshie Hotel 4 drinks – then Roger’s for movies. Nellie & Amanda think my hair looks nice (esp. Roger) & all the other hash people. Movies were funny. Slept a bit thru’ one. Am tired now – is 2:00!! Nite!

Saturday 18/5/85

Woke quite early – lazed ’round ‘n’ watched TV, till went to town with Jackie, Jenny, Anthony & Julia. Went to Boland Centre – ‘Korvette’ GOOD VALUE!! I reckon – cheap!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!! Walked back to work at 12:00 (after got an ice cream & running into Toni & Angela who thought it looked ‘great’ & ‘made me appear about 20yrs old!’) [Evidence that looking older when you’re in your teens is more desirable than looking younger.] Worked $6 for dad only $4 to pay back.[My guess is this is the remainder of the debt for the lost $20 from the grocery shopping incident a couple of weeks earlier] Back at (flat/House) had lunch, lazed & did nuthing. Potted a plant. eaten alive by midges. Anna B. was at Korvette today too, but didn’t see (or perhaps recognise) me! Jacki away 4 nite. Bonds over for drinks. Jules & me in water bed till they leave. Then going to crash in lounge.

Sunday 19/5/85

Woke late today – good long sleep last nite. Had brekky of egg, sausages & muffins at 10, then packed and went to Cairns vs Trinity Hashes cricket match. Boring till after lunch when Trinity ‘Flash’ Hash Fielded. I did a bit, but sat out later with Jenny on field border. We lost, but everyone in our Hash knew the others cheated. At home, showed Jenny, dad & anthony Easter piccy’s ‘n’ they took them. Watched Countdown awards (Fuck-the-pus Duran won International Act) [there was a great Duran Duran-Wham! fan rivalry and I was, as earlier evinced, definitely a ‘Whammie!’] wonder wot people will say ’bout my hair 2morrow. Hope I don’t get teased!!

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