Plasticine & Perm, Part Two (20-26 May)

Monday 20/5/85

Lotsa people liked it! (Or said they did, anyhow. I think Tina S. did cos’ she kept saying things all day & Lucy kept looking at me with a smile on her face.) Fi said it was different. Almost everyone got a ‘shock’ when they saw me! Missed out on heapsa BP HW. Is late. I’m tired. Went to aerobics. mim & pol weren’t there cos’ they had hair appointments. Fi had to ride home ‘n’ most of the streetlights in Freshy were off – noone knows why. Aerobics was good. Went to Annette [hairdresser at the local Freshwater Salon] – got another hair appointment. My hair’s top bits are straight again cos’ they’re sun bleached – (when they’re sun bleached they lose their elasticity so I’m gonna get the top re-permed. Is 9:45 Wanna sleep! Nite!!!

Tuesday 21/5/85

Was colder today – looks like we’re in for a cold winter this year! Boring day today. Today after PES, Rachel (D.) held Fi back (Fi told me this later) & said “why doesn’t Elissa become a model? She’s tall, got a good figure, nice hair & is good looking.” FLATTERY!! A Life in Wordsand to think I thought she didn’t like my haircut!! Made Fi some little things to give her during tomorrow till I give her her prezzy at speech (Not riding 2morrow) out of german plasticine – FIMO which is hardened in the oven (it is there rite now.) Am tired – my eyes are stinging. Gonna check on those plasticines.

Wednesday 22/5/85

FI’S BIRTHDAY!! Angela & Ms Stevenson’s too! She & angela & ms stevenson were skinted!! Angela & Fi in form talk & Mrs Stevenson in our BP class & Fi’s typing class. Those 10 things I made Fi, I hid in her belongings during the day & she got surprised!! My BP test I only got up to half way thru’ the balancing of the ledger a/c’s. Windy & cool at Beach. Went for a ‘quik dip’ and sat ’round till had to go for a walk. Bus came early with all the squash people on it, too. Our bus came late, but when it did come Tim was on it. I thought he liked me, but he doesn’t even know me. Pity. I think I really like him. Na probably not. At Dianne & Kerry’s mum’ll come soon – she’s at Geoff’s Nat. Trust meeting. Am tired. Gotta science test tommorrow.

Thursday 23/5/85

Didn’t learn 4 science, after all (not much) but thought it was pretty easy. Cool again, today. No other skirt but my PE, so my legs were bared to the cold. Boring today. Stayed in most of lunch hour doing art. Little rainy today. At home, rode to shop in a misty rain which (when going fast) stung your eyes. Bought m&m’s & a big packet of mixed lollies. & on way home, who should spring me, but skinner. Gave him a musk stick. Didn’t feel like doing HW, so did necessary stuff, then made an ‘apple’ badge out of that ‘FIMO’ stuff. AM gonna take it out now. A TEAM is finished. Nite Nite!! A Life in Words

Friday 24/5/85

Hate. Boring – Yuk. Wore little apple brooch or badge to skool – but gave it to Angela as a Birthday present. Will make others for myself. Bored today. Fiona was gloomy, made me feel tired & gloomy. Going to town tomorrow – me, Lucy, Justine & Fiona. Didn’t think Fi’d come (cos’ of mima) but she rang me tonite, saying she would. When I got my hair re-‘pazazzed’ mima & fiona came to shop ½ way through. Waited till it was finished, too. Anette didn’t blo-dry it, so it looked Revolting. Looks terrible when it’s wet. Mima & Fi tried to reassure me it was nice but I’ve the feeling they didn’t like it either. Late-ish nite.

Saturday 25/5/85

Time in town went too fast. Fiona bought black shoes & I bought black earrings & lip balm out of the $10 I waz s’posed 2 use on a shirt/jumper/jacket for winter. (But wot can you get out of 10$ these days?) [HA! What can you get for $10 THESE days?!] Saw mima, Fran & Erica in town. At home, moped around, then mima & fiona came around, Got out the FIMO. Beka came ’round. After FIMO cooked, pigged out from the shop, moped around, Beka left & we went to mima’s. She complained about how her outfit looked stupid (but didn’t). I raced home at 5:00 & had a shower. Just starting to put on make up when Lucy came. Beka picked us up at 7:00. Bluelight was boring. Back was good – legs were bad. Mark R. was there – I saw him, he saw me. Sean M. was there, but I didn’t see him (Justine thinks she did) Anthony & Jaqui were there too. Tart. I hate her. [I can’t get believe how much I used such strong emotive words. Then again, I probably was more ‘highly-charged’ in my youth. Thank god I’ve mellowed.]

Sunday 26/5/85

Today was a big waste. (of time) Woke around 8:30. Grumpy feeling. Lazed around – Did nothing all morning. Finally got out my history and english stuff. Wrote 1 line in English. It was too hard. Didn’t do any HW after all. Had soup for lunch & spent all arvy using FIMO & playing with make-up. After Countdown had shower, pizza for tea & watched TV. Is 8:30 now. Would like to go to bed. Haven’t done any HW. Have at least science, Hist & German that I should have done 4 tomorrow. Goodnight.

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