Exam Fails, Crinkle Perms & Florence Nightingale (8-14 June)

Monday 8/6/87

Well, it’s 8:55 and I have not quite finished my biology study. Almost, though. I have done no chemistry or history of art study; so I’ll fail for sure. Did nothing besides study today (except break for a walk to the shop with Jules this arvy) But the reason I didn’t get all done was because I mucked around doing little things; wasting time. [Procrastination. It’s my forte.] sunny today. Am tired, but had 9hrs sleep last night. Wonder what time mark will get home tonight? I don’t think he’ll go to school tomorrow. Oh, these bloody exams! 3 tomorrow.. there’s no use. I’ll fail! Been thinking a fair bit (not much) but; I think Mark does get bored with me. I really do. Sometimes. I think he’s sick of me, or he’s afraid to spend time alone with me. I don’t know. I’d love to talk with him again, soon. A Life in Words(Fat, fat, fat! I ate a lot of crap today) Julia & I had a 100’s & 1000’s fight. YUKKY!

Tuesday 9/6/87

Ha, ha, ha! I failed chem. for sure.. could not do one thing (well that’s a lie: I got Q1 right!) But my bio study paid off!! I found (an otherwise hard) test easy . . and Hist. of art – I fluked (& cheated just a little) that will be easy enough to pass. So that was my day, really. Mark didn’t come, as I’d thought.. Keith told me he said at night “Wish I was home ..missing Elissa”. How beautiful! […hmm, how gullible…] I rang him (during dinner – so rang back ∼15 mins. later) barely talked at all – disappointing. [Not missing you so much now, huh?] He sounded tired. I’m glad he’s back. That’s 5 days I haven’t seen him. Oh, I thought I’d never make it! This arvy Cameron was at his dad’s – driving! (went past our house at least 10 times!) FUNNY!! Hotter, finer today. Wore my hair “crinkled” to school – twisted sections [and tied with rags, see the pic to left for an idea] last night- slept with them & this morning my hair was crinkly! Wore it in a piggy tail – looked horrible down, A Life in Wordsbut now it’s died down a bit .. looks good .. gives my hair lots of body. Am thinking of getting my hair crinkle-permed now! [Noooo! Perms are bad enough, let alone ‘crinkle’ …ugh, you just said it “looked horrible down”!] Skin is clearing up fast, too!

Wednesday 10/6/87

Well, Mark was very quiet today ..bored, he said. [And we all know what I would have been thinking, after Monday’s rumination…] So I didn’t talk to him very much… biology before art… big lunch, then a little at weight training (speaking of which, at aerobics I felt so good! Excellent workout! Sweaty, but I felt no aching or fatigue after it – just hot.) [See? It really isn’t that hard to make fitness gains.] Mark rang me tonight, however, and we talked a lot about careers, ambitions etc. he wants me to spend nights at his place on the holidays (if he doesn’t go to Brisbane – hope he doesn’t.) Wonder if ..if I’ll take the plunge? Go all the way? I’d like to, but it’s complicated [of course. And scary.]. .anyway. . I’ve done no HW: and my bio assignment is due tomorrow I’ll have to make it up & write it tomorrow. I’m riding tomorrow.. I think; mum bought me a padlock for my chain. A Life in WordsI’ll ride on my own; I don’t care – I need the exercise …I’m almost 65kg. That’s terrible! [Yes, disgusting! After all, at 176cm in height, that means you’re almost exactly in the middle of the Normal/Healthy Weight Range. Pffft.] I have to lose 10kg for the formal! (And for Mark) & the holidays!! [Isn’t it sad how susceptible we are to socially-imposed ideals? Or more accurately, that our Ego-based self-image can be so …weak? How did I think emaciating myself would enrich my experience at the formal? And would that really make my boyfriend love me more? (From memory he never once referred to my body in a negative context.) I can’t even begin to fathom what I thought losing weight ‘for the holidays’ would yield…] Oh I’m tired.. but can’t sleep in: it’s annoying. Got chem. mark – 6/30 TERRIBLE. Must spend a lot more time on chem. & maths… chem, mostly. have got to do well. [Ha!]

Thursday 11/6/87

I rode! Left at 8:15 (heaps of head-wind; shit!) got to school about 8:35! :Hot & sweaty & very “drained” of energy (tired) Mark came late. We got on quite (very) well today! My painting of him is (believe it or not) progressing very well! A Life in Words(ie: it’s not half bad) – in fact I’m bloody proud of it! He has not much comment on it! [Uh-huh. I can sort of imagine some reasons why…] After school, I waited for him at our area (giving my bag to mum) with Cameron: then we went to the bike racks- not there either. .walking back Mr. Stopford said he & Steven were in the gym. Cameron & I stayed (waiting) for about 30 mins ..then left (Mark & Steven kept playing & playing..) [playing and playing what?] Fairly speedy (hot!) ride home. Rang him tonight & we talked for ¾hr. Going to see Burglar tomorrow night. he said he would stay at my place on the holidays! (he’s not going to Brisbane – yay!!) WOWEE! Oh, I’m tired. Maths exam Tuesday, then eng then bio ..then chem (ugh!) then HOLIDAYS HOORAY!! Holidays soon! And I can’t wait! SO tired.

Friday 12/6/87

Got to school-Mark was sick. Barely talked to me before school.. double eng. boring & set ..he nicked off somewhere (Coles) with Steven during little lunch & didn’t talk to me at big lunch. I wondered if he really was sick ..sick of me only. [Definitely the theme for this week…] But after school, he said he’d ring me. I had to go by bus- just the afternoon I need mum to pick me up & she doesn’t: I had a gigantic masonite board with my painting paper taped to it, to take home. Ugh! Very tired today. My art (Mark is O.K. but I don’t know how to improve on it – what to do next – I’ve worked on his skin (facial tones) a lot & I’m afraid I’ll overdo it – but it looks a lot like him. Must get it finished.) [With an eye for detail, much of my art leaned towards ‘Photo-Realism’…] when Mark rang, we talked a little – it’s a headache – on & off again, but intense when “on” [oh.. talking about his sickness… I thought for a second this was a general comment on our relationship!] we decided no movies. And I went to his place. And played “nurse” & “maid”. A Life in Words[So totally NOT what you’re thinking!] Took him Mersyndol & by 10:00 he was drowsy. I left arond [not a typo; an actual spelling error that appears in my diary.] 10:30 – a little disappointed he was still in such a poor condition – so hot & very tired. I liked “comforting” him – like to do that whenever he’s sick in the future. [The ‘Florence Nightingale’ aspect of my persona…]

Saturday 13/6/87

A wasted day. I woke (very angrily) at 7:30 and could NOT get back to sleep. I watched the music shows & played the tape mark let me take home last night ..love the first song on Side A (one he wrote its words to me) It’s excellent! [I’ve included a YouTube link to it below… but read on first…] Anyway I looked blankly at maths revision sheets before ringing Mark around 4:00. Talked a little while – he’s no better ..poor guy – I don’t like seeing him so sick -head ache & cough. said he’d been popping pills all day, besides sleeping, watching a little TV. Keith was there ..he said he’d come around (to give me my biology sheets) very short stay -he looked terribly tired. Tonight I copied out my bio. sheets (a second one for him, you see – it helps me study at the same time!) It’s 10:40 now. Am tired, but plan to listen to 4CCR for as long as possible. Didn’t eat too much today! Good, huh?! Hope Marky’s better tomorrow – there’s an excellent movie (sunday special) on at the Capri.

Sunday 14/6/87

You should see the bags under my eyes! BLACK. I got about 7½hours sleep last night – not enough. It’s 8:35 now & I plan to get a good sleep tonight. I wasted the day, really. Did a little maths revision after Mark rang me, just before 2:00 (very short, pointless phone call. But he’s feeling 10 times better -only has a sore throat now- and told me [privacy omission] lost his license today – speeding silly! He might be able to use [privacy omission]‘s car (if he’ll let him) cos he gets his license in 2 weeks & [privacy omission]‘s lost his for 3 months! (+$120 fine) Goody- hope he can use it!) Before, I think I just listened to music (tape) & fiddled round with my HW diary.  . Oh! I know! I wrote out my bio. assignment yeah, really good! Mmm singing Alltime Lover all day – my fav. song. (mum loves it too!) [See below. Firstly I can’t believe I actually found it (because it’s not called what I thought it was called) and secondly, I can’t believe I liked it… it has to have been just sentimental attachment because… it’s really bad. The lyrics are up there with the worst I’ve heard. And mum? Oh my beautiful mum was a bit of a musical dag I’m sad to say. She loved Bucks Fizz – that says it all. And if you don’t know Bucks Fizz, don’t worry, you ain’t missin’ anything!] Oh wish it’d stop raining & get cold. Worked out my formal dress & hairstyle totally now. Can’t wait! Must try & do maths tomorrow – get lots done. Think I will stay the whole day. Maths is a bloody problem. Ugh. So’s chemistry. Bio – no sweat. English – yukky poo. UGH! Ate a bit more today. Depressing. MUST lost weight + tone up my disfigured leg! + TAN & blonde my hair

Diarrhoea, Dire Straits & Deprecation (31 March-6 April)

Monday 31/3/86

Gee, the days are goin’ slow. I’ve been “farting” all day and they’ve been of the most foul scent!! [… if this description is too much for you, quit reading this post now. You are about to be very well acquainted with the “Coxen Bowel Fetish” as my father refers to it…] I just watched TV (& tried to cut-down my eating→ not too successful) It’s 10:25 Gettin’ my hair permed tomorrow I think. (I have no booking yet) Actually I’m tired. And I can’t think of much to say. (A change, huh?!! Did I tell you on GOOD FRIDAY, Lucy rang me?? Yeah! It was great talking to her → she thinks she’ll be up in June holidays (can’t wait!) Think I’ll throw in the towel concerning my trip to Japan. I’ll never raise the required amount ($2200) And I want to go to Dire Straits concert (& buy clothes too → I haven’t done that for ages!!!!!!) Gee I’m tired And bored And getting VERY fat. UMAH.

Tuesday 1/4/86

Today was generally a BAD day. I went to work (did drums for 2 hours & got only $8.50) earned my piddly amount then left it there. Got shitty cos I felt “picked on” in the office by Jenny, Mum & Julia. At nana’s I had lunch, then got my hair permed → another mishap… Well, it’s not the perm, it’s just that Annette cut off too much of my hair (remember it was long on one side → short on the otherA Life in Words [see pic on the left, it was inserted here in the original text] like that. She cut off my long side, to make them even.) I spent a fair while trying to straighten out the perm (as well as crying) then when Julia came back from work, Dad had a great pick on me I decided I wanted to die when he left cos everybody hates me. All He does is pick on me [I can imagine teen hormones would have played their part in this emotional reaction but I was sensitive to criticism as well. I think I have managed to retrain my reactions now…] It’s 8:30→ I took a Mersyndol tablet for my head ache (getting lots lately). Made me drowsy now

Wednesday 2/4/86

I’ve had another bad day. I am sick (I don’t mean mad, I mean ill) I was awake almost all last night with headache & nausea. Vomitted only once. Didn’t vomit today → just felt tired, weak & depressed. Ate, too & I kept it down (all I had the whole day was 6 vita-wheats & piece of toast all with vegemite, a piece of toast with honey & a green apple.) A Life in Words[Dry toast, grated apple and flat lemonade were the standard fare mum provided when we were sick.] Still don’t feel too good.  Mum took us to Nana’s in the morning, then took me home & Julia & her went out to the Smithfield shopping centre. I watched TV. Julia got her Dire Straits ticket. I am so worried about my hair It is so different→ I hate it & I’m paranoid about about going places where people know I could see me. I HATE IT. I am tired. It’s 8:38. Hopefully I’ll get a full night’s sleep tonight.

Thursday 3/4/86

But, guess what?!! I got it straightened today! UNREAL huh?!! (Although I do feel very selfish and guilty about getting a $30 perm one day and another $20 perm only two days later. It was a total waste of $50.) AND I AM NEVER GOING TO DO IT AGAIN so long as I live – I’ve learnt my lesson. Spent today at home. Lotsa Diahorrea today – but it stopped late in the afternoon and I feel healthy & better again now. And I also want to go to Dire Straits now too. I rang Fi about it all but she wasn’t home (Stu didn’t know when she’d be home) so I rang Beka and had a big talk to her. Fiona said she would call me. But I had to & she wasn’t even home. That frustrates me. [Frustration meaning, upset due to feeling ‘forgotten’] 9:44. I feel better. Thats’s all I can say. I wish my hair’d grow just a bit faster tho. My main worry is that people (esp. Mark) aren’t going to like my hair…..

Friday 4/4/86A Life in Words

This has been the worst week of my life. Who needs Friday the 13th?? In a matter of 4 days; Tues, Wed, Thurs & Friday, I have wasted just about $80 and become ill. You see, I rang Fi, she was at Jemima’s. Polly rang me & invited me with them. Mum got me a ticket I felt healthy again (I still was dihorrearing tho’) and I went with them. Got there 5:45. Show started at 8:10 – but I was at Nana’s. You see – I got sick – didn’t think I could take 5hrs of standing up, so Fi walked me round looking for a phone; we had to go out of the show grounds to use one. Mum wasn’t home – Geoff wasn’t & Dad too. So I caught a taxi to Nana’s (and she paid him for it) Mum picked me up when I reached her at 9:15. I wasted time, energy, money & fun by going home before the concert even started. WHAT A JERK. I hate myself. Hate. Hate. I am a JERK 10:30 ← and I didn’t even see Mark. Did see Tina, Vanna & Sally.

Saturday 5/4/86

I slept right through again, last night – i.e.; didn’t wake once till the phone rang at 8:00 this morning & it was Dad asking if I wanted to work. I decided to. $27.70. Spent the whole day there so when I got home, there was nothing to do but watch TV….I think I am better, now. I had only the very least of stomach pains – 5 at the most & my poos (I only did 2) were looking more solid (or normal) My hair is quite wavy at the front. But I don’t mind too much. I hate it when it dries naturally→ then it’s really curly. I’m feeling better, tho. I was supposed to starve myself today to kill the germ but (another good sign) I couldn’t → I had an appetite!! I ate 1 chip, 2 Vita Weats plain, 1 plain crisp bread, 1 lolly, 2 pieces toast, dinner & a cuppa tea!A Life in Words Is 10:45. School soon. Hope Mark doesn’t hate my hair. Stupid, huh?

Sunday 6/4/86

I’m eating normally (I have my appetite back.) The problem is I get random pains and then do a poo which is not “runny” but “loose”. Understand? (Don’t blame you if you don’t) [Not enough information? Hang on, here’s some ‘real-time action’…]  Oooh! I’ve got one now; just wait a tick – I’ll go to the loo…. Did nothing anyway. [Oh, what a shame. So sorry to let you all down.] Pains, pains, pains…. I just realised how much school work I didn’t do over the holidays, today. I wanted to do all the rest of my english assignments (or at least, repeat my old reading one) + finish my biology assignment (still haven’t got all the flowers) And I was meant to do Chemistry study for our exam this week. It hasn’t quite yet dawned on me that tomorrow I will be starting school again and won’t be able to sleep in. 10:36. Am worried about my hair. If (YKW) will like it. I’ll hafta borrow Julia’s gel (I’ve none left) But at Dire Straits (while I was there) greg k didn’t notice it was different. Somehow I think Ykw will.

Plasticine & Perm, Part Two (20-26 May)

Monday 20/5/85

Lotsa people liked it! (Or said they did, anyhow. I think Tina S. did cos’ she kept saying things all day & Lucy kept looking at me with a smile on her face.) Fi said it was different. Almost everyone got a ‘shock’ when they saw me! Missed out on heapsa BP HW. Is late. I’m tired. Went to aerobics. mim & pol weren’t there cos’ they had hair appointments. Fi had to ride home ‘n’ most of the streetlights in Freshy were off – noone knows why. Aerobics was good. Went to Annette [hairdresser at the local Freshwater Salon] – got another hair appointment. My hair’s top bits are straight again cos’ they’re sun bleached – (when they’re sun bleached they lose their elasticity so I’m gonna get the top re-permed. Is 9:45 Wanna sleep! Nite!!!

Tuesday 21/5/85

Was colder today – looks like we’re in for a cold winter this year! Boring day today. Today after PES, Rachel (D.) held Fi back (Fi told me this later) & said “why doesn’t Elissa become a model? She’s tall, got a good figure, nice hair & is good looking.” FLATTERY!! A Life in Wordsand to think I thought she didn’t like my haircut!! Made Fi some little things to give her during tomorrow till I give her her prezzy at speech (Not riding 2morrow) out of german plasticine – FIMO which is hardened in the oven (it is there rite now.) Am tired – my eyes are stinging. Gonna check on those plasticines.

Wednesday 22/5/85

FI’S BIRTHDAY!! Angela & Ms Stevenson’s too! She & angela & ms stevenson were skinted!! Angela & Fi in form talk & Mrs Stevenson in our BP class & Fi’s typing class. Those 10 things I made Fi, I hid in her belongings during the day & she got surprised!! My BP test I only got up to half way thru’ the balancing of the ledger a/c’s. Windy & cool at Beach. Went for a ‘quik dip’ and sat ’round till had to go for a walk. Bus came early with all the squash people on it, too. Our bus came late, but when it did come Tim was on it. I thought he liked me, but he doesn’t even know me. Pity. I think I really like him. Na probably not. At Dianne & Kerry’s mum’ll come soon – she’s at Geoff’s Nat. Trust meeting. Am tired. Gotta science test tommorrow.

Thursday 23/5/85

Didn’t learn 4 science, after all (not much) but thought it was pretty easy. Cool again, today. No other skirt but my PE, so my legs were bared to the cold. Boring today. Stayed in most of lunch hour doing art. Little rainy today. At home, rode to shop in a misty rain which (when going fast) stung your eyes. Bought m&m’s & a big packet of mixed lollies. & on way home, who should spring me, but skinner. Gave him a musk stick. Didn’t feel like doing HW, so did necessary stuff, then made an ‘apple’ badge out of that ‘FIMO’ stuff. AM gonna take it out now. A TEAM is finished. Nite Nite!! A Life in Words

Friday 24/5/85

Hate. Boring – Yuk. Wore little apple brooch or badge to skool – but gave it to Angela as a Birthday present. Will make others for myself. Bored today. Fiona was gloomy, made me feel tired & gloomy. Going to town tomorrow – me, Lucy, Justine & Fiona. Didn’t think Fi’d come (cos’ of mima) but she rang me tonite, saying she would. When I got my hair re-‘pazazzed’ mima & fiona came to shop ½ way through. Waited till it was finished, too. Anette didn’t blo-dry it, so it looked Revolting. Looks terrible when it’s wet. Mima & Fi tried to reassure me it was nice but I’ve the feeling they didn’t like it either. Late-ish nite.

Saturday 25/5/85

Time in town went too fast. Fiona bought black shoes & I bought black earrings & lip balm out of the $10 I waz s’posed 2 use on a shirt/jumper/jacket for winter. (But wot can you get out of 10$ these days?) [HA! What can you get for $10 THESE days?!] Saw mima, Fran & Erica in town. At home, moped around, then mima & fiona came around, Got out the FIMO. Beka came ’round. After FIMO cooked, pigged out from the shop, moped around, Beka left & we went to mima’s. She complained about how her outfit looked stupid (but didn’t). I raced home at 5:00 & had a shower. Just starting to put on make up when Lucy came. Beka picked us up at 7:00. Bluelight was boring. Back was good – legs were bad. Mark R. was there – I saw him, he saw me. Sean M. was there, but I didn’t see him (Justine thinks she did) Anthony & Jaqui were there too. Tart. I hate her. [I can’t get believe how much I used such strong emotive words. Then again, I probably was more ‘highly-charged’ in my youth. Thank god I’ve mellowed.]

Sunday 26/5/85

Today was a big waste. (of time) Woke around 8:30. Grumpy feeling. Lazed around – Did nothing all morning. Finally got out my history and english stuff. Wrote 1 line in English. It was too hard. Didn’t do any HW after all. Had soup for lunch & spent all arvy using FIMO & playing with make-up. After Countdown had shower, pizza for tea & watched TV. Is 8:30 now. Would like to go to bed. Haven’t done any HW. Have at least science, Hist & German that I should have done 4 tomorrow. Goodnight.

My Very First Perm (13-19 May)

Monday 13/5/85

Good to see Tim again – I mean, he’s a hunk. Sometimes wonder ’bout Steven. Bluelight’s on 25th. Rang yesterday. Wouldn’t stop talking ’bout camp. “Putted” around all day & often began talking about it during conversations. It was a good camp. Am bugared. Just rushed my art cos’ this arvy, met mima & fiona when we were at the hairdressers for jules. Went to mima’s. Were going to go to aerobics. They did. I couldn’t cos of periods. Dad bought [bike] tyre back. Can ride Wednesday, now! (Tim rides 2 school) wore jumper all day. Was cold & rainy. Haven’t missed out on 2 much work….

Tuesday 14/5/85

Getting heavy in my periods. Was lucky today that I didn’t bleed on my skirt. Must take 1 pad to skool & change daily at BIG LUNCH. Giggly, stupid mood in double science. Was cool enough to wear jumper all day without sweating. Watched bit of the german camp concert on video at Big Lunch – can’t really hear anything. Are going to ride to skool tomorrow. My bike is better, now. I cleaned it this arvy, oiled and pumped it up. Am gonna try another tampon tomorrow – see if I can go swimming. Mum went to opening of ‘Korvette’ in the Boland Centre. Got me a black, white’n’red checked flannellette shirt. Is great!! A Life in Words

Wednesday 15/5/85

I’ve made an important discovery about myself. I think I like fiona more than Jemima. It explains why I always try to make Fi guilty when she talks about the things she & mime do 2gether. I wish it was me instead of Jemima. Actually did it! First go! Slipped the tampon ‘straight up’! Easy! [EASY!] Yes, we rode. Justine & Beka had their reasons why not. Lucky it didn’t rain 4 us! we beat our bus by 5 mins. Short periods thank god! At swimming, went to loos – I changed tampon (easily!!) & went swimming!! Cold windy, big waves. Fun!! a little boring out of water. Riding home, wasted a lot of time cos’ left skool late – (we were shamed) Don’t know why! [And so I don’t know why now, either.] (At speech, I was only one – went in 5:15 Late!) Lotsa HW 2nite

Thursday 16/5/85

Got away with it this arvy. Had a feeling I should’ve changed tampons at lunchtime but didn’t. On bus went a drip or 2 thru’ skirt – only Fi knew. Got off bus with jumper round my hips! Had bath when got home. Wasn’t sore today [am guessing I meant after riding to school] – tired cos watched movie last nite. Cool today, too, but rain has pretty well stopped. At Geoff’s National Trust dinner. Am tired. Just finished BP HW. 7 Journals, Ledger & trial balance – & after that, my trial balance didn’t work out!! Worked catch up during lunch hour today. I hate science & it (& Mr ‘It’ Howy) hate(s) me. GOOD!!! Poofter!! Am buggared. Can’t remember anything else.

Friday 17/5/85

I took today off and GOT MY HAIR PERMED!! Woke too tired to do exercises. Was going to go to skool, but trouble with BP HW got me in a bad mood, so stayed home. [I wouldn’t’ve thought mum would have allowed me to stay home because of a homework tantrum.] Mainly watched TV. Attempted HW (BP) but still couldn’t find how I lost $2 in the trial Balance. 1:00 – showered & by 1:30 was getting hair washed at the hairdressers. came as a shock, but I think I’m used to it now. Julia & mum think it’s nice – a ‘classic’ bobcut. At home, hurriedly cleaned my room when dad came – hastily dressed & packed. At Freshy Creek anthony laughed at my hair. Too bad! Freshie Hotel 4 drinks – then Roger’s for movies. Nellie & Amanda think my hair looks nice (esp. Roger) & all the other hash people. Movies were funny. Slept a bit thru’ one. Am tired now – is 2:00!! Nite!

Saturday 18/5/85

Woke quite early – lazed ’round ‘n’ watched TV, till went to town with Jackie, Jenny, Anthony & Julia. Went to Boland Centre – ‘Korvette’ GOOD VALUE!! I reckon – cheap!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!! Walked back to work at 12:00 (after got an ice cream & running into Toni & Angela who thought it looked ‘great’ & ‘made me appear about 20yrs old!’) [Evidence that looking older when you’re in your teens is more desirable than looking younger.] Worked $6 for dad only $4 to pay back.[My guess is this is the remainder of the debt for the lost $20 from the grocery shopping incident a couple of weeks earlier] Back at (flat/House) had lunch, lazed & did nuthing. Potted a plant. eaten alive by midges. Anna B. was at Korvette today too, but didn’t see (or perhaps recognise) me! Jacki away 4 nite. Bonds over for drinks. Jules & me in water bed till they leave. Then going to crash in lounge.

Sunday 19/5/85

Woke late today – good long sleep last nite. Had brekky of egg, sausages & muffins at 10, then packed and went to Cairns vs Trinity Hashes cricket match. Boring till after lunch when Trinity ‘Flash’ Hash Fielded. I did a bit, but sat out later with Jenny on field border. We lost, but everyone in our Hash knew the others cheated. At home, showed Jenny, dad & anthony Easter piccy’s ‘n’ they took them. Watched Countdown awards (Fuck-the-pus Duran won International Act) [there was a great Duran Duran-Wham! fan rivalry and I was, as earlier evinced, definitely a ‘Whammie!’] wonder wot people will say ’bout my hair 2morrow. Hope I don’t get teased!!