The Crown Jewels, a Dead Dog & a Sick Sister (27 May-2 June)

Monday 27/5/85

Hotter today. Sunny, too. Exactly the opposite weather to what we had yesterday. Gave brooches to Sarah, Justine & Lucy. Wore my own. At aerobics, Fi, mima, polly and Carla G. came. I moved away from mima so I didn’t flash, then they all kind of snobbed me off for the rest of the night. Legs are weak & wobbly. [Good, that means I was worked hard.] Got abit of HW done, just the essential stuff. Exams start Fri 7th June, stop 4 long weekend, then go on the 11th 12th & 13th. 10 days away! I have science & BP on Fri; English & History on Tues; Art, German & Maths on Wed & nothing on Thurs.

Tuesday 28/5/85 A Life in Words

Went to Earlville this arvy to see the Imitations of the British Crown Jewels. Gorrd!! Must be realllllllllllllllllly expensive!!!! Also got Dolly for June (is alright). and had a look at jumpers. (men’s). Found cheap diamonté earrings, too! Today, in English, was lucky that I didn’t get my go for speech. I haven’t done it, but I’ve got it started!! Periods 6 & 1 have been swapped on day 4’s & 6’s now. Walking to PES, Tim came out of graphics. We walked past with Erica. He acknowledged her with a smile & wave – and – a pang of jealousy hit me!! It can’t be!! (But it is.) I must love him (or have a crush) He doesn’t even know that I exist.

Wednesday 29/5/85

Fiona lied to me today. I rang her up this morning. She said she wasn’t coming to skool because she had a sore throat & headaches. Bullshit. She just wagged it to be with Jemima again. (Like they did last year.) At speech she tried to deny it. Also she said she wouldn’t ride but this arvy I saw her on her bike (while I was on the bus). Today went skating. Was fun but shameful!! I can’t skate anymore!! Didn’t see Tim all day, but Lucy told me she thinks he’s a snob – I’m starting to see a new light. Mini Olympics today were stooopid!! Stopped (thankfully) cos’ of rain. We’re not going to Cooktown anymore now cos’ mum’s realised how Important my exams are (for my Jnr. Certficate) Early-ish nite. Hardly any HW

Thursday 30/5/85

Today went to oval at Big Lunch to watch Anna play netball. Or did she? No, too silly to play a game. [NO idea what that is supposed to mean.] Sally, Michelle I, Michelle T & Rachel were all there too. God they’re funny! Tim was on the oval, too. Justine likes him, too & so does Sally. I think it’s true wot Lucy said – he seems like a “snob” to me, too. (in a way.) Hot today. Fiona had a temperature, but acted fine. selling my FIMO badges now [and there’s the little entrepreneur again!] (As soon as I make an opening batch) 60c ea. Natalie P, & Beka & Sarah & her mum have already ordered!! Am so tired. Want to work solidly this weekend. Mite ride 2morrow. Will ring Fi now.

Friday 31/5/85

JULIA’S BIRTHDAY. mum woke me early & I got cranky, But recovered quickly. “I” (mum) gave her a jewellery stand like mine & a note pad. She also got a white top & around $80 in cash; A record & bracelet & material doilies (yuk) from Amanda – her friend – & a little bag from Melinda. Sally B. was shamed today; Anna told us how Tim found out Sally liked him!! Good hockey game today, too. Got 7 badges made 4 sale tonite. Went 4 a long walk, too. Melinda is sleeping. Went to town. Julia bought some clothes & pr. of shoes out of some of her money. Leonie & Amanda & Janelle never came ’round after all. Want to do lots of HW this weekend if possible.

Saturday 1/6/85

Today was a waste of time for me. I woke, lazed, made 1 more FIMO brooch, bored myself – lazed – ate – mucked around with broken chains (& incidentally, made 2 necklaces!!) Bathed. Watched Countdown when Fi & mim took me to the shop. Home again – Julia vomited. She’s been off all day. (Max is dead) He was run over on Thursday. Poordog. I loved him like my own. [I have no idea to whom ‘Max’ belonged. We certainly didn’t have a dog at that stage and I can’t remember any particular neighbours’ or friends’ pets by the name of Max.] A Life in WordsBill, Mandy & Heath came 4 tea around 6:15. Cameron did not come (to my relief & more so to Julia’s) [My sister had a crush on him, and was painfully shy] Fancy 3 course tea. Am tired. Trying to watch this movie. Is a Repeat. “the fiendish plot of Dr Fumanchu” Got no HW done today

Sunday 2/6/85

Got hardly any sleep last nite. Julia kept waking up & vomiting I lost count how many times she was up. Worst nite’s sleep I’d had in ages. Today was a terrible day. I felt depressed & bored & a little off-colour & just…. different. Did History & science HW. No more Fimo things made. Running late 2 nite. Is already 8:00 & I haven’t bathed. Julia didn’t vomit today – was just cold, then hot etc, had a headache, sore throat & pains & numbness. I Ate quite alot, too. Fiddled around. Washed my face thoroughly when got frustrated over pimples. Am tired. Skool – oh good! I actually can’t wait!! Early nite 4 me. Julia’s staying home

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