Cold Weather & A ‘Stranger’ for Tea (3-9 June)

Monday 3/6/85

Warmer today. Cool spell has gone – is warming up, now. Pooey! Julia went to doctor’s. She has 2 throat infections. Will not be going to skool 4 the rest of the week. [My sister was often sick, compared to me. Tonsillitis was her ‘specialty’!] Mum wants money refunded 4 julias camp. I got hiccups in science. Couldn’t get rid of them – really loud! Annoyed Fiona, too. At home, I felt sick thought I was coming down with Julia’s Flu. It passed after dinner. Praybon dropped Tina & asked Anna today. She hasn’t replied. No wonder Tina was in a BAD mood in Art…. I told Fi I was going to aerobics & I couldn’t go feeling sick. I just missed her when I rang to tell her → she’ll probably crack 2morrow (unless mim went)

Tuesday 4/6/85

Today it got cool & I forgot my jumper … so I froze. Sold about…5 brooches earned only $1.60 cos’ paid back some people (Lucy & Beka) to whom I owed money. Did hardly any HW & NO STUDY. I must really try to cos’ these exams are important (mum’s not going to Cooktown now cos’ of them!) Anna isn’t going with Praybon yet, but in German, next to tina, she only talked about him. I didn’t know wot to say to her. [One of Life’s difficult moments.] Wizzed thru’ maths 2day. Got a whole ch. almost finished. Tim is a distant person, now. I hardly ever see him & least of all, he appears to not even notice me. Oh woe is me!

Wednesday 5/6/85

A Life in Words
Personally, I don’t see the resemblance.
But I’ll take the compliment!

Cold today. There’s a cold front moving up the coast, (according to Fiona!) Forgot (almost) about speech, but got there early – went to mima’s She was on the phone to Brent (Steven B. was with him) mima ended up setting up Steven with me (describing me to him etc.) Brent said I looked like Madonna!! But, cos I was getting excitedly nervous, she reset him with Lucy who had the guts to talk to him on the ‘phone! I’m sorry, now. [Some evidence of the shyness which those who know me find hard to believe I posses. Having grown up with predominantly female energy around me, merely talking to boys was an unnerving experience.] Started to study tonight, just a bit. But I must do more. Will stay late tonight. Got a book out from book room. TT#3 Mr (Fuckhead) Carter made me go out of archery into “field” for PES cos’ no one would volunteer. I can’t jump or throw for nuts. Fuckin cunt. [Whoa, HEAVY language. I had no idea I knew that word back then, let alone used it.]

Thursday 6/6/85

Glad I didn’t forget a jumper today ! (Not that I would have [well you did on Tuesday, Silly-billy]) I had it on all day. IT WAS COLD!! & tonite, doing study, my fingers & toes, I swear, could have snapped off! [Good to know that my poor circulation isn’t just an old-age thing!] Mad rush to book room after skool to get History & 2 more science texts. Also had art folder & 2 art texts to carry. Thought my bag would break! No lunch-time. Late out of BP & had to go straight into english for viewing test. (which I’ve prob’ly failed) Man came 4 tea [Well, this is random. The only man I could imagine coming for tea, whom would not need naming, would have been mum’s partner Geoff. It’s bizarre to think some other bloke might’ve come over and I didn’t say for what reason, or at the very least, mention his name.] Have still 2 units to go in Science. Probly another late nite. I must do well, now. Is cool …. GOODY!!

Friday 7/6/85

I think I got a high [achievement] (at least) in science and a very high in BP!! Science was quite straight-forward. I think I might have made  a few careless mistakes, too. (as well as in BP) My trial balance didn’t work out & I didn’t have time to correct it. Cold!! Freezing!! Is so windy!! Didn’t study at home this arvy – Just sorted out my books. Made Fimo badges.- 3 more – only just took them out – they’re burnt!! Just a bit off-colour. Forgot to put on deodourant today!! Dad was on local news [I wonder what for? I don’t recall, and:] (I didn’t see him – mima rang to tell me – also asked me to come up on Sunday to study) Watching movie about French Revolution. Magnificent costumes!!

Saturday 8/6/85

Today was a big waste of time. I s’pose I got a bit of work done (in art) but NO STUDY. Was cool – I ate one hell of a lot. (mint chocolate custard) Am watching movie. Is good. Listened to tapes today. Discovered I do like Duran Duran – well, their music, at least. But WHAM! rules!! My skin on my face has really dry areas – don’t know how to fix them up. Also, can’t stop squeezing pimp’s & blackheads on my nose & my eyebrows are too thin; I always pluck too much off them too.) Going to mima’s to study.

Sunday 9/6/85 A Life in Words

I went to Jemima’s. They weren’t there. I went to Fi’s. They were having brekky. We tried to study, but couldn’t. Went to Jemima’s. I tried to study, but couldn’t. (Ended up only doing Maths – a bit.) Brent rang once. Went home ’bout ½hr after a prank call. Got some songs on Countdown. Went to Diane & Kerry’s for tea. Watched “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy. FUNNNY!! Studied a bit of maths, too. Today mim told me that Steven doesn’t want to see Lucy, now. He thinks looks are 90% of a girl. [There’s a damn good reason NOT to be interested in a guy like him] Brent must said some terrible things about Lucy!! But I’m not even 2% good looks. [There you have it – another wonderful illustration of my level of self-love.]

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