Black Tights & Exploding Bubblegum (10-16 June)

Monday 10/6/85 [Queen’s Birthday Holiday]

Got all my history exams questions done. It took all day, however. Had a little trouble with maths. English & History exams tomorrow, though. My neck is out. Boring study today. ate little, but wot it was, was fattening. Is late; 9:30. Must go to bed, now. Don’t wanna run late tomorrow. Weather is getting warmer again, too. Wind has dropped a little, too. Julia had trouble studying, I tried to help her – but being stubborn, & couldn’t penetrate her skull. the dry patches on my skin are healing up! I think.

Tuesday 11/6/85 

English was a stuff-up. Totally mucked up!! History I was surprised how quickly I got it done, but I’m sure I’ve dropped in my ability to express myself correctly. Today was a ‘bad omen’. Anna has lost ½ tooth in her bottom row. Jay plugged a cockshuttle [!] (shuttlecock, I mean.) A Life in Wordsand it hit her in the jaw. The tooth ‘snapped’ & lodged in the gum of her tongue (underneath) Pain!! She got the nerve covered but has to wait till Monday for a cap!! OUCH. Weather warming up. Is 8:45. Must study. Am bugared too.Last exam day tomorrow. Wore my hair different today looks nicer

Wednesday 12/6/85

German-Ha!, Art Ha! Ha! and maths – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ge-stuffed day to-day! [‘Ge-stuffed’ = me taking the piss out of the German language] Rushed through maths didn’t do 3 sums. Our speech concert is on a Sunday – I think this weekend I need a pair of black tights cos our costume is a tuxedo jacket, white shirt & bow tie (with the tights.) Barely see Tim anymore. Anyhow, thinking about meeting Steven B!! Could be good! [After hearing the ‘Looks are everything’ attitude? How soon we forget.] Movie is on now. Might watch it cos’ my EXAMS ARE OVER! Will do my history assignment all day tomorrow. Want to ride to skool again, soon. I’m tired! Anna’s got a dog bite on her bum now, too (bad luck, eh?) It was that really pesky dog next to McI’s. Walking down the road it charged out & Polly ran – Anna stood still like you’re s’posed to but it bit straight through her skirt & knickers (leaving no holes in material, just skin)

Thursday 13/6/85

Got ½ a page of my history assignment done & I had 3 spare periods (ie the whole day!) I just couldn’t concentrate! This arvy I got off at Fi’s stop cos’ I thought mima wanted me to, but she just wanted to ask if Lucy was at school again!! Anyway, we went to the school (Freshy) and met Sandra, Lynette & Julie for a game of volleyball (Jemima’s found herself a volleyball.) A Life in WordsWas fun!! Laughed so much!! Left around 5:30. Watched TV all night. Haven’t done anymore History assignment either. Wanna watch Mike Walsh show…….

Friday 14/6/85

Maths is bad… I mean, not too bad, but I can let accounting go down the drain. [That’s right! I totally forgot I’d considered Accounting as another potential career path. I think because I loved money, balance and simple mathematics. Knowing accountants now I realise – at least in the Australian tax system – it’s NOT that simple.]  45½/70 ISN’T THAT DISGUSTING?? However, English made up 4 it 8¼/10. Overall % = 82.5. History 35½/50 (Fi failed History 19/50) Geez, I feel sorry for her. German I got 42/55 – not too bad!! & so far, in BP, I have 8½ marks off (she hasn’t finished marking.) Got off at mima’s today. Went to the shop, then to Mrs McI’s to discuss speech. Lucy was at school for  a little while, today. I told her everything. [What is this ‘everything’? I really hope it wasn’t about Steven’s ‘rejection’ based on ‘looks’] From shop, we bought this ‘magic bubble gum’ which EXPLODES in your mouth!! SNAP POP CRACKLE. Went to dinner at a restaurant. Was sooo tired & bored. Stared out the window

Saturday 15/6/85

A Life in WordsAte sooo much!! Was cool. Went to K-Mart in the morning to get black aerobic tights for the speech concert. Also got a sketch book &  some tampons. Wasted day. Drew. Did a bit of History assignment. WILL finish it tomorrow. Am watching the movie “10” with Bo Derek. Is so funny!! My hair has gone straight again, now. Few little waves But I used that Henna conditioner, & dried it; scrunched up. IS curly again!! But will probably straighten out when I wake up & brush it tomorrow. [So don’t ‘brush’ it.] Last night & the night before, both my dreams had something to do with skool. Last night’s was about me going with Steven B!! I don’t even know what he looks like!

Sunday 16/6/85

Today was another waste of time. I woke early and simply wasted all morning reading the Sunday papers. (Had 1 really big breakky, too) After small lunch, I did a bit more history assignment, but started to get ready 4 speech concert when mima rang. She rode here, then we left & met Fi at the school. IT was FUN!! Shameful [sure I meant embarrassing, not actually shameful] at times, I s’pose, but fun!! Went home after, (then Mima, Fi & Lucy went) & watched countdown. After looonnngg bath, watched TV. Haven’t done anymore History assignment! (So much for getting it done on Friday arvy. Mr V.S. always gives extensions anyway.

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