Frisbee, Trivial Pursuit & Toad Dissection (17-23 June)

Monday 17/6/85

Got 61½/70 for BP and 46/50 for art (92%) Made to do corrections for exam in maths which got me shitty. Last thing I wanted was my maths mark back. Started javelen in PE, too – Alan W. arms around me – big jock! and I didn’t enjoy “every minute of it.” Got my history assignment completed minus the conclusion will write out neatly tomorrow. Am tired. Want to ride this week – have to ask the others. No one is buying my badges anymore. Didn’t go to aerobics tonight. No more HW this week! Are cutting up toads in science tomorrow YUK!! might not be having a free dress day on Friday cause last time hardly anyone paid their 20c fee – SHIT!

Tuesday 18/6/85A Life in Words

Boring today – besides, we cut up toads. Sickening. I nearly spewed when they cut open the large intestine and all the poo & shit came out. YUK. Moody day. Went to oval at Big Lunch. Tim has left for holidays already, I think. I haven’t seen him in the past two days. Handed in history assignment – now no more homework! YAHOO!! Bluelight is the 29th (Sat. in the middle of the holidays) Don’t have much to say tonight! Are riding thursday, now. Played frisbee with Jules this arvy. Was good! Am tired. Mum’s going to Mackay on the Bluelight weekend in the hol’s. That’s great, huh? Could miss out on this one, too.

Wednesday 19/6/85

Anna dropped Prabon today and Natasha thought she was being a smart bitch, Firstly, Anna is ‘tired’ of Prabon… she doesn’t ‘love’ him anymore – she’s bored. He cried & swore so much when she told him. He even said he could feel he would do something stupid. Natasha has “Trivial Pursuit” and we played it in History. The Q’s are really hard, so on the bus it snidely commented, “Elissa, is my Trivial Pursuit game not good for you?” I said “why?” & she & her fiendish accomplice laughed. Happy day. Played frisbee again. Got 4 new bras. Taking 3 back (cup too small) & other one cup too big, but have to keep it. A Life in Words

Thursday 20/6/85

RIDING TODAY!! Was fun!! Justine was so slow. She must be unfit. Played Trivial Pursuit in History – it was Ainslie T’s. Hard – !!!!!! Most of the day I had my jumper off – it was hot. Prabon had an accident. Blacked out yesterday. Now thinks Anna is still going with him. But Anna thinks that’s all a big story to make her feel bad. [a ‘faked’ amnesia?] Prabon is “childish” and trying not to believe that Anna doesn’t love him. Tired!! Last Day tomorrow, WO!! Also the shortest day of the year, I think. I’m bugared. I have to go to sleep, now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to say something.

Friday 21/6/85

LAST DAY!!! Yo!! Fiona misst the bus – so I assumed she wagged it with Jemima. Report Card:- am generally happy – but want to do better in Maths, Art & BP wore different shoes, shirt & jumper – wasn’t roused on, but Anna had litter detention just for wrong shoes. Roffy never got to her, so she didn’t do it. Played Trivial Pursuit in most lessons today. Adrienne said “Have a good holiday, Elissa”, as I got off the bus!! I said “Thanks, Adrienne!” Also waved to Fran. [These were all ‘popular girls’ at school. I would’ve been chuffed about the attention.] Played lotsa frisbee this arvy. Am really gonna try hard next semester. Really hard. This one is most important. Will do better. Hope my holiday’s are fun – not boring & lonely.

Saturday 22/6/85

Today has been exceptionally cold. It is freezing, now. (we’re watching the movie) Expected 10ºC tonight – Goody!!! Today lazed around (did a bit of frisbee) until decided to go to Earlville to checkout the “ambition” sale, but Thorsebornes came to look at the house, just as we were ready to go. Didn’t go after all cos’ they left at 11:30 Spent most of arvy filling new photo album. Played some more frisbee & watched TV. Geoff came with Kentucky Fried Chook & Pizza. [Oh my god – BOTH of those poisons? Euch!] Yummy!! Lotto’s finished – movie’s on again. See ya!

Sunday 23/6/85 A Life in Words

When I woke up, I started writing a list  of all the pop bands & singers I could think of & I spent the whole morning (& a little of the afternoon) doing this, then typing them out. Then I had to dress for Chris & Gary’s party. It was boring until the guests left. (we watched a crap-shit video). We stayed for tea. Was cold. Walked to pizza shop (Yes, we did get to see Countdown) Pizza took ages. Picked out videos. God, Chris’s dad’s funny. He doesn’t have any shame either. Missed out on “Kramer Vs Kramer” because others wanted to watch video “Bachelor Party”. Was funny! The other one wasn’t so good: “Dr. Detroit“.

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