Corporal Punishment & a Lost Opportunity? (24-30 June)

Monday 24/6/85

Mum’s a bitch. She still resorts to ‘the belt’ to punish us. Funny, eh? Fucking hurts, though. I screamed the house down (or yelled, I think) [Wow, I don’t remember getting the belt at this age. That’s impressive!] Anyhow, went to town (Earlville, really) & wasted fucking $30. Bought on impulse a pr. white pants, then nervous about fit – took them back & got red ones. HATE them too. Also got a blue jumper. Mum’s kept it all now. I’ve still got NOTHING. Probly won’t get anything either. Fuckin’ mole, mum. [Liss, it’s not her fault you didn’t like the stuff YOU purchased!] Read dolly all arvy (new one) then watched TV. Played frisbee & watched TV again. Ate little up till tea time when ate whole tin of fruit & bowl of soup & toast. A Life in WordsGuts-ache [To clarify: I didn’t have a gut ache, I was berating myself.] (Mum told me to go to bed, so I’m staying up to watch MINDER!!)

Tuesday 25/6/85

MATTHEW McK’s BIRTHDAY 1 day old! Today I rang mima to tell her I have her basket from the speech concert & we ended up going to town. Was fun. Saw “Police Academy II” not too funny after all. Saw David L, Paul P, Ben P, Rebecca P, Sean H & wait for it …. Sean M. He’s gotten taller. Lucy is going to mima’s on Thursday. So is Brent. And Steven. He had his hair cut & bought new shorts for her. Mima’s nervous. She “knows her won’t like her…she’s so different to him”. Wish I was in her place. [Clearly regretting the lost opportunity. I detested my shyness – which, unbelievably to some, has plagued me all my life. It’s interesting how little attention I gave to the previous crush, Sean M. Over him, much?] Naaah Forget I ever said that. Late-ish nite tonight watching mini-series – LACE

Wednesday 26/6/85

A Life in Words
The Beloved Cardigan.
(This pic was actually taken in April ’86. My hair wasn’t short in 1985 & that’s not a Smithfield High uniform)

Went to town (Earlville & Westcourt.) At ambition, tried on red skirts – too tight, too thick material…. Did a little shopping, but finally got white cardigan from K-Mart. Has red stripes (double) around base, wrist cuff & neckline. Also around left sleeve in the middle. Love it. Watched TV the rest of the day. Ate one hell of a lot. Have decided to go on a diet after the holidays. I worked out the theory of dieting & have decided to do it for my FIGURE, not my weight. However if I lose 1 stone in weight, I should lose some figural fat!!! [Interestingly enough, I actually got that kinda right: ignore the scales, focus on how your clothes fit. But the word ‘diet’ – knowing I meant it in terms of ‘dieting’ – makes me cringe.] At Diane & Kerry’s while mum’s at N. Trust Meeting. Gonna watch a video later!!

Thursday 27/6/85

Did a big fat nothing today. Listened to music, made a cake, ate, played frisbee, watched TV. How boring can you get? Went to see Mandy around 4:00 today. Matthew is beautiful! So small compared to Heath – cute!! Mandy says she’ll go home next week on Tuesday. Today was Lucy & Steven’s BIG Day! Wonder how it worked out. Ready for Fiona’s! Mum’s going to Mackay this weekend on National Trust Meeting. Bluelight, too. So instead of risking it at Dad’s, I’m going to Fiona’s place. Fri night, Sat, Sun & Mon. Morning

Friday 28/6/85

A little homesick aLLREADY !! News has it that the BIG DAY did occur. ‘Good’ news – Steven hates Lucy (apparently she acted like a posh, spoilt rich bitch) & BAD news is that he’s off to the Bluelight with Anna B. Lissa, you can’t see a good thing when it comes, can you?? Today mostly worried about what to take/pack 4 Fiona’s. Watched TV & listened to music in between. At Fi’s talked, watched TV, got a little BORED!! Watched TV then after dinner went to Jemima’s. Polly & mim & us sat in a dark room singing all the songs we could think of. Going to town 2morrow & I have nothing to wear…

Saturday 29/6/85

Woke early. Very early. Went into town with Jemima, Polly, Anna & Fiona. Didn’t have anything to wear! Wore my new cardy. Went to mima’s after. Spent arvy plaiting Fiona’s hair. At Fi’s got ready 4 blu-light. Fi worried about top she bought – how she thought it didn’t match her trousers. It did. Blulight was a boring one. Yes, Steven is very nice & yes Anna & him hit it off well. Shit! My imagination had me thinking he might’ve liked me (at the beginning) but it soon came apparent that he didn’t – well, not that much. Lucy wasn’t there! Others [who?] left at 9:30 to go to a party. Fi & I talked to Andrea and Michelle T (Yes, normally miss snob!)

Sunday 30/6/85

Lazed around today. Woke late. Had late brekky. Played cards for the rest of the morning. After lunch went to mima’s. All (Polly, Anna, me, mima & fiona) decided to ride into town for an ice cream from “Sly Cones”.Was yummy. Had another one at Great Australian Icecreamery. Then we rode to Brent’s. Brent & Steven weren’t there, but Mrs G. (really nice cheery lady) invited us in & we watched a video. They came and about an hour later we left to ride home. Watched movie tonight “On Golden Pond”. Lovely! My 4th time!!

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