Show Hype & the ‘Oz for Africa’ Concert (8-14 July)

Monday 8/7/85A Life in Words

Lucy’s a little upset about Steven – she’s restless. There’s something bothering her. Ate a Mars Bar this arvy – great way to start a diet, huh? BUT…. played ‘get the frisbee off Julia’ which REALLY wore me out. Then I went to aerobics. Now I’m pretty well ded!!! Haven’t done any HW (great start to the new semester, huh?) or packed my school bag. It’s 9:00. Might stay up or wake early in the morning (← impossible!!!) Am weak!!! Everyone else has grown over the hol’s so I don’t stand out too much anymore!

Tuesday 9/7/85

Nana’s BIRTHDAY. Mum went to a clairvoyant yesterday (a friend of Duffy’s) It’s frightening how accurate she was!! (She taped what she told mum) Anyhow, she said that things are gonna pick up in every aspect – socially, health, fitness, finance!! Yo!!! The house will be finished..!! [Hmm, I don’t recall any huge changes in fortune, health etc…] Dad went & she said about Julia would have a job related to animals & I would be a nurse “or something more”. & would have many letters to my name (degree??!) [Well, as a Fitness Therapist, I do kind of fit that bill: in the health & wellness industry I care for people. And the letters after my name? Well so far I can claim “Elissa Coxen BA Dip. Fit” Does that qualify?] But I don’t wanna be a nurse or doctor or whatever…I want something to do with clothes. [No great surprise there. It’s fascinating that interests & passions can change so greatly in life.] Went to Nin’s for tea. Julia was shitty. No prezzy’s yet. Hilary said there’s a postal delay → walked near Tim today. Felt stiff Just kept walking fast – no smile on face

Wednesday 10/7/85

MY BIRTHDAY!!! Wot’d I get? So far, $90 in cash and 1 present from mima & fi, but it was a beauuuty. A mug with a ballon, a sticker, two biros, two mini butterfly clips, a toy tug boat & a rubber & filled to the top with boiled lollies YUM!! Ate so much today – disgusting. Generally a good day!! (can’t believe it cos’ I was at skool!) Robbo’s came over after tea. We talked & laughed!! Found out, too, that Steven B’s a Cancerian. A Life in WordsWas born on the 8th July!!! Julia told Fiona about Tim today. Tried to tell her I don’t like him anymore – somehow, I don’t think she believed me. Did a big runny shit. Now my anus is sore. [Hmm, brings to mind Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring of Fire”. This WAS a private diary, remember. I highly doubt I ever expected anyone to read this in my lifetime… My how things Change!]

Thursday 11/7/85

I don’t believe it!!! Jemima came to visit me!! On her own!! AND Fiona isn’t going with her, Brent, Steven & Anna after all [to the Cairns Show] (she must have presumed she was.) So I’ll ask her (mima said I should. She wanted to invite us, but thought it’d be boring for us etc) Also, am gonna “make a list” of all the people who’re going on Thursday night so we know who we’ll see!! [I’m not sure why, but I always had a fascination with how many & which people I would see at the Show. When I was younger I remember actually taking a tiny little notebook & pen with me and recording who I saw. To what end? I have no idea. Perhaps something to do with an un-expressed social drive?] Christian band performed at lunchtime. Man! I see God, freek me out!! Nah! Kidding!! Happy day today!! Believe it or not. COLD, too. Steven B. is a hunk!!!

Friday 12/7/85

Fiona’s happy she’s coming to the show with me – she told me how confused she was, not knowing whether she was going with mima or not, but now is excited and determined to stay away from Lucy, if possible. Lucy pesters me all the time saying “when’ll we go?” I feel sorry for her – but I just can’t stand her. Went late-nite tonight. Got a treadly pair of jeans $50 & a grandpa shirt $20 (couldn’t get red – so got white) love ’em! Also got 3 prs earrings for $5. Red & white & 2 prs black & white. [Red & white] are the best. Have $30 left. Wanna buy some shoes & nail polish, yet. can’t afford it! Am not in any events 4 carnival. I got out of it!! * I hope Tim goes to the show on Thursday & we run into him!!!

Saturday 13/7/85

Woke early (shit!). Dad came at 9:00. I worked for 4½ hours (cause there was not enough work for more money.) On the way home, got a Sly Cone & stopped at Megan Close house. Looked around – is filthy dirty & terrible colour schemes. WRECKED!! Came home and …. I dunno! Watch’d a bitta TV, ate. Now watching OZ AID concert. Goes from 9:00pm 13th to 1:00pm 14th July. A Life in WordsWant to watch it all!! Going out around 10:00 tomorrow. This is HISTORY, man!! And I’m gonna watch it!! [This was one of a number of musical ‘Aid’ events held worldwide to stimulate fund-raising for famine relief in African nations such as Ethiopia. The marathon concerts were held in a number of cities ‘simultaneously’. For information about the Sydney show, including a brief outline & schedule of performers/performances, take a look at this webpage: or Wiki-search “Oz for Africa”] Got $18 of money today, but Dad gave me $10. So now I want $3 ($2 to make $30 & $1 for entrance fee [this is all about the Show – spending money.]

Sunday 14/7/85

Went to bed at 12:00 last night. We couldn’t keep our eyes open! Decided that most of the good acts like Wham! Go West etc would be on in the daytime when more people would see them. Was wrong. Only just saw Wham! (one song), saw Madonna! but tears 4 fears & Go West weren’t even there. At 11:00 mum & Geoff went to lunch at people’s place. Nana looked after us. Around 1:00 petra came – went to park – talked ’bout show. Dianne & Kerry came around 4:00. Rang mum & Geoff they got here 4:30. Rest of arvy watched TV & scribbled in mags. Chook for tea. Played their Trivial Pursuit, shit it’s hard!

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