Hair Styling & Washing Machine Angst (1-7 July)

From here on in blogposts will drop back to weekly because we have caught up to a ‘chronological parallel’. In fact perfectly, from the point of view that the days of the week even correspond. Weekly posts will allow readers to keep up better (most of you not having time to log on daily) and give me some breathing space in the transcription process. I will post diary entries every Monday, to coincide with the first day of each blog. In other words, the next diary transcription will be posted on Monday 8 July 2013.

Monday 1/7/85

I’ve just realized that there’s now only 8 days till my birthday!! And, guess what – I’m not very excited!! I can’t believe it. Today mum rang early & said that they drove straight thru’ townsville & got home 12:30 last nite (or this morning) She picked me up (my stuff) & I rode home. then we went to work & picked up Julia. (Dad asked me wot I wanted 4 my birthday; Jenny’s car’s smashed (not her fault) & more trouble with Jackie) Got school blouses & skirt material. Spent rest of day reading Smash Hits’es & reading TV (watching, I mean!) Now am gonna have a late night. Feel like drawing.

Tuesday 2/7/85

Woke early to the sounds of the washing machine. Swore cos’ I couldn’t block out the sound to get to sleep again. Cranky day for Julia & me again. Played cards or watched TV or played monopoly or ate or read magazines. Petra came around early in the arvy & is now sleeping the night. We played tiggy in the park just before dusk, which tired me out. Am now going to watch the final part of the mini-series “lace“. Will be good. I think the first part was great, at least! I still think Steven B’s a hunk & I can’t believe what I missed out on. [There you have it – Regret as a result of disappointment in myself; my lack of courage in the face of Opportunity] Also, mum’s started making my school skirts. [Mum was pretty handy with a sewing machine. Besides other everyday wardrobe pieces, she made most of our school skirts for as long as I can remember, made soft furnishings for the house – including curtains, doona covers & covers for the entire lounge suite – and even into my 20’s she made some amazing outfits for me for special events. I’m beginning to think there was very little my Mum couldn’t do.]

Wednesday 3/7/85

Woken again by the washing machine & tried again, unsuccessfully, to block out the noise. Petra, Julia & I immediately began a game of monopoly (which Petra won) that finished around lunchtime. Ate HEAPS today. Feel so guilty. Rest of the day was spent in front of the TV or drawing. Quite boring & wasteful. BUT the big thing is there’s only 4 days until SCHOOL! OH NO. It’s not fair – not fair – not fair. I hate school. But, then, there’s only 6 days till my Birthday. Still, I’m not excited & keep forgetting about it. Man from Snowy River is on now (on TV) Is good. A Life in Words

Thursday 4/7/85

Another day gone. Another wasted day. I woke around 8:30. Breakfast, played cards, watched TV, ate, watched TV, ate, watched TV, ate, Petra came, played cards, ate, nana came, ate, went to park & played tiggy. Rachel from next door came over & played it, then Melanie, Jodie & Melinda S. Went home at 5:00. (while playing, bumped my shin twice in the same place on the rungs of the slippery slide. Now have a big EGG or LUMP. Hurts!!!!) Watched TV. Julia’s at Petra’s tonight. I’m having an early night. Want to diet back at school. Have put on 5KG [Hmmm, ‘Boredom Eater’ perhaps?]

Friday 5/7/85

ANOTHER wasted day. HOWEVER I didn’t eat as much!! I woke up & instantly began playing cards (patience) to occupy time. Julia came home at 8:00 then we watched TV. So I had brekky at 11:00. Watched TV. Had lunch at 12:00. Watched TV & helped julia style her hair. Watched TV & Petra came – played monopoly but Jules & her left (to do babysitting at our old house) is now staying at Petra’s the night. I watched TV & cleaned out mum’s middle dresser drawer (top) Found two love letters that Geoff wrote mum ages ago. Feel guilty cos I read them. Cleaned shower & basin while in bath. A Life in WordsAm gonna watch the movie MAD MAX I & hopefully the Dudley Moore special!!

Saturday 6/7/85

Another waste!!! God, this is getting boring, huh? Julia came home & told us the gory details of how our once-lovely house (Megan Close) has been wrecked by the monsters who bought it (I’m exaggerating) I also fixed my hair (kinda) like Madonna’s. Loaded it with gel. Looked good – felt terrible.A Life in Words [I remember this vividly. I was chuffed at how closely it replicated Madonna’s, but it really did take a crapload of gel to get it to withstand the forces of gravity. And one helluva lot of shampoo to wash it out as well.] Ate today. Watched TV. Experimented with make-up. And also bored myself to death. Wanted to ring Justine & talk to her about this “Steven B.” business (how he hates Lucy, Anna likes him & me too.) Decided my cover could be asking wot day it would be on Monday (though I already know it’s Day 5) BUT I tried all arvy. She mustn’t be back from hol’s (holidays) yet.

Sunday 7/7/85 A Life in Words

DAD’S BIRTHDAY. MY last day of Bliss (?!??) was spent drably (in a boring manner) as per usual. I ate, played cards, read old Archie comics & felt, tired, lethargic, fat, ugly, stupid, groggy…. But the thing is; I don’t know whether I like holidays anymore than school (which I HATE) cos’ on holidays I put on weight (this time – 5kgs) or/and get bored out of my  mind. Rang Justine – she was home!! She had a great holiday. Told her about Steven. She couldn’t really help. OH WELL… Am not excited that there’s only 2 days till my birthday. But once I get my prezzys… Dad got a camera from the W’s (Jacqui, Jenny & Anthony) & (get this) nothing from anyone else besides us & Nana. If he hasn’t got anything, I won’t either! BOO HOO!! [Oh you little Materialist!]

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