Ringing Ears & Pastels, Paint ‘n’ Paper Maché (22-28 July)

Monday 22/7/85

My english was a flop! Full stop! BUT!! My maths was a supa-dupa flop – I know I definately have less than 22/30 cos I didn’t (couldn’t) do 2 sums worth 4 marks each & also know I made a silly little error in a sum worth 1 m. Laughed at aerobics. Suddenly everything was so funny. Didn’t get to tell Anna to tell steven sorry about the show (Lucy, that is). Didn’t summon up the courage. [Thank God! How silly…] Am going to the concert tomorrow night! MEN AT WORK and KIDS IN THE KITCHEN!! WOW!! the best we’ll get up here!! A Life in Words

A Life in WordsTuesday 23/7/85

CONCERT WAS GREAT!! We got up the front – front row!! Numbers were disappointing too, though. Could tell the bands thought so. I really enjoyed it!! Am bugared, now. Gotta go to sleep quickly so I wake at 6:30 (Am riding to school tomorrow) But I don’t know for sure if Fi & Beka are. Justine isn’t. She-it! My ears are still ringing – sounds like a continuous note on an electric organ!! or synthesizer. Was hot at concert, while bands were on. Sweaty in the armpits. [Hahaha, I love this phrase. It’s not the first time I used it, nor the last.] Athletics Carnival started today (cos’ all the events won’t fit in one special day

Wednesday 24/7/85

Am stuffed. No joke – today I almost fell asleep in english! He [the teacher] was talking & I couldn’t remember a thing!! National Trust meeting so I’m only gonna get 6-7 hrs sleep tonight, too. Have a science test tomorrow – watch me fail that. Upset about maths. I have realized just how much I’ve dropped. I can’t ‘pick-up’ anything. What we learnt (in period 7) today, I couldn’t remember at 4:30-5:00 this arvy. I might need a tutor (but even the thought makes me feel embarrassed & angry.) I’m not dumb enuff! [Yes, that was the belief back in the day, that tutors were only for ‘dummies’. I am well aware that tutors are now valued by students of all intellectual shapes & sizes.] Anna went on a music camp 2day

Thursday 25/7/85

Another latenight tonight cos’ we minded Ben & Trent & they bought round Trivial Pursuit Is now 10:50!! Got maths back. I really did bad 19/30. And equally as upsetting was my english essay 12/20. (considering I’m normally a HA-VHA.) Am tired. Know I’ll be bugared tomorrow. Bluelight is on Saturday. Don’t think I’ll go – got nothing to wear. I’ll stay home & have a relaxing weekend, might catch up on some study. [Bahaha] Wonder what Fiona will say! Probably forget about me anyway. That’s usual. Cold is going now. Won’t tell anyone that I’m not going otherwise it’ll get back to Fiona & she’ll ACT “upset”

Friday 26/7/85

Today was a bad luck day!! (Although Mrs Anderson [my art teacher] wasn’t here, so I took my figure home to work on, for the weekend.) In art, I dropped a box of pastels & they almost broke in half!! Skint! And with the red paint, it would come out the specially punctured hole – so I pressed hard and the lid popped off – a great big glob of paint the size of my palm landed on my palate (of paint) And I was pointing out Gary B (who Julia now likes) & this toughie YR 9 – Emily – thought I was saying something about her so gave me a real dirty look Skint!! Geoff bought Trivial Pursuit!! stayed up till 1:30!!

Saturday 27/7/85A Life in Words

Today did  mostly HW today. Played Trivial Pursuit when we woke up. (Mum went down to the shop, so I gave her money to buy a block of fruit & nut chocolate which I ended up eating this morning) My history HW bored me so I didn’t finish it. Tomorrow I will spend on my art. I must shape it’s forearms, ankles & calves, and head & neck, then put hair on it. [I vaguely remember making this paper maché ‘model’] Then maybe, I can sit down at the sewing machine & make some baby clothes – I’ve just discovered the ease of using it again & have an urge to sew!! [Why baby clothes?!?!?] Playing Trivial Pursuit now. Will not have such a late nite 2nite. Got only 6½ hrs sleep last night! // was cranky & tired today [Any wonder, consuming that mass of sugar & trans fats early in the day?]

Sunday 28/7/85

Another late night last night. Geoff came & played Trivial Pursuit (Julia was at Bluelight) & his game with mum was so short that I thought I’d play the next one. It took 2 hrs, I think. Today I worked on my art figure – glued on more newspaper & hey presto!! It’s head looks normal! Filed away bumps & painted it again. Also stuck on thin brown wool for hair – looks great now! Only have to put a face on it. Petra came round I ate quite little believe it or not!! Thank God skool again! I mean, I like the routine – nothing else!!!!!!!!

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