Swearing, Hitting & Falling off Bikes (29 July-4 Aug)

Monday 29/7/85

The best piece of news I could have gotten today (besides winning the lotto, or something) was that Steven doesn’t like Anna. Not hate (like he does Lucy) I think!?! (I hope – nah!) but just doesn’t like enough. I like him enough! Didn’t got to aerobics. Was supposed to (starting today) jog at the park to lose weight. A Life in WordsDidn’t do that either cos’ got my Dolly. [The ultimate procrastination!] Didn’t get haircut either cos’ Annette was booked out (I’m going Thursday, now.) But today when I told everyone how I wanted my haircut – most said they like it the way it is now. Tina got frantic when I told her I wanted my fringe trimmed. She said “if you get your fringe cut, get it cut up to here.” (whereupon she pointed at her scalp.) She also stated that she didn’t like Anna’s haircut (when fiona told Anna, they all said they hated her but I didn’t.) Also today, my neck was sore. Think it’s out of place.

Tuesday 30/7/85

Deodourant wore off quickly today. Is starting to get warmer. Also 2 nails (the longest on my left hand) were broken at lunchtime. We swore (on the oval) to hit each other each time we swore. Everyone hits me all the time. If I hit fiona cos’ she swore, Lucy’d hit me. So if I swore fiona’d hit me, I’d hit her back & she’d hit me again & so on. Riding tomorrow. BP test tomorrow. Maths WESTPAC competition test tomorrow. Sports day on Friday. Think my ears (earring holes) are infected

Wednesday 31/7/85

At “last minute” Fiona rings to say she can’t ride cos’ her Dad’s sick & her mum went into the shop instead so she had to help Stuart get off to school & get Da’s breakfast. So just me & Beka rode. It was a bad luck day. On the way to school, I slipped off (over) my bike on gravel & grazed my hand & knee (left). Westpac Maths Competition – I’ll be lucky to get 50/100, BP I think I will fluke most of the answers & worst of all, on the way home, BEKA had a prang on railway tracks. She hurt her knees, knuckles & head. (much worser than me) Went to the “Dunstan’s” for tea. Yummy! (Ate heaps! Watched walt disney shows on video)

Thursday 1/8/85

Late night last night. Got about 7 hrs sleep, tho’.. Haircut not trim & it looks stupid!!!! No joke. It is shit & couldn’t find any plain, white sandshoes.A Life in Words I mean wat’s the world coming to?? No plain old (good ole) sandshoes. Unbelievable. Sport day tomorrow. Will have to wear my white leather ones. Gonna wear something in my hair to cover it up, too. Wish I could re-run today. Hated it. Ian C. called me ugly again. Dunno if he was joking or not, but it does hurt you to be told to your face how ugly you are. [I have tried a number of times to make a comment here, about this but it really speaks for itself. It demonstrates well the power of words, even if harmless in intent, as I know this would have been. As children we can be oblivious but as adults we need to choose our words wisely, since none of us ever knows what is going on in the minds of those to whom we direct them. Having said that, it is Human to err so we need to exercise tolerance – and forgiveness thereof – for “sins committed against us”!]

Friday 2/8/85

I’m cold at the moment – not. I’m not, I jest feel as if it’s cold (it is) Like not cold, but my teeth chatter a little bit. Carnival was good. Got  burnt on face, legs & little Δ shape on chest where shirt was. [Except that that triangle would have been upside down, wearing a V-necked T-shirt] Sunny. Excellent weather despite the wind. Tim S. is Trinity. Jeez, he’s a fast runner!! 1st in his 100 & 200 m races!! Anyhow, we won again!! 3rd year in a row!! Clifton 2nd, then Ellis & Kewarra. Am bugared. now. watched movie. Going to sleep at Lucy’s tomorrow 4 her birthday party: I dunno now who I like better – Tim or Steven!!

Saturday 3/8/85

Woke up & decided to HW. Did not get any done. I don’t know why!! But, as I started to get rid of (using my depilatory cream) about 4 weeks growth of underarm hair, mrs b. pulled in at our place. So with a tissue & plastic scraper, ridded myself of the yellow gunk. (I ended up shaving off the hair at Lucy’s) So, around 1:00 I packed my bags and went to Lucy’s. Not long after I arrived (about 15 mins) Beka came then about 5-3 mins after her; Fiona. We talked most of the arvy away – confessing wot we liked & hated about each other. (Won’t explain that!) Watched a little TV. Mr W. went out about 6:30 & [at this point, I’d filled the available space, so continued over the page and ran the entry straight through into Sunday’s…]

Sunday 4/8/85

we cooked our own tea. Late nite, too. was about 1:30-2:00 before we got to sleep. Played some games in that time. Was cold when we went to sleep (Mr W. came home about 12-1:00) Slept badly – kept waking up to the cold & wierd little dreams.Woke 8:30. Left 9:30. No breakfast there – just up!! clean up!! get dressed!! & go!! (Mr W. was at church.) so, at home today, bludged. S’posed to do HW, but didn’t. Played with makeup. Went out to give dad something & we (Jules & me) got our birthday prezzy’s from Papa $20.  (and mine from Jenny – a fake pink crystal necklace orrright.) feel so guilty cos’ I was angry at Papa for not sending a prezzy. but paid no consideration to the 2 heart attacks from which he has only just recovered. [At least I know what ‘remorse’ is] Edna his new wife looks kind & funny (I mean humorous in personality.) Also went to Nell & Amanda’s. All of them think I’m pretty. If it’s true, why is there no proof (boyfriends)?? [Ah, the complexity – or impossibility? – of answering a question such as this…]

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