TAFE Excursion & a Fat Lip (12-18 August)

Monday 12/8/85

Better with Fiona, now. Not best – just better. (I don’t think Jemima likes me much tho’) Anyway, was surprised how I didn’t get jealous or anything when I asked about fete. Was funny!! Cos she told me wat Natasha & Rebecca P. did to them & how she danced with David S. etc. So was good. Got ½ english essay done & ½ way thru, have decided to do Q1, instead. I’m not starting again, tho’. What I wrote (½) of Q2 will do 4 the whole of Q1. (I hope) [Confused? Good, so am I…] (I’ll see HIM [my english teacher, I assume] at skool – probably won’t like it. Shit!) Didn’t go to aerobics. Did no HW, too. Glad to be back at skool – routine!! Don’t see Tim much; lost interest I think, now I know who he likes….

Tuesday 13/8/85 

Almost normal with Fiona, now. But I think how we are now is how we will stay. Very friendly but I’m not as “pushy” as before. Went to Mr Van today at lunchtime. Major/minor changes to essay. He thinks I’ve answered the question but my expression is not quite correct in some places. Tomorrow we’re going on the excursion to TAFE College. (Career Education) Wonder if we’ll have to wear our black leather shoes??! Hope not.A Life in Words American exchange student coming next Friday (23rd) Can’t wait!! Kim D. I think her name is…. Oh! Also, I’m on the Mulgrave Camp! I was selected (my name was first girl’s read out.) Along with Fi & Justine. Initially, Tina wasn’t & Angela R. was  – but Tina’s swapping with Angela cos’ she dearly wants to go. Angela can go with Toni on Tinaroo

Wednesday 14/8/85

TAFE excursion was – boring (got a whole lot of pamphlets 4 the fun of it.) [I’d never do that now – paper wastage is an environmental travesty! Don’t even try to give me a plastic bag when I’m shopping…] Went on same bus as Tim!! At school, after big lunch, spent last two periods on parade. Teachers explained to us subject choices open for next year. I dunno quite what to do. Tonight there was a whodunit movie (don’t ask me who the murderer(s) was/were – too hard for me!) Am tired. Aching. Think there’s more growing pains in my legs. Shit- (At TAFE guys whistled at all us girls) SKINT!!

Thursday 15/8/85

Today was not good. I’ve never been to the office more than once to see about sores/sickness. First, at parade my top lip was itchy (under the skin) so I scratched it & it swelled, in fact, in BP it almost touched my nose!! So went to office. Got calamine lotion which didn’t help. [Weird. I never discovered the cause of this freakish reactive condition.] A Life in WordsThen, after P.E., (we were made to run relays, 4 x 100m.) I was SICK. Carter (STP!!) wouldn’t let me out. [I’m guessing STP stood for ‘suck-the-pus’ coz that’s the only phrase I can recall using around that time, that would fit that acronym] In history didn’t write notes (dictation) just rested but I was weak, trembly, sick & had a gigantic headache. Spent ½hr in the sick bay. [I might hazard a guess and say that many of those symptoms I describe could simply be the result of a really good, hard workout – an out-of-the-ordinary, intense  physical & neurological challenge, catapulting me into the Fight-or-Flight response I so rarely experienced as a relatively sedentary kid…?] Alright after that (Tina isn’t allowed on the Mulgrave Camp, still.) Wunda why?

Friday 16/8/85

Saw Jemima yesterday. She was well. Diff’rent I think, Anyhow: today was better today (huh? that’s sounds abit funny.) Gonna work tomorrow. Might even clean drums. God today was boring. Absolutely NOTHING “notable” occurred. Anna has a new haircut. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. It looked better before & even better before that. Periods finished, I think. Thank god. Hope I don’t get them for camp. Got a list of things I’d like to (want to) buy for summer (& camp.) One is a nightshirt to sleep in. This one I nicked off mum is too short now.A Life in Words I’m growing too fast About 5’8″ – 5’9″ (175-180cm) Big huh?

Saturday 17/8/85

I may as well write my diary now, save writing it out tomorrow. [That is, playing ‘catch-ups’…] See, its about 12:15 (we’ve just been to Dianne & Kerry’s. Geoff’s mum’s there.) We stayed playing Trivial Pursuit. It was boring. Am dog tired. Also have to do HW & english essay tomorrow. Earned $21.25 today. Kept $10.25 & gave $11 to mum to bank for me. Can’t wait till I can spend it!! Can think of so many things to buy. Cleaned drums & labelled today. It [10L chemical drum cleaning] isn’t too bad after all (x-ept that you get everything wet (well I do)) [oh and maybe get a little poisoned by the toxic chemicals I was rinsing out of them?] Didn’t eat much. Had a sly cone (yogurt tho’) & desert at Di & Kerry’s – still, must lose.. 6kgs I worked out. Keep going Liss

Sunday 18/8/85

I feel a strange kind of freedom. See, I got all my Homework done before 2:00! [a feeling I haven’t known many times in my life: I am usually a ‘last-minute’ crammer] And (that includes my essay) what’s better, the time went so slow after that! I just didn’t know what to do. I made a barby shirt & fixed up their “living area”. I removed (tried to) unwanted hair (underarms & bikini line) and had a sly cone (umah) that’s another good thing. I didn’t feel hungry at all today! So I didn’t eat much. I’m quite happy overall. Dunno particularly why. (Also, put some things on my door) Gonna have an early night So I feel 100% in the morning. Can’t wait till next weekend. Will write a list of all the things I can do so I don’t get bored!!

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