Interior Decorating & Molly’s Death (19-25 August)

Monday 19/8/85

Tonight is supposed to be 14º Last night was cold too. [This is Cairns, remember. 14 degrees can be considered ‘cold’ in the tropics.] Hope we get a nice long cold spell with wind & rain!! (But not for the camp.) Did all HW this arvy & did a little research for history. Am proud that I got it all done before 5:00 (5:15, really!) I hate these little bugs flying around my lamp. They get in my way. Today was “good”. A Life in WordsWatched Animal Farm on video. Bit sad. [George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is one of the most memorable reads of my life and one of my favourite quotes comes from it: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”]  Early night tonight. Going “well” on my “diet”. Looked at my building society passbook. Now I have $29.61. In one year from now, I should have approximately $520 more (if I keep earning ~$10 per week!)!!

Tuesday 20/8/85

Fiona “misses” me. She “mentioned” it in science. I think she’s “upset” that I can talk “easier” to justine. Anyway. On the way home Lucy & Anna got fi & I the last seat (where Clayton normally sits) Fiona didn’t sit there (dunno why) but I did (kinda on the very inside edge.) and Jay sat next to me. Felt wierd. [? Perhaps it was that I was sitting next to a boy? I hadn’t experienced a great deal of exposure to the Male Species in my young life. Mum and Dad’s separation removed even more male energy from my environment.] At lunch went to oval with Sarah – talked about a lot of things. Am so tired. Sun & Mon nites I had early, but slept terribly (waking up both times with bloody nose) I have a “sneeze” cold & my allergies are running hot I HATE IT. My right eye is ITCHY & I hate it. My nose in running & I HATE IT

Wednesday 21/8/85

Today was really topsy turvy. Went to a play at Croswell Hall after assembly (made our Yr 11 subject choices (just indefinite ones)) [Ha, indefinite? I clearly had no idea what that word meant. “Not definite” was what I’d’ve been thinking.] Got the back seat on the bus on the way in (Tim got on, too & sat in the 2nd last seat.) But on the way home Jacki & her ‘friends’ got it. Play was alright – boring. Could see Tim from where I sat. He sat 2 rows in front to my right. Then we got back at the end of little lunch so we had P4 for little lunch. WHoever didn’t go, had to go to class. After that it was a normal Day 4. Boring!! Fiona has a sore neck – under her ears – I think it might be Mumps. Did my english talk. Got 7/10 was stupid.

Thursday 22/8/85

A Life in Words
Who better to illustrate an 80’s style ‘Maillot’ than ‘The Body’? I certainly didn’t look that good in one!

Got the old desk tonight. Cleaned it ‘afore I went to bed. Fiona was away. Beka & I diagnosed “mumps”, yesterday. Could tell Anna was bored with us (me.) Almost conned into going to the Bluelight. I really don’t want to, yet I do. This arvy, bathed, & went to Earlville. Mum had to ‘man’ a National Trust stand & Jules & I walked around. Found heaps of clothes and A PR OF BLACK TOGS maillot style!!! Yipee!! ($36) Then rushed home with a pizza and watched “A Country Practise”. Molly’s death was terribly sad. Had to hold back the tears. I feel quite exhausted now [For those who are too young or not Australian enough to know, “A Country Practise” was a popular 80’s TV serial and this particular episode has gone down in Australian television history as one of the most moving character deaths. I’m fairly sure she was the first character I ever recall passing away as a result of the Big C (cancer) – leukaemia.]

Friday 23/8/85

DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN is a really enjoyable movie!! A Life in WordsI got ready (Justine rang twice) and she came ½hr late so (it started at 8:00) it was 7:00 when we got to “Babooshka”. Mrs McP tried on clothes. I persuaded Justine we leave and get tickets at 7:20 but theatre still wasn’t open so at 7:30 decided to whip around town. Didn’t get to see much at all. at 7:50 whizzed back to theatre Got in line after Shane L. Saw movie. WAS TERRRIFIC! Then (I told mum 11 o’clock) we waited 20 mins (in the dark – but not on our own, thank god) till mum came. I was a bit worried!! Today, fiona came to school. Isn’t mumps!!

Saturday 24/8/85

Worked and earned only $16.25. Got home around 3:00. Took $3 to the fete at 3:00, came back with $3 at 3:15. Was boring. Nothing there. Justine was talking to some TAS girls (can’t remember their names) & (almost) totally ignored me, so I left. At home wanted to change my room around, got cranky towards 4:30 & really hysterical after 5:00. Room just doesn’t feel comfortable when I change it. Maybe I’m not ready for one. So when Dianne & Kerry came at 6:00, my eyes were puffy. Quickly got normal & watched TV untill tea. Had a game of Trivial Pursuit after. We (mum & I) came 2nd!! Is now 12:15

Sunday 25/8/85

Today, woke feeling good. I saw the desk & had an excellent idea how to put it ….. (Guess) ….. it didn’t work, so I was shitty till I worked out how to have it. Spent 12:30 onwards filling the drawers & sorting out school papers/books, so got not HW (let alone study) done. Read little of my book, too. At 3:00-3:30, went to D’s at whiterock. Watched TV & I read. Was fun. Bethlan the little 3 year old girl is a scream! Her brothers Adam (11) & Ben (7) give her a hard time! Stayed for tea. Got home late is now 9:05. Got no HW done, still will wake early tomorrow (6:30) not much to do. American Exchange student comes 2morrow.

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