New White Sandshoes & Exams, Oh Exams (18-24 November)

Monday 18/11/85

My throat isn’t too bad, now Just a lot of snot (not a runny nose – just full of snot. [That would be…solid opaque chunks I gather? As opposed to clear liquid? Nothing like a little detail!] Tania P. helped me understand how to do my Novel assignment so I have done ¾ of that tonight, as well as highlighting important points for my Shakespeare & Poetry Exams. Also started revising Astronomy in Science. Although is 10:30, feel as if I have achieved something tonight. Slept badly last nite. Woke at 3:30 this morning. Could not get to sleep again, once cos’ of my throat, so got up & started writing out history essay. Got some sandshoes this arvy, too. Gonna wear them to skool every day left this year. Also – is confirmed definitely yr10’s going to Green Island (so are CHS, & the St’s schools) was BROILING today [in?] general assembly.A Life in Words

Tuesday 19/11/85

It is now – oh – haven’t got my watch on. Anyway’s about 11:15. Can’t do my english (Shakespeare) won’t pass it. Definite fail. Have only done 1½ pages & it’s mostly plagarized Who cares?? (me, of course) Had german listening test – fail for certain, I’m sure! My new white sandshoes are very bright. Everyone (well, only Harry & Lucy) tried to dull them by standing on them. SHIITS!! Am no too tired will be in the morning tho. I hafta get up early. Study BP. Finish writing out History & English assign. (they’re due), then learn my crappy Shakespeare SHIT

Wednesday 20/11/85

10:30 now. Not as bad as last nite. Got my 2 History’s & 1 english handed in. I think I failed my BP exam. I didn’t look once (oh, well once) at my book. But english Shakespeare on the other hand I was pleased with. Although I hadn’t learnt it off by heart, I remembered almost everything & it even took 2 pages instead of the 1¼ I had done last night & I even left some things out & was only writing medium size HOPE I get a good mark after all that!! Worried about other english exams now. + science + german. Got 17/20 for my B.P assignment (½) only for presentation. Studied science tonite. Hope I do well in that, no in EVERYTHING!!

Thursday 21/11/85

A Life in Words
Aussie poet Judith Wright

Now 10:34. I am bugared. Got animal farm started this arvy cos’ did my Judith Wright in spare periods today (when I should have done German) but I think I’lll at least pass it – it was that hard. Reading part (worth more) was easiest. So in animal farm am gonna wake early to finish writing it out. Then must learn it a little & Judith Wright. then finish learning science. I feel I know all the content questions I just must keep a level head. Nana & Ruth coming around a lot lately. Anyway – going to ‘Verandah’s’ Restaurant for tea tomorrow night. [Verandah’s Restaurant was one of the top local restaurants back in the day. Although this visit was with my mum and her boyfriend, my dad had a business relationship with the owner so we often went there with him & my stepmother for the ‘special occasions’ like birthdays] I am tired. Think I will go to CHS – I must do something Different. Too dependant on this school.

Friday 22/11/85

Have not yet got my periods. that means Ill have ’em at Green Island. POOP! (unless I skip 1 or they come very late – cos’ they already are now.) [My handwriting becomes huge and messier from this point in this day’s entry. It doesn’t seem to relate to excessive emotion, at first…] Science – oh well – I’ll pass it. I suppose and english poetry I mucked up, but Animal Farm was good. Got 21 [here I cannot decipher what the hell I scrawled] 22 for my foreign policy History assignment Mr Van said. UNREAL!! Went to “Verandah’s” Restaurant for dinner: Felt sick. Did a shit & lots of farts. [hmm, pleasant.] Ate a lot especially, throughout the day. Am BOILED. Am shitty cos’ hafta stay at dad’s on weekend. Complained to mum & now Geoff’s shitty with me. Dickhead. am tired is 11:05

Saturday 23/11/85

Mum left for Yungaburra at about 2:30. I spend the day, not really studying much, but mucking about. I did do some study – but I have quite a bit more to do yet. Looks like I won’t get history done much, if, at all! Dad came at 5:30, spent the time watching TV, wanted an early nite but late dinner [my stepmother & father have always eaten late. Their standard mealtime is anywhere between 8 and 930pm] & shower & had to wash & dry up – Anthony washed so got to bed late. Hold on, my watch is in the kitchen…[assuming I went to get it] 11:02. So I must sleep in, at least a bit. Must study hard in maths & a little for history. Is hot. Have the fan on full bore!! In Jacki’s room. She moved out a while ago. Room is different now.

Sunday 24/11/85A Life in Words

Ended up not coming home until 4:00 or after (about 5:30) Did waste of time History today. Wasted the whole day. I am a little worried about History – but am having a major heart-attack about Maths. Will get up at 5:30 tomorrow & study like hell. Hope I do well…. I MUST do well. This is my last week at Smithfield. How sad. But I mustn’t become home-sick for it. I will make more friends at Cairns High. Haven’t got my periods yet. Hope I don’t get them Before Friday or goodbye Green Island!!! I don’t think I will (I’m hoping.) is HOT Heat is terrible. Am bugared.


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