Ink Art, Hitch-hiking & Hysterical Laughter (5-11 January)

Monday 5/1/87

I woke briefly thought briefly about Mark’s letter and drifted off to sleep again. A Life in WordsNext thing I know, Jules & mum come in the room – holding the letter. [Well that certainly demonstrates how supportive my mum and sister could be. I guess my anxiety touched their (very) compassionate souls?] it was 8:45. And the letter was 5 foolscap pages. some of it was rather confusing. [Not hard to confuse someone who over-thinks things…] (Today, I went with mum into town. We got school bags for Jules & I and did a little grocery shopping & other things. Also briefly (for once) visited Nana. [Evidently I found visits with my grandmother tedious. I should have kept in mind how lonely she most likely was…] After that I ate, watched TV, listened to music & did crosswords All day.) Some things he said; he keeps my letter in his (new) wallet (!!) he loves Macdonald’s, scolded me for saying he was a typical lazy male who wouldn’t write back and for putting M:A. W. on the envelope. Naughty things he’s done: caught watching Electric Blue video! At the end he says “You really must be thick!! Of course I’m interested! If I wasn’t interested I would not be writing this letter. Nor would I have even opened your letter. (think about that!)” I’m not quite sure what it implies, [are you serious? That’s an overt statement, an admission. Viewing this as an ‘implication’ screams of distrust] but you know what I’m hoping it does! 9:15

Tuesday 6/1/87

I rang Sharon around 9:15. she said she was going to Crystals with Heather AnneMarie & Linda. HITCHING a ride. I said ‘no thanks!’ [My parents schooled me and my sister to never hitchhike for potential danger it posed. I actually don’t think I have ever done it, to this day…] She rang back a little later though, saying she’d chickened out too. So I ended up riding to her place [mind you, cycling – particularly on roads – can be pretty bloody dangerous too…] (took me ½hr) (with my new bag!) and, after lunch, we rode to Trinity. Lay in shade – went for a swim pigged out, went for a walk on the rocks, then rested. Pigged out again before we left. (Faster coming back) At Sharon’s we picked up grass cuttings. [Surely that was a chore, and not for ‘fun’?] I left around 5:00 – we [we? maybe Sharon rode part way with me?] stopped at Smithfield. Ate ½ a crunchie Good ride home (very tired.) Tonight I did more tracings. A Life in Words[Basically, with a pot of ink, a nib and artist’s tracing paper, I created duotone pictures from photos and magazine images. See pic] Thinking I should have rung Mark. Will have to tomorrow night. You know, I haven’t seen him for almost 3 weeks? I’ll die! Nah! [Clown] No rain today – cloudy. VERY HOT. Is 9:20 mima & Fi should be back soon. The 8th(?)

Wednesday 7/1/87

I was going to go see a cartoon movie with Sharon, but wasn’t too disappointed when mum said no. I did more ink tracings. Got a really bad stomach ache – constipation & period pain together (perhaps?) [Nice] About 12:30 I got a call from Sharon. She didn’t go after all – wanted to know if I’d go with her & (her mum) to see the Boy Who Could Fly. A Life in WordsSaid yes. I watched TV, ate a bit and got ready around 3:00. Took me an hour to get dressed. [I can still be a little indecisive when it comes to putting an outfit together but am nowhere near as bad as I used to be. Remember, only a few years ago I wanted to be a fashion designer… But that wasn’t it – usually it all came down to how ‘fat’ I looked; so time was wasted on poor body image. That’s hours of your life you never get back!] For once, I wasn’t ready (when they came) [Knowing how long it would take me to decide on an outfit, I used to set aside a fair bit of time, so I didn’t often run late. I’m pretty organised…] But the movie was good. Great. Beautiful. Went for iced chocolate at Dormay’s Cafe after. At home, I realised I left my wallet in their car. Tried to organise something to do with Sharon tomorrow so I could get it back. But got in a shit with mum. Is 9:45 still haven’t rung Mark. Dunno when I will. I wish he’d ring me. If I decide to] go out this Saturday I will [ring him]. Movie BUSTIN’ LOOSE. It’s on – dunno if I’ll watch all of it though. Forgot to ring Mrs B to find out when Fi & Mima get back. Still haven’t written to Moni yet!

Thursday 8/1/87

I could’ve gone to Earlville with Sharon today but had to wait for a phone call – thought we would go out to fill in education fee forms (govt allowance) but it never came anyway till late in the arvy. [A government department failing to contact you at an appointed time? Unheard of! …some things never change…] So I could’ve gone with her anyway. Still haven’t rung B’s. Nor Mark. I should tomorrow night. [It’s quite obvious to me now that this procrastination was fear-based…] Maybe I’ll work tomorrow as well as Saturday. Today I ate, watched  TV, did crosswords and a bit of (absolutely useless – unsuccessful) sunbaking. Was so hot in the sun. Must write to Moni. Maybe I can do that tonight. I also wanted to ‘reply’ Mark’s letter. I did as soon as I got it – but I don’t like that one. I want to write a simpler, more-to-the-point one. I feel FAT! It’s 9:10. Don’t know if I will stay up and write letters. Depends – if everyone else goes to bed. Sharon rang this arvy – she’s definitely hitching to Crystals tomorrow with AMarie & Heddie.A Life in Words

Friday 9/1/87

As soon as I woke I felt a nagging uneasiness about my wallet. I wanted to get it back from Sharon. Didn’t trust her. [I’m fairly sure my ‘concern’ stemmed more from the desire to just have it ‘safely’ back in my possession, rather than the notion that she might ‘thieve’ from me…] Wrote to Mark today. It was a 10 page letter. [Oh yeah, VERY “simple” Liss…] Sent it & Moni’s today also. Tidied out my room this morning – did ink drawings till we went to pick up my wallet .. Sharon was at Crystals with AnneMarie & Heather (HITCHED out there.) [capital letters denoting my ‘disapproval’!] Did a bit of grocery shopping. At home, stuffed round. Sharon rang; asked if I wanted to go out tonight – AM & H. were. I refused. [I’m thinking that Heather & Anne-Marie’s hitch-hiking activities made them a bit too “bad-ass” for timid little me to hang out with…] Rang Fi tonight. Had the longest talk! They did get home yesterday; around 1:00. Didn’t ring Mark. I think he should ring me. Feel very thirsty for milk, and, now water. Strange! [Indeed…. that you should even bother diarising that…] Slightly cooler day today – cool breeze. Is 9:40. Mum said I have bags under my eyes. Sleeping restlessly lately. Mum’s been smoking. Jules & I have sprung her with lighter & matches. All she does is laugh hysterically. She lied to us. A Life in Words[She tried to give the habit away a number of times but it wasn’t until she was in her mid-to-late 50’s that she succeeded. I find amusing the notion that suggests the offspring of smoking parents are most likely to become future smokers themselves: it certainly hasn’t applied to me or my sister at all. We both vehemently detest the filthy, destructive habit. It was undeniably a main contributing factor to mum’s ill-health & eventual death. She certainly wasn’t “laughing hysterically” in the final months of her life and was, ironically, preaching to my niece & nephew never to smoke. Oh how tables can turn…]

Saturday 10/1/87

After waking, I did ink drawings (tracings) I continued when mum left. Dad said he’d be late; about 10:00. He came at 12:30, so Jules & I had changed our minds; we didn’t go to work. [Fair enough; two and half hours is more than enough time for anyone to change his/her mind.] I did silly tracings all day. Ate a fair bit too. I rang Jemima and she told me Jay was having a party. I went around 8:15. It was BIG. Walked up with Elisia & Glynn & Alan B to get Fiona. Beka & Justine were there too. I talked to people all night. Was rather boring. One thing disturbed me most; about Cameron (& Mark.) I mentioned to Alan & Glynn about him. Glynn confirmed it – but didn’t say much. Alan was trying to make me forget it. [It? What was ‘it’?] Glynn also mentioned Mark was shitty with me. what about? “Find out yourself.” when was this? “When he got your letter & before you left”. [All too cryptic!] I’m going to ring him tomorrow night to talk it over. (Few quite cute guys at the party tonight – No interest in me – but who would?) [“Poor Me”] Is 1:20. Was rather hot today. Amanda visited Jules

Sunday 11/1/87

Today I actually slept in. Know why? Julia had towels over her louvres & it made the room darker. It was great! I got up about 9:30. I think (??) and did few ink tracings (am rather sick of that now) [LOL, why? …you’ve only done it for the past 6 days…?] and read mags. Then Jules mum & I went to Smithfield Shopping Centre. Had a good browse around Big W. Got a new orange singlet! And something really funny happened. Jules & I were in the loo Two ladies came in. Julia was in one & one of the ladies went on the one [cubicle] I was in [had just come out of]. She farted! We cacked! A Life in Words[‘Cacking’ is slang for pooping your pants, so in this context, it means we basically laughed so hard we could have ‘crapped ourselves’] It was embarrassing I couldn’t hide my laughter from the other lady; God I tried! [You know what it’s like; laughing at the most inappropriate or awkward moments, it becomes impossible to stop and in fact makes you laugh harder…] Julia & I were in hysterics before we even got out [of the toilets]! At home (late in the arvy) I sat (lay) in the sun, browning my stomach – it wasn’t hot – I barely coloured. Then I rang Mark tonight. We got on well. Guess what? He’s ringing me tomorrow! We’re gonna do something!! CAN’T WAIT!! Is 9:50. Tired. Hot!


Sydney Sights, Letter-Writes & Fandangled People-Moving Apparatus (15-21 December)

Monday 15/12/86

Today we went to ‘downtown’ Chatswood. (local shopping area) It was so good! Escalators galore! I love those things! A Life in Words[Uh, yes, a strange sentiment it may be but believe it or not, in 1986 there was not one escalator in Cairns. Of course I knew what they were, but never having ridden ‘moving stairs’ can you blame me for being excited? Ah, the small things…] I bought a new purse/wallet $17, grey leather – beaut! Also a pair of $9.95 hoops, but I want to take them back – I don’t need them. or want them, really. [Frugal, honest & practical] And from my Xmas prezzy ($30 voucher at Katies) from Geoff, [I got] a $24 dress (singlet – navy & white stripe) And a $3 silver bangle to go with my charm bracelet. I thought about Mark, mostly, when I was looking for presents, cards etc. But I didn’t get to start writing letters tonight. It will have to be tomorrow for mim & Fi or else [they won’t get them in time…before Christmas. I know it seems way too early to stress about, but I do recall Australia Post warning people to allow up to 6 working days for mail & parcel deliveries, due to the naturally heavier workload the season brought]. And I really want to get one sent to mark (not sure about cameron.) Oh, I am missing them – but only when I think about them – that’s sometimes quite often. Some gorgeous guys in town – one in particular wearing a navy blue jacket – yum is 10:08 (9:08 Qld)

Tuesday 16/12/86

It’s 9:30 (8:30 in youknowwhere) [yes, we fully get the picture by now] well, I finished 3 letters tonight – Fi, mima and Dad. Today we went to SYDNEY [the CITY]. The centrepoint (Sydney) tower was alright. We didn’t get to go to the levels with the shops on. Just the highest – for viewing. Got about 5 piccies of certain things. Walked round. All I bought today was a silver ring $2 and $3.60 worth of stamps. Must post them early tomorrow. Hope they get there in time. [Hmmm, starting to ‘push it’ now…] Still don’t know whether to write to Mark or not. Would love to. But..!?! It’s 9:55 now (I stopped to have a shower. Am looking forward to sleep – got a little sick, dizzy (exhaustion) towards the late afternoon ‘fore we went home. On the train, gorgeous guy standing near the door (& me) Yum, Yum, Yum yum. Must hurry & buy some prezzies soon. NIGHT !!! Yes! [NO idea what this random “yes” was all about…]

Wednesday 17/12/86

A Life in Words
Pulling up a park bench at the zoo

Today we went to Taronga Park Zoo. Woke earlier than ever today. Jodie & I had to race over the the Post Office at 10:10, to get my letters to Dad, Fi & mim posted in the 10:30 post. Saw bears, and an elephant and giraffes and seals and rhinoceroses (!!) and tigers. And the seal show was great. I used up the rest of my film – need a new one now! [For those too young to recall life before mobile phones & digital photography, all of our photos required actual cameras and film reels, which you had to load inside the camera carefully or risk destroying (usually through ‘light damage’). You didn’t get any second chances with photos back then: you had no idea what the quality of your shots would be until you collected the printed images (hard copies!) from a developer …which could sometimes take days…] Was warmer today than it’s been since I’ve been here. My skin is really dry too. [Drastically different humidity levels in Sydney, compared to Far North Queensland] Wrote to Monique – about 8 page letter. Too chicken to write to mark; even a short note. Couldn’t think what to write. Maybe I will try. Dunno. It’s 10:15 (9:15 Qld) Mark’d probly be going to $ night tonite. Please, be true to me boy. Don’t get with anyone. You won’t will you??? [Um, where was it written that you two are an item? Deluded! …or to be fair, more like Naive.] Going to Chatswood tomorrow – take back those hoop earrings. Get back my $9.95¢ Late night again.

Thursday 18/12/86

It’s 11:37 (10:37 Qld) we’ve just gotten back from babysitting down the road. Cute kids! Rather well behaved too! Bludged today. I actually WROTE A LETTER TO MARK!!! Met Nicole – Jodie’s friend – a real scream! Played some board games then, before leaving for beach around 1:00, played a nasty trick on Michael – locked up house, left a note & hid the car – thought we’d gone without him! Beach was warm nowhere near as hot as Cairns – water was freezing and bigger waves than in Cairns. [Yes, something to do with Cairns being much closer to the equator, and having a huge ‘barrier’ reef protecting it from ocean swells…] Here’s a guest; [my cousin Jo wrote basically one sentence, which I’m omitting for the sake of her privacy] “Hello diary ….. Lotsa luv Jo xxx” Still missing mates, esp. after writing to Mark. Going to Chatswood tomorrow instead. Will get that card I think [what card? My guess is that I’d found one I’d like to have given to Mark.]

Friday 19/12/86

I got a pair of black shoes! Flat, pointed toe for $40. But, boy, have I some blisters! A Life in WordsAfter the Opera House tonight & town (Chatswood) today, my feet are probly on strike! Opera House was really ‘grand’. The concert/show was rather “bright” – more interesting than I thought it’d be. That’s all I got in Chatswood, though. we caught the bus in today & I heard Lady in Red on the radio. [There was a newly created sentiment attached to this song; if you’d liked to know why, take a look at this post] I miss Mark. I thought at the Xmas show tonight how I’d love to spend all my xmases with him. [Good Gawd… those bloody rose-coloured glasses…] Oh woe! Woe is me! It’s 10:05. I’m hot! Not anything like Cairns tho’. Just hotest I’ve ever been in the night time, down here. Going to Blue mountains tomorrow. Oh dear…. Dunno what to get Jodie, Jules… everyone!!

Saturday 20/12/86

A Life in Words
the Mean Machine

I wrote to Cameron & Sharon today, and sent them too. They’ll probably get them just before Xmas. (leaves them practically no time to reply – as if they will anyway) Did nothing this morning. Slept in to 9:30. Listened to music Went to the Aquatic Centre (Jules didn’t) and saw Neil Brooks from the Mean Machine there. [The Mean Machine were a male Aussie medley swim team who made an unexpected victory at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, essentially because the USA boycotted said Games. All members of the quartet were retired by this time. In the picture (left) Brooks is on the far left with his fist in the air.] Told Jo all about Mark, right from the start – Angie M’s 1st party. Got ready for “Blue Mountains” party. Was boring after all (not that I expected it to be a rage) must relax tomorrow – sleep in late. Thinking a lot about mark when I was telling Jo about him – wondering Wish there was some way for sure that I could find out if he liked me a real real lot. [Pie-in-the-sky stuff, Liss. Oh so much yet to learn…] Julia seems to think so. Oh dear! Is 1:23. Must get good sleep. Black-bags-under-my-eyes DISAPPEAR

Sunday 21/12/86

Smelliest farts. Yukky. Embarrassing. [Uh-huh.] Did nothing today, practically. Woke 9:20. Lazed in bed till 11:00. At lunchtime, listened to music, looked after rabbits all day. A Life in Words[My cousin Jo had pet rabbits. See the (very poor quality) photo (I’d taken with my 80’s camera) on the right. Such cute little things!] Went for a walk to the shop in the arvy – bought ice-cream & a choc. bar. PIGGY. Played board games. Is 10:08 (10:10) Realised this year’s almost over – will be the 11th last time I write in this diary – thats’ something I’ve gotta get – a new diary. And everyone’s prezzies. I haven’t got one single present, for anyone. Will not have time either. STUFF IT SHIT. Hope Mark does reply. I’m “hoping” a lot about him lately. Oh dear; what am I to do? Uncle Peter in crappiest moods. [Could it possibly have anything to do with 4 misbehaving children?] Esp. today with Jodie were all s’posed to go to bed at 9.00 Auntie Hilary got uptight too and said “well we won’t do anything tomorrow then either”. And slammed the door (on mikes’ foot) Better go. Must sleep & wake early. Oh Mark ♥

Diarrhoea, Dire Straits & Deprecation (31 March-6 April)

Monday 31/3/86

Gee, the days are goin’ slow. I’ve been “farting” all day and they’ve been of the most foul scent!! [… if this description is too much for you, quit reading this post now. You are about to be very well acquainted with the “Coxen Bowel Fetish” as my father refers to it…] I just watched TV (& tried to cut-down my eating→ not too successful) It’s 10:25 Gettin’ my hair permed tomorrow I think. (I have no booking yet) Actually I’m tired. And I can’t think of much to say. (A change, huh?!! Did I tell you on GOOD FRIDAY, Lucy rang me?? Yeah! It was great talking to her → she thinks she’ll be up in June holidays (can’t wait!) Think I’ll throw in the towel concerning my trip to Japan. I’ll never raise the required amount ($2200) And I want to go to Dire Straits concert (& buy clothes too → I haven’t done that for ages!!!!!!) Gee I’m tired And bored And getting VERY fat. UMAH.

Tuesday 1/4/86

Today was generally a BAD day. I went to work (did drums for 2 hours & got only $8.50) earned my piddly amount then left it there. Got shitty cos I felt “picked on” in the office by Jenny, Mum & Julia. At nana’s I had lunch, then got my hair permed → another mishap… Well, it’s not the perm, it’s just that Annette cut off too much of my hair (remember it was long on one side → short on the otherA Life in Words [see pic on the left, it was inserted here in the original text] like that. She cut off my long side, to make them even.) I spent a fair while trying to straighten out the perm (as well as crying) then when Julia came back from work, Dad had a great pick on me I decided I wanted to die when he left cos everybody hates me. All He does is pick on me [I can imagine teen hormones would have played their part in this emotional reaction but I was sensitive to criticism as well. I think I have managed to retrain my reactions now…] It’s 8:30→ I took a Mersyndol tablet for my head ache (getting lots lately). Made me drowsy now

Wednesday 2/4/86

I’ve had another bad day. I am sick (I don’t mean mad, I mean ill) I was awake almost all last night with headache & nausea. Vomitted only once. Didn’t vomit today → just felt tired, weak & depressed. Ate, too & I kept it down (all I had the whole day was 6 vita-wheats & piece of toast all with vegemite, a piece of toast with honey & a green apple.) A Life in Words[Dry toast, grated apple and flat lemonade were the standard fare mum provided when we were sick.] Still don’t feel too good.  Mum took us to Nana’s in the morning, then took me home & Julia & her went out to the Smithfield shopping centre. I watched TV. Julia got her Dire Straits ticket. I am so worried about my hair It is so different→ I hate it & I’m paranoid about about going places where people know I could see me. I HATE IT. I am tired. It’s 8:38. Hopefully I’ll get a full night’s sleep tonight.

Thursday 3/4/86

But, guess what?!! I got it straightened today! UNREAL huh?!! (Although I do feel very selfish and guilty about getting a $30 perm one day and another $20 perm only two days later. It was a total waste of $50.) AND I AM NEVER GOING TO DO IT AGAIN so long as I live – I’ve learnt my lesson. Spent today at home. Lotsa Diahorrea today – but it stopped late in the afternoon and I feel healthy & better again now. And I also want to go to Dire Straits now too. I rang Fi about it all but she wasn’t home (Stu didn’t know when she’d be home) so I rang Beka and had a big talk to her. Fiona said she would call me. But I had to & she wasn’t even home. That frustrates me. [Frustration meaning, upset due to feeling ‘forgotten’] 9:44. I feel better. Thats’s all I can say. I wish my hair’d grow just a bit faster tho. My main worry is that people (esp. Mark) aren’t going to like my hair…..

Friday 4/4/86A Life in Words

This has been the worst week of my life. Who needs Friday the 13th?? In a matter of 4 days; Tues, Wed, Thurs & Friday, I have wasted just about $80 and become ill. You see, I rang Fi, she was at Jemima’s. Polly rang me & invited me with them. Mum got me a ticket I felt healthy again (I still was dihorrearing tho’) and I went with them. Got there 5:45. Show started at 8:10 – but I was at Nana’s. You see – I got sick – didn’t think I could take 5hrs of standing up, so Fi walked me round looking for a phone; we had to go out of the show grounds to use one. Mum wasn’t home – Geoff wasn’t & Dad too. So I caught a taxi to Nana’s (and she paid him for it) Mum picked me up when I reached her at 9:15. I wasted time, energy, money & fun by going home before the concert even started. WHAT A JERK. I hate myself. Hate. Hate. I am a JERK 10:30 ← and I didn’t even see Mark. Did see Tina, Vanna & Sally.

Saturday 5/4/86

I slept right through again, last night – i.e.; didn’t wake once till the phone rang at 8:00 this morning & it was Dad asking if I wanted to work. I decided to. $27.70. Spent the whole day there so when I got home, there was nothing to do but watch TV….I think I am better, now. I had only the very least of stomach pains – 5 at the most & my poos (I only did 2) were looking more solid (or normal) My hair is quite wavy at the front. But I don’t mind too much. I hate it when it dries naturally→ then it’s really curly. I’m feeling better, tho. I was supposed to starve myself today to kill the germ but (another good sign) I couldn’t → I had an appetite!! I ate 1 chip, 2 Vita Weats plain, 1 plain crisp bread, 1 lolly, 2 pieces toast, dinner & a cuppa tea!A Life in Words Is 10:45. School soon. Hope Mark doesn’t hate my hair. Stupid, huh?

Sunday 6/4/86

I’m eating normally (I have my appetite back.) The problem is I get random pains and then do a poo which is not “runny” but “loose”. Understand? (Don’t blame you if you don’t) [Not enough information? Hang on, here’s some ‘real-time action’…]  Oooh! I’ve got one now; just wait a tick – I’ll go to the loo…. Did nothing anyway. [Oh, what a shame. So sorry to let you all down.] Pains, pains, pains…. I just realised how much school work I didn’t do over the holidays, today. I wanted to do all the rest of my english assignments (or at least, repeat my old reading one) + finish my biology assignment (still haven’t got all the flowers) And I was meant to do Chemistry study for our exam this week. It hasn’t quite yet dawned on me that tomorrow I will be starting school again and won’t be able to sleep in. 10:36. Am worried about my hair. If (YKW) will like it. I’ll hafta borrow Julia’s gel (I’ve none left) But at Dire Straits (while I was there) greg k didn’t notice it was different. Somehow I think Ykw will.

Relationship Counselling, Heartbreak & Hiccups (3-9 March)

Monday 3/2/86

He said hello to me today!! I walked Fi to art the auditorium way and said goodbye, starting off down the walkway to my room. He & Mark W were walking up to theirs. As we passed I looked at him – HE SMILED & SAID HELLO and I had to smile & say hi, too (And I felt so happy after that) I’m sure (?) he likes me. Positive – must be (?) Otherwise I’ve been eating & farting a lot and it hasn’t been hot. The nights are even cool (last night had my bedspread right up all night) Beka rang – we talked. She’s fine. Are gonna go to town Fri. night. MUM HAD A CAR CRASH. Yank drove into her ($1500 damage) Carless for at least one week now. [It wouldn’t’ve surprised me if Mum was uninsured: comprehensive car insurance would be another expense she wouldn’t be able to afford on the income she earnt.] SHIT. Yank’s getting charged tho’ – driving on his US License is illegal!! [I’m not entirely sure this was true. It certainly isn’t now, unless there are extenuating circumstances.] Is 9:31 Don’t think Mima’s very happy with me for some reason. (think it might be about Jarrad)

Tuesday 4/2/86 A Life in Words

Him? Oh, “He’s” madly in love with Sharon W. [Uh oh] I hate him (but I lie) I’m quite upset (disturbed; not crying or angry) I found out before school, so it “wrecked” my day – made me depressed. And Cameron’s Fi’s property almost well-and-truly so there’s only Mark left and I don’t think he likes me much. But I think he’s such a hunk… Beka rang again, about town & told me she had no way  to get to the carnival. I rang Justine (talked) and she said she’d try. Rang mima to see what to wear – she said we could take Beka too. Rang Beka told her she could come. Rang Fi to check if she could take us all home & see what she’d wear. FINE! Rained on my ride home today. Cool!! Got my periods. Poop. Tomorrow’ll be FUN! It’s 9:39. I’m tired. Have giant black circles under my eyes.

Wednesday 5/2/86

Carnival was terrific!! In the sense that it was exciting (the atmosphere) and fantastic but nothing good happened to me. When we went to town after school, (mima got her legs waxed wasn’t as bad as she thought it’d be [in terms of pain, my guess]) we saw Brent & Steven talking to Robert D… about … Sharon. It’s confirmed. He’s nuts about her. It’s not fair. No one (I like) likes me. Actually, today was a pretty “down” day. I’m not feeling too happy lately (a lot to do with boy-business) mostly from school, too. I mean, subject classes etc. And friends. Can’t explain – too tired & don’t have enough space. Riding again tomorrow – whatever the weather. Goody Goody Goody. Hafta It’s 10:51. Done no HW today – funny how you get a lot [of homework] on the days that you’re busy.

Thursday 6/2/86

Periods are a pain in the TIT. So are farts (I just did one) Art excursion was boring. Blech. Packed day today. Mostly with other people’s problems. [Relationship counselling at age 15½….that’s impressive] Cameron & Fiona: Cameron thought Fi was angry with him for not talking to her at the carnival. I said no, she had some problems (big mouth) he wanted to know what (I couldn’t tell him – it was up to Fi) she doesn’t like him enough. Pity, huh?? And mima’s “in love” with Kye (a yr 12 who also likes her) she doesn’t know whether to drop Brent (again) or not and is consequently (thru’ brent’s eyes) acting wierd. While they were at gym, he rang me asking if I knew what was wrong. I hate lying. Also rang Beka – had a long talk – fun. I like Mark. for Biology, we’re swimming tomorrow – practise with snorkels for Tues at Fitzroy. HOT. Fast riding. Nite is 9:36 did no (very little) HW again. Then again, got very little. Runny (-ish) nose

Friday 7/2/86

Didn’t do swimming in Biology – the pool was closed cos’ they’re doing pipework (very) near it. I am tired. It’s 12:21. the movies were not too good.A Life in Words “Summer Rental” was OK, but the other one was pits blood-thristy, made me sick. You see, Beka came home on our bus, got ready at my place & we caught the bus into town (as planned) but we went to see mima and she asked us to come to the movies. I was allowed Beka wasn’t. Her mum came & picked her up (almost) straight away. That’s terrible – she invited me out & ended up going straight home again while I stayed to see a movie. I’m disgusted with myself. [For abandoning my friend] I heard a mention that Sharon doesn’t like Steven very much. Don’t get your hopes up, Liss. He says hello & goodbye a lot more now !!!! Got hiccups in art with Sandy (B) she thinks it was cos we inhaled too many glue fumes! HaHa!

Saturday 8/2/86

Mum woke me at 7:15. I was tired & very cranky. Didn’t want to go to dad’s for the weekend, but she ignored me. I watched TV till dad came. He & I went to work. [I wonder where my sister was?] I cleaned 49 [drums] & did 4½hrs work. ($30.25 total) Got home at 7:00. Big dinner. I am still tired. Haven’t started any HW yet. I want dad to take me home early tomorrow (not too early – I mean, when he’s ready) Kept thinking about Steven B. Tried to see him last night, but didn’t. I’m glad he says hello a lot. I like him. Not “love”. Just fondness – but you never know. God, I’m tired. It’s 10:38. “Star Trek” is on TV tonight. I half watched (watching it) & reading a magazine. Think I’ll knock off soon. Hope I don’t miss out on much this weekend, i.e. I keep feeling mima would’ve invited me out, had I been home. [This was a feeling that pervaded most of my teenage years. It’s the reason that comes to mind when trying to explain why I never cared to spend time at Dad’s. I don’t think I’m a very ‘familial’ person – unlike my sister & mother – and have always viewed my father as such: a kind of socialite, whom I assumed I took after. I hated “missing out” on anything.]

Sunday 9/2/86

Woke around 5:00 first – it was still a bit dark – went to the loo then slept again. Woke 7:30, then 8:30, then 9:15. I slept well, I think! Almost 10 hrs sleep. Today, I did HW, after finally waking up (messing around abit) I started at 12:30 and went right thru till 5:30. Chemistry, Maths & Biology. A Life in WordsWent home at 6:00 Mum & Geoff arrived home at 20 past. Chicken sandwich for tea (that’s 8½ pieces of bread today + heaps soda streams) [UGH! Oh my God, that concept is repulsive to me now. I don’t want to imagine the damage that kind of consumption would have done.] It’s 10:22. Movie is “Hanover Street” my favourite…. well not really. I just remembered it from years ago and loved it. am missing it at the moment. my weekend was very dull. Sleepy? Kinda. Wished my weekend was better. Thinking a lot about Steven & strangely Jarrad. [When you’re feeling lonely…desperation can set in…]

New White Sandshoes & Exams, Oh Exams (18-24 November)

Monday 18/11/85

My throat isn’t too bad, now Just a lot of snot (not a runny nose – just full of snot. [That would be…solid opaque chunks I gather? As opposed to clear liquid? Nothing like a little detail!] Tania P. helped me understand how to do my Novel assignment so I have done ¾ of that tonight, as well as highlighting important points for my Shakespeare & Poetry Exams. Also started revising Astronomy in Science. Although is 10:30, feel as if I have achieved something tonight. Slept badly last nite. Woke at 3:30 this morning. Could not get to sleep again, once cos’ of my throat, so got up & started writing out history essay. Got some sandshoes this arvy, too. Gonna wear them to skool every day left this year. Also – is confirmed definitely yr10’s going to Green Island (so are CHS, & the St’s schools) was BROILING today [in?] general assembly.A Life in Words

Tuesday 19/11/85

It is now – oh – haven’t got my watch on. Anyway’s about 11:15. Can’t do my english (Shakespeare) won’t pass it. Definite fail. Have only done 1½ pages & it’s mostly plagarized Who cares?? (me, of course) Had german listening test – fail for certain, I’m sure! My new white sandshoes are very bright. Everyone (well, only Harry & Lucy) tried to dull them by standing on them. SHIITS!! Am no too tired will be in the morning tho. I hafta get up early. Study BP. Finish writing out History & English assign. (they’re due), then learn my crappy Shakespeare SHIT

Wednesday 20/11/85

10:30 now. Not as bad as last nite. Got my 2 History’s & 1 english handed in. I think I failed my BP exam. I didn’t look once (oh, well once) at my book. But english Shakespeare on the other hand I was pleased with. Although I hadn’t learnt it off by heart, I remembered almost everything & it even took 2 pages instead of the 1¼ I had done last night & I even left some things out & was only writing medium size HOPE I get a good mark after all that!! Worried about other english exams now. + science + german. Got 17/20 for my B.P assignment (½) only for presentation. Studied science tonite. Hope I do well in that, no in EVERYTHING!!

Thursday 21/11/85

A Life in Words
Aussie poet Judith Wright

Now 10:34. I am bugared. Got animal farm started this arvy cos’ did my Judith Wright in spare periods today (when I should have done German) but I think I’lll at least pass it – it was that hard. Reading part (worth more) was easiest. So in animal farm am gonna wake early to finish writing it out. Then must learn it a little & Judith Wright. then finish learning science. I feel I know all the content questions I just must keep a level head. Nana & Ruth coming around a lot lately. Anyway – going to ‘Verandah’s’ Restaurant for tea tomorrow night. [Verandah’s Restaurant was one of the top local restaurants back in the day. Although this visit was with my mum and her boyfriend, my dad had a business relationship with the owner so we often went there with him & my stepmother for the ‘special occasions’ like birthdays] I am tired. Think I will go to CHS – I must do something Different. Too dependant on this school.

Friday 22/11/85

Have not yet got my periods. that means Ill have ’em at Green Island. POOP! (unless I skip 1 or they come very late – cos’ they already are now.) [My handwriting becomes huge and messier from this point in this day’s entry. It doesn’t seem to relate to excessive emotion, at first…] Science – oh well – I’ll pass it. I suppose and english poetry I mucked up, but Animal Farm was good. Got 21 [here I cannot decipher what the hell I scrawled] 22 for my foreign policy History assignment Mr Van said. UNREAL!! Went to “Verandah’s” Restaurant for dinner: Felt sick. Did a shit & lots of farts. [hmm, pleasant.] Ate a lot especially, throughout the day. Am BOILED. Am shitty cos’ hafta stay at dad’s on weekend. Complained to mum & now Geoff’s shitty with me. Dickhead. am tired is 11:05

Saturday 23/11/85

Mum left for Yungaburra at about 2:30. I spend the day, not really studying much, but mucking about. I did do some study – but I have quite a bit more to do yet. Looks like I won’t get history done much, if, at all! Dad came at 5:30, spent the time watching TV, wanted an early nite but late dinner [my stepmother & father have always eaten late. Their standard mealtime is anywhere between 8 and 930pm] & shower & had to wash & dry up – Anthony washed so got to bed late. Hold on, my watch is in the kitchen…[assuming I went to get it] 11:02. So I must sleep in, at least a bit. Must study hard in maths & a little for history. Is hot. Have the fan on full bore!! In Jacki’s room. She moved out a while ago. Room is different now.

Sunday 24/11/85A Life in Words

Ended up not coming home until 4:00 or after (about 5:30) Did waste of time History today. Wasted the whole day. I am a little worried about History – but am having a major heart-attack about Maths. Will get up at 5:30 tomorrow & study like hell. Hope I do well…. I MUST do well. This is my last week at Smithfield. How sad. But I mustn’t become home-sick for it. I will make more friends at Cairns High. Haven’t got my periods yet. Hope I don’t get them Before Friday or goodbye Green Island!!! I don’t think I will (I’m hoping.) is HOT Heat is terrible. Am bugared.


Really Gross Gas & Cooktown Discovery (4-10 June)

Warning: some surprisingly graphic bowel-related descriptions coming up. If you are sensitive, I highly recommend you skip over Monday and Tuesday this week. Personally, my embarrassment expressed itself in the form of uncontrollable laughter.

My father frequently used to – er, and still does – refer to the “Coxen Bowel Fetish” – a phenomenon peculiar to our family (hence the name) in which  uninhibited verbal discussion of anything and everything related to the Excretory System was ‘natural’. I always knew it was a joke – a long, long-standing joke – but it would seem from the following that a part of me chose to believe it was real.

Monday 4/6/84

Tiring, hectic day. School went so slow. Didn’t get the whole dump thingo taped. Trudged home. Getting ready to go to Justine’s, did a big juicy fart & next thing I know, some watery juice drips on the floor. OH NO! – maybe getting that wog that’s going around. Listened to tape at Justine’s, did role play & had some arvy tea!!!!

Tuesday 5/6/84

Toni can’t be wagging it – she was away today again. Got another juice in undies during skool – wet’n’ooozy’n’reeevolting. Hooray! Finished taping Dump thing! Got Science test back 23½/25 Best ever in science. Had arvy tea & rode all arvy. Did HW – heaps of it. Got in a tantrum cos’ everything’s going wrong 4 me.

Wednesday 6/6/84

Woke early. New plan – “all catch-up & HW at school & all study at home.” Down-to-earth, boring day. Good seats on bus. At speech, mim & I discussed Cooktown. [She was coming with us to the Cooktown Discovery Weekend, traditionally held on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend] Lucy, Fi, mim & I went to my place. I wrote mim a list of clothes & she took 2 records to tape. All went to shop. Came home Just on dark!!!

Thursday 7/6/84

Toni actually came to school! NO!! She was sick. Criticized Martin & Shane. God they’re dickheads. Fooled around under our tree at lunchtime. After a shower, went to Westcourt mum took back the sweatskirt she bought me, then at Earlville got a ‘splendiferous’ grey box pleated sweatskirt. Late nite. Gotta do my assign. tomorrow.

Friday 8/6/84

I’ve been so confused. Thought Wed. was Thurs. & thurs. was Fri.! Guess I’m excited. Bought lunch of pizza. Woke early. Rushed my english assignment – got it done and handed in. sooo nervous about exams, too! Got off at fi’s stop & we all went to mim’s Made fudge for the trip. Both so excited and nervous! Packed enough to last me a week! Mima came an 1hr late I panicked, but am calming down now!

Saturday 9/6/84

A Life in Words
Julia & Mima leaning against indigenous watercraft outside the Sea Museum

4:45 – mum woke us. Dressed, packed extra clothes & had brekky. Finally left 5:30. Slept 1hr. Good trip – ate, ate & ate. Finally arrived (after numerous stops) at 11:30. Flat is disappointing – no fridge or TV, cramped’n’filthy dirty. After lunch Jules, mim & me went to Sea Museum. ½ way through the tour, kind man said we could come back after 3:00 (for free) as the parade had begun. After parade, lazed in flat while mum & Geoff went to RSL. After completed museum tour, studied maths 4 2½ hrs, then went to dinner. We stayed home talking until mum came home from pub – feeling sick from drinking the water. The 2 men who came with us are really weird. One is mean 2 us. [I actually have NO recollection of anyone else accompanying us on this weekend, let alone two ‘weird’ men.]

Sunday 10/6/84

Woke early to a bright, windy day & church bells. At 9:00 watched re-enactment of Cook’s landing. Then went to Grassy Hill – windy as hell! Corn 4 lunch – rested – went to Cementary studied again. Lazed – watched fireworks (spectacular – but not as good as Cairns show works) Dins at the pub – mum’n’Geoff went with those 2 men. At the flat, talked, laughed and watched a man in another hotel making tomato and apple sandwiches, when a lady in the same hotel sprung us. Tried smoking. Was fun! I heard a noise – chucked smoke down the loo. Mim worried about the smell and how she felt bloated, dirty etc. FUUUNNY!