Flat Tops, Failing & Friends on the Phone (17-23 November)

A Life in Words
Drago (Dolph Lundgren) sported a flat top ‘do in Rocky IV (1985)

Monday 17/11/86

Boring day. Mark I saw once (had a haircut – Cameron too; Flat top!! [ah, the old flat-top! Think ‘Ice-Man’ in Top GunLooks cute!!) Wasn’t at parade – just at the beginning of little lunch briefly. Talking to Cameron, Glynn, Chris & David lunch hour – everyone was gone – mima & Fiona & lots left after double chemistry. Monique & I did nothing. Studied chem a bit tonight and can understand most of what I’ve learnt (or read) Hope I can get the rest done tomorrow. Is only 9:00, but bags under my eyes make me go to bed. Talking to Chris & Cameron in maths – Cameron & Mark had a big fight Friday arvy. Chris did with Duane, too I think. said something about mark – Chris said “Have you talked to mark?” I said “what about?” He said “you know that night” I didn’t answer. [Perhaps not just because I may not have known what (which night) he was referring to, but also whether he was just…baiting?] Cameron said something can’t remember, but wasn’t positive. Got me wondering. Cameron’s always going on lately about how good a friend I am.. wonder If he was trying to say something [Haha, this young girl has not yet learnt that males don’t “drop hints”. Don’t read into everything, Liss.]

Tuesday 18/11/86

Fail. Written all over my brain. I could not do anything. It’ll be a miracle if I pass – a doggone miracle. Boring day. Not actually; studied this morning, but went to school around 12:00. Stayed talking to Monique. Then walked up to exam room with Heather, Linda & Justine (Cameron a little of the way) Is hot (had a big thunderstorm – lightning etc…) Raining lots – I got saturated! Caught bus home with Fi. Monique rang in the arvy. Talked about miscellaneous stuff. A Life in WordsIn shower, I got a phone call from a guy. Julia didn’t get name or anything. Cameron forgot to ring back – lucky I rang him. Talked abit about Moni – lots about miscellaneous – didn’t get any news ’bout mark ‘cept that he really likes Fiona a lot as a friend. “Jealousy?” Was Cameron trying to make me jealous? [Highly, highly unlikely!] Asked about what he’d said in maths – said I was hearing things. [The boys often said that. It simply means either “I don’t want to tell you” or more likely “I don’t remember”.] Thank God. (?) It’s 9:15. Gotta go.

Wednesday 19/11/86A Life in Words

Monique rang 4 times. For most of the time we talked about nothing in particular – sometimes not even talking. [This is another of the defining characteristics of our friendship, and it is said that this kind of sitting in silence is the stuff of true friendship: total comfort in each others’ presence. Monique was the first person with whom I’d ever experienced this ease, this depth of peace – besides my mother & sister of course. Mind you, I also hate being on the phone these days so this particular experience is unlikely to be replicated.] I’m ashamed to say I wasted the day. I did very little maths study and no art (practically) –  no english or anything. I ate one hell of a lot I think I’d better stick to the diet again – I’ve gone up to 62kgs again. So it’s been a waste of time. Waste of a day. I can’t believe how restless I get when studying. Wish Mark’d ring. Or even just Cameron. In a way I envy monique yet I think she envies me – that I can get on so well with him, so easily – like I envy Fiona and her friendship with Mark. I wonder if he envies Cameron? Wouldn’t that be nice? [No, it wouldn’t. Too much envy, too much Wanting!] Hottish day. Shoulda done some exercise – reading about it in a magazine – really good for all aspects of your life – fitness mentally, physically, socially… [Well isn’t this interesting? Perhaps a crack in the door opening to my future fitness career? Well thank you, trashy magazine!] Is about 9:20. English tomorrow SHIT!

Thursday 20/11/86

It’s 12:30. I’ve been doing maths. I just finished reading over bio notes and now I have to get started on my art – my fingers are rather ‘slow’ – I can’t write quickly – ah, yes I can… leaning on the table! Got another letter from Delanie; she writes back fast enough. Talking ’bout mark – she reckons we’re both flipped over each other, but are ‘playing games’ esp. Mark. [Haha, that’s so cute: a friend who knows nought but what I tell her (my one-sided story, full of hope & guesses) analyses & concludes in my favour. Ain’t friendship grand?!] I saw him briefly today before english exam (each! – Dunno if I passed – didn’t do too well.) Wasted this arvy, kind of, too. But I got a little worried about maths. After a phonecall to Fi, I was a little reassured and got ‘stuck into it’. There’s not much (well, there is really) that I can’t do – I just have to think – trouble is, you don’t get time in exams!! Hope I’m not too tired to do my maths & bio. Boy will I be glad when tomorrow’s over! Not really; still have my art to do. OH NO!

Friday 21/11/86

Boy, am I tired now! It’s 10:10. I failed maths; there were so many things I couldn’t do. Saw Mark a little. Lunchtime – all of us (YR11 group – who were there) sat in the library ‘studying’ – yacking! (talking) [I don’t recall our librarians being big on telling people to ‘Shhhh”!] He was in my room for bio. It was fairly simple – I’ll pass – probably only give me an HA [High Achievement] overall this sem. cos I couldn’t do a few Q’s. [Ah, there’s a hint of potential dissatisfaction with regard to my grades. I thought that concern had died with the advent of my social life; that all I cared about now was simply passing. No, the Perfectionist is not dead.] After, talking to people Mark & Cameron hangin’ round. Cameron talks to me a lot. Then they went. We (Monique, Sharon, mim, Fi & I) went to mime’s to watch video tape of Last night’s Return to Eden, which I’d watched anyway. Then, dropped home, got ready & went into town. A Life in WordsOn way in we passed bill & mum was sure Cameron was in the front seat. (GREAT!) Bought new album 1987 Let’s Party [one of my favs!] and had tea at Pizza Corner Played record at home; was always looking out the louvres, hoping to see Cameron walk up the street. [As. If.] Hope he is at his dad’s place!! Maybe Mark’ll go over tomorrow. [Always wishin’] Finish a reply letter to Delanie 2morrow

Saturday 22/11/86

A Life in Words
My (now aged) Lorikeet drawing

Did another piece for art – my lorikeet (well, something like that) is possibly my best work!! I spent the whole morning on it. I have 4 left to do. When Nana and (great) auntie Nancy & Uncle Raymond and Ruth came over, I ate. I shouldn’t have but I did. Raymond was looking at some of my work – I showed them all my ‘exhibit’, I think they might buy! [No, they were just ‘encouraging’] made lotsa phone calls about Sean’s party – Monique tried to get Cameron & the guys to go but was unsuccessful. Still went tho’. Monique & I were driven by mum to Sharon’s (monique got ready at my place) & Mrs Weeks took us there. It was … alright. Boring, yes. But not to the point of suicide. About 100 I think, turned up. I shouldn’t have drunk again. I got happy (was keeling now & then) I was eventually fine. [Hmmm, I don’t remember this one. Mind you, I suppose it’s silly to think you’ll remember every party you attend in your life… especially when you’re drinking at them…] But we scabbed a lift home with Justine at 2:00 (most people had gone or were going by then- ) Boring!! About 3:00 I got to sleep.

Sunday 23/11/86

Waste of a day. I started a piece of work. It progressed. But when I finished it tonight, Geoff pointed out something wrong. [This rings bells to me but I just can’t remember what that piece was] I tried to fix it but stuffed it up instead. So I scrunched it up & threw it away. I was a little upset, too. [You don’t say?] Monique left around 10:00 this morning (riding home) Boring day. I ate chocolate cake and chips. I think I’ll have to forget being really strict on my diet→ on the holidays it’s too hard. I’ll still try to balance what I do eat & “substitute” etc. [I’d love to know what I meant by that – “substitute” – back then. I’m quite certain there’d be a difference in meaning now.] Oh, I wish I could’ve gotten more art done. Don’t think I’ll get much finished. And, god, when am I going to get everything ‘framed’? How much will it cost?? OH NO! (Get dad to pay. He really should) [Of course, living with mum meant she forked out more in the act of rearing us. It’s almost unavoidable for the supporting parent, no matter how much the other may contribute via ‘maintenance payments’. This only intensifies my respect for her.] Can’t wait for the next weeks ahead (days) Befriend Mark, Elissa (your ambition for the week)

Surds, Ice Cream & Hey Hey It’s Saturday! (18-24 March)

Monday 18/3/85

Today I got in a shit. I don’t know exactly why. I s’pose it had a little to do with the fact that everyone was talking about the Bluelight, & that I was bored at Port, but mainly that they had all had perfect weekends and mine was a stuffed, shitty waste of time. Any way, dad got us to school around 8:00. Was empty!! (almost). Sarah came 15 mins later, then the buses. Boring school day. Not hot. Didn’t do anything but fool ’round with Jules & watch TV at home ‘sarvy. At dad’s – another late night. Shitty maths HW. So hard & confusing. Watching Mike Walsh now.

Tuesday 19/3/85

A Life in WordsToday I feel like running writing…[and I hear that cursive script is no longer to be taught in schools? What a shame. End of another ‘era’] Late for bus – had to get on at Fi’s stop! Double Science was boring. German was stupid. History; dull, art was fun. English made me fall asleep! (not really, but very close) and maths; complicated. Have to wear leather shoes into maths now, too. Shit! Mandy P. smiled at me today! Perhaps she does like me after all! at Penny’s did HW Dad finished run & all the HASH had tea (dinner) & drinks. Stayed till 9:00 Late nite 10:30

Wednesday 20/3/85

Today was okay. Science; boring no HW. English; boring no HW besides an essay. Maths; complicating, no HW, ach.[achievement] test on Mon. I’m gonna get Penny to teach me how to do these surds (cos’ she’s a maths teacher at Trinity Bay High). Mr Way doesn’t explain anything. [I had always thought my issues with advanced Maths began in my senior high school years – clearly not.] Went to art room at lunch time. History; more notes, No HW German she picked on me again, no HW. Exam on Mon I think. Got off at Fi’s. Forgot all speech books. After (fun) speech lesson, dad came. Late nite 10:30

Thursday 21/3/85 A Life in Words

Hi! I’m finishing off the choc-choc chip ice cream. I have a feeling tonight might be a little earlier than my previous nights! YIPEE! Sleep! Today: Science, boring, had to take out a Text book after school (TT#3) for HW. PE: shame! Did 2 items for assessment; Have 3 left + 1 routine. Forgot my mark sheet! Ger: stupid. Ms Westerweld picks on me again. Meanwhile, back at the ranch……! Little lunch I had some yogurt, double Hist finished notes on German Unification. Art fun! & BP lots HW & Exam mon. Right now, my BP has not worked out ‘n’ my ice cream’s melting. Fi told (lied to) Beka that we “weren’t allowed to go to the Disco”. A few dirty remarks about me, I think, but I’m used to it, now. Nite, nite!

Friday 22/3/85

Did not stop raining one second of the day. Fiona & Jemima ended up not coming to the movies. Jemima had a bad cold and Fiona’s mum said she needed an early nite. Rebekah was being mean again, today in maths. I wore a t-shirt, blouse & jumper today; warm! Saw Tim a lot too: in the library it appeared he was try’na find me or spot me (un-obviously of course). Have hardly any HW, just a lot of exams  to learn for & an essay. Sleep in tomorrow. Stinging, sore tired eyes at movie 2-nite. Petra did come! 

Saturday 23/3/85

Woke around 8:45. Lazed about until 10:15, when we had to rush and go shopping at Raintrees. Just got to the end (fresh fruit & veges) and a lady (old & baggy-looking) came up and said something like – “make haste, as we get in trouble if we use the cash registers after 12” (it was 12:05) [aah, the days of limited retail shopping hours] What bullshit!! Anyway, dad’s $70 for the groceries was in a $50 & a $20 note. A Life in WordsIt came to $46 or something, so I handed over the 50 & put away the $20. When we got to work – I found it was lost – not anywhere. So I had to work it off dis arvy. [Wow. Even as an adult I think that’s a bit unfair – give a kid a break. I’m shocked that I had to work to atone for an accident. It’s not as if I spent the money or stole it. Even though I respect my father for teaching us the value of money, this feels like it’s verging on child labour!] At the flat, late nite 1:30, I think it is. Am bugared. 

Sunday 24/3/85

Woke around same time as yesterday. Did some colouring to my sketch folder, then, when the flat was awake, we all began cleaning. Actually, I waz lazy – didn’t do much. Julia tried to ring mum again around 11:00, she got her! Mum came home around 10:15!! About 12:30, finished cleaning & roughly packing then (cos’ Mike – flat 5 – was having a party – BBQ lunch – his birthday) so Jules & I played handball while dad & jenny went out then Cheryl (also flat 5) put on a video recording of “Hey Hey it’s Saturday”. Got home at 6:00 watched Countdown. Latish nite. 9:30, now


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