Hello 1984! January in one hit…

Another year of ‘minimalist diarising’ because I apparently began in another Calendar Planner rather than a real diary, so entries are limited to a few lines – at least until I gave the Planner away in favour of another inifinitely more suitable, piece of stationery: a (pretty, floral) note book.

Since my ultimate goal is to catch up to current date (not year) so I can post a day at a time (matching dates – day and month – just 29 years out of whack) I’ll still be logging a number of days at once, for awhile. In fact, the next three posts will comprise entire months. So, get comfy!

Sunday 1 January

Geoff stayed the night but I drank some Champs!! (Champagne). Played scrabble & records all day Was quite boring.

Monday 2 January

Geoff stayed again – becoming a habit, huh? Saw ‘Octopussy’ with Fi & Stewart – was unreal!! Slept at Fi’s! Slept at 11:30

A Life in Words
A close-up of the newly pierced ears

Tuesday 3 January

Went to Earlville, then got my ears pierced at Kevin Shorey’s – 1.30!! Fi slept here

Wednesday 4 January

When started Nana’s car, Fi, Jules & me played a game. [While my grandmother was away on holidays, she’d left me the very important job of ‘starting’ her car…to make sure the battery didn’t die…or that the spark plugs didn’t rust? Who knows? I didn’t care – it was fun to pretend to drive, with the motor actually running]  11:30 – got this diary!! [‘This’ being the calendar planner’ – not the aforementioned floral notebook] In Arvy, Stew, Fi & I rode in the rain. No one stayed.

Thursday 5 January

Ears are alright, ie not hurting!! Went shopping, got money for trip to Green Island on 6th. Read a book, rode with Fi. No one slept.

 Friday 6 January

Last night went to ‘Staying Alive’ dancing (but wasn’t on). Karen wasn’t allowed to come to Green. Fi & me didn’t go either, due to clothing problems. Went to Crystal Cascades with Fi in the arvy.

A Life in Words
@ Green Island, Sat 7 Jan

Saturday 7 January

Glorious day at Green Is: Fi, Jules & me swam, sunbaked (but got burnt) ate, drank & walked. Sunny & no stingers! Saw a ‘Ray’. Had chook for tea.

Sunday 8 January

Watched the day cricket match – West Indies won. Dad came back from Perth last night, stayed today. Geoff was supposed to come over but dad was here. Mum rang him and dad was bout to say they ‘bury the hatchet’ & become friends, but Geoff hung up on him. How childish!! [the scorn of a child towards ‘potential’ step-parents can be unrelenting…]

Monday 9 January

Last night watched movie – ‘Ice Castles’ Touching story of a champion girl skater who went blind. AM: Took car for check-up. PM: read & rode with Fi.

Tuesday 10 January

Slept at Fi’s last night. Jules slept at Petra’s Sunday night. Played restaurants (with Stu & Brad) then Auctioneers. Had a game of cricket (Liam, me, Stu, Nyree & Fi) Had a black out [electrical power failure – not a ‘momentary loss of consciousness’]  while I wrote this!!

Wednesday 11 January

Small Gale last night; rain & wind. Is rainy today, too!! Tidied my knick-knack drawer in the morning, watched TV movie & in arvy played chasey game on bikes around the streets with Brad, Stu, Jules, Fi, me & Gina (“Black Gin”) [note to the Politically Correct who may be immediately incensed by this …this was a nickname of Gina’s….one she was aware of & accepted. Remember, we are kids, and it’s the early 80’s…]

Thursday 12 January

Went shopping – Kevin Shorey checked ears; “Good!” Fiona came round to sort out arrangements with Karen (about getting to town) Rode in rain.

Friday 13 January

Fi slept – went to town. Was fun!! Took $50 – came back with none!! (I had to buy stuff for school – skirts etc) $46 spent – ($4 on food & transport, of course!) Jules came with Karen, Fi & me. [Yes, back in the day, we could get a bus into town, have a meal and get the bus home, all for $4…Incredible.]

Saturday 14 January

Worked all day to spend time & earn money to use in last week of the hol’s. Made pizza, which took to C.’s (Geoff’s boss & family) for pre-dinner snack.

Sunday 15 January

Stayed at Fi’s while mum & Geoff went to Joss House. Recorded half of Michael Jackson special on ‘Airwaves’ (on tape recorder), Cleaned Geoff’s car. Got $3.

Monday 16 January

Mim came back – We (Polly, mim, fi & me) went to town. These three boys followed us around from Stereo World right into town on bikes – frequently kicking or punching us. A lady (who mim & Pol knew) from Suzie Cue got rid of them and we caught the 4:15 bus in peace. Was awful – were all shaking with fear! Mrs B.’s birthday so no one could sleep at Fi’s. Also mim gave Fi & me a cute candy-stick shaped pen each from Malulabah [as in, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast. I was quite a ‘phonetic’ speller.]

Tuesday 17 January

Thought Fi slept at mim’s last night but was wrong. I was quite upset previously, though. Lazed around today. Sunbaked – HOT DAY. Julia went to Polly’s for a swim. Mulleys came over.

Wednesday 18 January

Polly slept last night. Went to Mulleys in the morning for swim. At home watched TV, rode with Polly, Petra & Jules. Swam at mim’s with Fi & her. Seeing ‘Staying Alive’ with mim, Polly, Fi, Jules, me, Mr B. & Mrs B. and am staying there.

Thursday 19 January

Am tired. Is boring. Read & watched TV. Went shopping 4:00. TERRIBLE HOT DAY. Early night.

Friday 20 January

In Morning just read & lazed. In arvy, went out for various (uniforms etc) Mrs Shorey said my ears were perfect.

Saturday 21 January

Lucy came back yesterday from USA (Fiona slept at mim’s without me) Fi, Karen, Mim & me went to Lucy’s. Got our gifts. Karen & me stayed for lunch. Karen is staying at Lucy’s. They want me to go over tomorrow. Went to Pizza Hut with mum & Geoff. Lucy & Karen went too. On their own.

Sunday 22 January

Went to mim’s instead of Lucy’s (Um-ah!) Fi came up after lunch of Frankfurter’s and took Jemima’s attention from me. Early night. Am going to Fi’s tomorrow – our free day.

Monday 23 January

Others will be at school but Smithy (Year 9 & 10) kids aren’t (cause Year 8’s must settle in) Fi & I went shopping with mum. PM: Rode, then met mima (after school) Nin & Ruth came back [my Nana and one of her many sisters]

Tuesday 24 January

Non-hectic morning – I don’t believe it!! My ears will be used a lot (people looking at the earrings)…. I hate my form 9D. NO ONE is with me except Michael F. & Jay B. This is going to be one unlucky year, I know.

Wednesday 25 January

Went to busstop – 20 kids!! Our old bus is now in two parts – the Machans bus (Machans Bech to Stratford) and the Freshwater bus (Freshy to Redlynch). I think Shane likes me – kept looking at me when I saw him. Melissa C. (from 8C last year) is in my form. We sit together now.

Thursday 26 January

Went to Freshy Creek yesterday arvo. The gang (Martin, Patrick, Shane etc) & Lorelle were there so I didn’t swim with Jules & Melinda. Toni & I had laughing fits on the way home today (on the bus)

Friday 27 January

I’m sure our form teacher is a POOF! Mr H. (we also have him for science) has an earring, a long rat’s tail and long, filed fingernails (one is about 2cm long!!!!!) Dense, huh? I’m getting sick of day 1!!!

Saturday 28 January

Went to Rusty’s Bazaar this morning followed by a cold bath. IS BOILING. 1:00 – preparing for Toni’s party….

It was terrific!! Beka, Fi, Angela, me, Karen & Justine are sleeping over (We got to sleep at 2:00am) Laughed & Talked all night

A Life in Words

Sunday 29 January

The party continued today – went to Waterworks with the group. Last night watched two movies: “Valley Girl” & “9 to 5”!! Got home at lunchtime. Bathed & spent the arvy reading Sweet Dreams books which I borrowed from Toni. Leanne H. is staying tonight.

Monday 30 January


Read books all morning. PM: went to Gordonvale for the Aussie Fun Fest. Stayed 4½hrs in pouring rain. Got my white shoes wet. BORING!! Kim N. was there – said hello. When got back, had Kentucky Fried for tea!!

Tuesday 31 January

Boring school day. Great big thunderstorm in the afternoon – Lotsa rain!! On the bus Fiona yelled out “Elissa hates Shane!” I blew her up!! I was red as beetroot. Went to Kevin Shorey’s. He changed my earrings. Am now wearing the dark blue hearts which I bought to go with my uniform. I’m so happy!!!

2 thoughts on “Hello 1984! January in one hit…

  1. Wow, Kevin Shorey also did my ears when I was in grade 3 and is still a life long family friend.

    Love reading your posts, brings back lots of very happy childhood memories for me which I thought were long forgotten.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.



    1. You’re welcome Kylie 🙂 It only occurred to me the other day that by doing this I am keeping Mum alive, by re-living time she was so fully a part of my life. A different form of grieving?


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