February 1984

Wednesday 1 February

Normal school day (boring!) – fun on the bus. I think Martin P. & Patrick L. still like Fiona (from gr 7 – remember Lucy’s party, Martin?) Day 2 today!! Is Hot!!

Thursday 2 February

Cooler today because of a breeze. Toni thinks Shane likes Justine – Hope not ! ! ! Fiona’s & my plan is kinda working. Late night 9:30.

Friday 3 February

Good day. Went to Lucy’s after school. Mim, fi,Beka & her were all there. Played a ‘matron’ game. Are all sleeping at mim’s

Saturday 4 February

Supposed to go to town today with Fi, Beka, Lucy, Toni & Karen at 9:00. Toni didn’t want to come, Karen and Fi weren’t allowed and Beka didn’t show up at the bus stop so Luc & I went by ourselves at 10:00. Lazy arvy!

Sunday 5 February

Lucy, mim and fi couldn’t come to Green Island with me, Jules, Nin & Ruth. It was Rainy & overcast. Hoped it wasn’t raining over there – it wasn’t, but was horribly black in clouds. Bird pooped on me twice!! On the way there, I threw up my cherry jam, which I had on toast for breakfast!! [I vividly recall this trip, in rough conditions on one of Hayles’ older Green Island ferries. My sister threw up into her beach towel and after vomitting myself, was amused to find a whole piece of said fruit in the tissue after clearing my nasal passages.] Walked around & had a swim was COLD!! Lost my earring back. Not allowed to watch ‘Grease’ on TV – poop!! (Melinda S. came with us to Green, today)

Monday 6 February

Mum let us watch ‘Grease’ after all. We begged and were a bit naughty, but we watched it!! My left ear is … INFECTED. I wore no earrings to school & fi blew me up – she told me they would close up. Saw Kevin Shorey this afternoon. We had to buy a whole new earring to replace the lost back, but when I cleaned my ear tonight, with the hydrogen peroxide, I dropped the new back down the sink plug. God, I’m an Idiot, a Fool!!

Tuesday 7 February

Today mum saw Kevin Shorey. He gave her a stainless steel back!! THANK GOD!! Pretty good day!! Swimming carnival next Tuesday!! Went to our houses to sort out entrants in the races. Mandy came over for a talk today & brought Heath. He’s big & beautiful!

Wednesday 8 February

Orthodontist appointment 8:30!! Came back to school during period 1 only have to wear my brace till April; UNREEALL!! 1st Speech day today, for the year. Lucy, mim & elisia are in my group. Watched Hoges tonight. Was hilarious!!!

Thursday 9 February

Although Sixteen Candles hadn’t yet been released, I’d already had the pleasure of wearing this kind of orthodontic brace.

In the paper this morning, a year 8 boy from our school had 60 birthday punches from mates – his arm was severely bruised “Shane E.” I don’t know him! They say it happened on the Stratford bus & Paul P. threw one of the punches. Um-aaaah!! With my brace, the reason I only have to wear it until April is that he only wanted to pull my jaw back so my teeth were in their proper grooves, not pull all my teeth back into place!

[I had an amazing amount of dental work carried out on my little head over a number of years, and at this stage I am wearing one of those external braces …yes, you can imagine exactly what I’m talking about; the ones that have the external ‘handle’bar & elastic around the back of the skull – the largest, most conspicuous orthodontic contraption in existence! Thankfully I only had to wear it for 14hrs per day, so I was rarely seen with it in public.]

Friday 10 February

Ruth left today. Pity!! She is very nice. Gave us $5  each last night – gave us lots of things!! GOODBYE!! Had fun on bus coming home. Mim, Fi, Beka, me & Jules played tennis at the Freshy courts. Martin, Patrick & Shane were playing cricket & whistling all the time. I wonder who Shane was whistling at. I think it may have been me!! HOPE!! I tried hard to ignore but I couldn’t help noticing Shane whistled the most!! When he left he did one last loud one. Was it for me? Only hope.

Saturday 11 February

Stayed at Fi’s last night. Went to Sportsworld & watched Fi, Beka, mima & Polly in tennis lessons. Came back to mim’s for a swim. Beka & Fi left – I stayed for lunch. Fi came back after. We had another swim then watched the ‘Thriller’ Jackson special which had been taped from an old ‘Airwaves’ show. Melinda is sleeping tonight.

Sunday 12 February

I am still wondering about those whistles on Friday afternoon. I mean, were they for real? Who were they for? Who blew most of them? It is making me too excited. Today just read, lazed & did Homework until went to Fi’s & did some cooking with Fi, mim & pol.

Monday 13 February

That whistling job had me going all weekend – everyone knew there was something on my mind!! I’m just DYING to know! Shane didn’t act unusual today. Perhaps it was my imagination. My new togs:

A Life in Words
diary sketch of the new togs (read: swimming costume)

Tuesday 14 February


Was no rain, just overcast. TRINITY WON!! Elliss 2nd, Clifton 3rd, Kewarra LAST!! Shane came 2nd & 4th in his races!! Looked at each other on the bus!! Geoff gave mum flowers & choccy

Wednesday 15 February

DAY 5 TODAY. I hate this day!! Today on the bus, Shane gave me an accusing look, when he opened the sliding window, as if I shut it, but I didn’t. I said,” I didn’t shut it”. He just went “Hmph” and I said “Poofter” aloud – I think he may have heard me. Hope not. Feel Energetic!!

Thursday 16 February

A LIfe in Words
Some samples of the ‘fashionistas’ that earnt me some pocket money.
How’s the Boy George look-alike?!

I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very upset over Shane. I think he did hear me yesterday. He has been giving me the cold shoulder & I’m not used to it from him. I’ve also lost a good piece of essay for English. Really good & I can’t remember it so I’ll have to start from scratch, but the 2nd copy won’t be as good as the first. Have started a drawing business. [Ah! Here’s the li’l entrepreneur again] Draw girls wearing different fashions – sold for 5c. I also take orders for 10c. This arvy I told Karen how I felt about Shane when we got off the bus and started crying. She didn’t like seeing me cry but promised to talk to him & tell him I do love him & am upset over him. She’s a very good friend.

Friday 17 February

Boring school day. Did homework at mima’s with fi & her. Had heaps of fun!! Don’t think I got much done. Had an early-ish night.

Saturday 18 February

Fiona slept at Jemima’s last night. They went to tennis but it was raining so Jemima got her new racer and rode back to Freshwater with Fi. I took Mr. B.’s racer & we rode out to Beka’s. Decided to ride to ake Placid for a swim, but was too rough. Ended up at Freshy Creek.

Sunday 19 February

In the morning, mima & Fi came round & asked me if I’d like to ride to town. Packed lunch (took $5) and went. They had their racers, while I struggled on my stupid old pushbike. Dropped in to see if Elisia wanted to come, but wasn’t allowed. Had fun. On the way home, it poured. Were all sopping wet!!

A Life in Words
My ‘Bomby’ Bike

Monday 20 February

Julia’s ears have closed up!! Ha, ha!! Na, she’s a sport! Mim & fi came around after school & we went for a ride up Simon and into ‘new’ Cassowary St. We found a dead snake on the road. We all dared each other to ride over it. We were about to move it with sticks when a bloke threw it away into the bush.

Tuesday 21 February

Today was good. At lunch, we were lifting each other’s skirts up and I got Karen twice, she got me 3 times. On the bus she tried to pull mine up in front of Shane but she couldn’t because I got off at a different stop & ran home (I got off at the corner of Griffith & Old Smithfield Rd. Toni was in on it too).

Wednesday 22 February

Had my photo taken for my I.D. card; a card which entitles me to discounts at various shops & places. Lotsa HW. 1st English essay due tomorrow, 1st two numbers on German assignment to be done by tomorrow and History assignment due next Wed. Forgot to bring some bubblegum, today!! Speech was okay. Today, also, my band broke. I was chewing gum and the slot came off * It was on the brace when I took it off.* [*there were hand-drawn illustrations at these points in the original diary but unless you’d actually been a ‘victim’ of this kind of brace, the sketches wouldn’t mean much] Mum said we’ll go in tomorrow. Hope it’s not booked out!

Thursday 23 February

Nana & I went late-night shopping tonight in town. Mum & Jules went to K-Mart. I bought a clear plastic rain-jacket from Sportsgirl & Nana bought me a blue-y-green dress form Katies. Last year (when I didn’t know Mandy P. was Adrian’s sister) I called Mandy a tart. In Mathers tonight she walked past and said “let her call me a tart, I don’t care”. Adrian (embarrassed) said “shut up”. It looks like Mole-inda (Melinda S.) blabbed it out to Mandy, cause no one else would.

Friday 24 February

Good day at school, but forgot bubble gum again!! Went to play tennis with Toni, Justine, Natasha, Karen & Lucy. Had fun. I think I can play tennis – my arm is quite strong! Justine’s tyre punctured so mum took her home and we’re minding her bike tonight.

Saturday 25 February

Have all my savings worked out. I have a list of about 20 that I’d like, a total of $487!! OH GOSH!! But I’ma gonna do it! Enter every competition etc! AM: wrote out english essay. PM: went with Fi & mim to mim’s for a swim. Helped get them ready for Jason P’s Party. Julia slept at Dad’s tonight.

Sunday 26 February

Did some homework. Wasn’t allowed to ride into town this Sunday (it ended up mim, beka & fi didn’t go either – it was raining!) Mum tried to mow block [of land that was to be the location of our next home] in the rain. Got ½ done. I did 10 new girls to sell. Had big rumball & salad roll for lunch. Went to mulleys with Dad & Jules. Had tea there too. Watched TV & rollerskated!

Monday 27 February

On Saturday, wore mima’s ugly purple earrings home – Nana had a fit. When I tried to put my stud in my left ear it stung so I pushed hard and a bit of skin poked out. I was supposed to go to Kevin Shorey’s to have it checked but ‘didn’t have time’. Saw Mr F. [our family dentist] today when we dropped Petra home from school. He noticed the difference in my teeth!

Tuesday 28 February

Julia came home from school because she felt sick. Had a laughing fit on the bus when Patrick hit his head really hard on the portrack & when the dog barked & started chasing Toni & Rebecca P. bolted and I hung onto them. Very tired today HOT!! Early night -mum had coffee with Geoff.

Wednesday 29 February

Good day; did some pictures to sell and Mr Van Slooten helped me sort out my History assignment. Still can’t find ‘Flashback’ History Textbook. Late for Speech. Mim, angela, Fi, elisia & me were about the only ones who wore our uniforms to the inter-school swimming carnival (shame!!!!!!)

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