28 May-3 June 1984

Monday 28/5/84

Woke this morning when I banged my leg on the bar above Julia’s bed. Huh? [My sister and I were sleeping on bunk beds where we lived at that time – I had the top bunk normally, but on this particular morning I have woken up ‘downstairs’ in Julia’s bed…] I was still in my jeans – I hadn’t  had dinner or a bath or cleaned my teeth. I slept from 3pm 27th to 6am 28th! 15 hrs  – a record for me! When I asked mum how she carried me in here, she said, “I didn’t. Don’t you remember, you walked in here?” I must have sleep-walked! Was tired (everyone was.) Shane & Martin just noticed I have braces. Bit late, huh?! Heapsa HW. A Chinese Fortune thing told me I have all Power, when it comes to Shane – WO!!! Mr Howard’s new haircut – REE-VOLTING! Late night – UMAH!!!!

Tuesday 29/5/84

An Un-Special day. Just got my english assignment done & handed in! Woe is me! I think Shane loves Jenny & she loves him & they’re going together. My luck!! Mrs Caswell asked me to bring my YR8 Home Ec articles for a display. Science Test (last no’) was so HARD!! Julia went to tennis. Rebecca P has a racer – she came down & asked me to teach her how to change gears etc.

A Life in Words

Wednesday 30/5/84

Woke early. Resolved to earn as much money as possible ($300 perhaps) At speech, Jemima didn’t even say hello. I still think she doesn’t like me, in fact I know it. On the way home, heard a rattling – my pedal reflector is coming off. “Any Which Way You Can” was the movie. Was good.

Thursday 31/5/84 [my sister’s birthday]

Woke early – Jules got “the Beat ’84”, “Footloose”, “Throbbin’ ’84”, “Colour by Numbers” (Culture Club), Alan Parsons Project, pink & green & white dress, pyjamas, cardigan, sweatshirt & skirt, cute pens, rubbers etc (from me!) & extra $30. Lucky dick!! Gave Julia Rebecca P’s punches. BIG dinner! Feel sick! Chips, cake chicken & pumpkin pie (Yuk) At 9pm mandy & Bill returned from their camping holiday in Tassy.

Friday 1/6/84

In english, didn’t have to hand in our “Dump Site’ project because Leanne wasn’t here 4 us to record it (have till Mon)!!! Mr Roff came to our german class yesterday & told all those in 9.7 art to go to the art room after school – 2 stanley knives disappeared. Roffy said if he didn’t get them back, we would only do theory until he got them. Not fair!! Ate like a hog, this arvy, then rode with Julia. Talked to Rebecca P, Adrienne M, Ross and Nat. Watched Barbra Streisand movie “the main event”. OKAY.

Saturday 2/6/84

Am riding to tennis again (can’t believe I’m allowed!!) Tennis was pretty good – my serving is great! Rode into town. Rang mum from phone booth with an excuse. Out till 3:00. Was great!! Mim acts better now, as if the “would-be” fight never happened. Time of my life – late nite – am buggared!!!

Sunday 3/6/84

Little HW, when Fi rang & all painted her house (pretty good!!!) About 1:30, got our $2 ea, spent it at shop, then went to mima’s where we played game (cos’ parents were out.) Mim owned a restaurant & I (a man) asked Fiona out to dinner. Made us lunch. “Wine?” she asked. “Yes” we answered. We took a sip and stared at each other. “Mima” I said, “have you altered this juice in anyway?” “A little” “Reisling?” “Something like that” she answered. We had 3 more glasses, each time the wine becoming stronger. Then we all tried some rum. Stewart came down (he almost vomited) Then gin & tonic. WHAT NEXT?! The B’s came home later & we all went home. Watched “James Bond” in “the Spy Who Loved Me”.


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