Really Gross Gas & Cooktown Discovery (4-10 June)

Warning: some surprisingly graphic bowel-related descriptions coming up. If you are sensitive, I highly recommend you skip over Monday and Tuesday this week. Personally, my embarrassment expressed itself in the form of uncontrollable laughter.

My father frequently used to – er, and still does – refer to the “Coxen Bowel Fetish” – a phenomenon peculiar to our family (hence the name) in which  uninhibited verbal discussion of anything and everything related to the Excretory System was ‘natural’. I always knew it was a joke – a long, long-standing joke – but it would seem from the following that a part of me chose to believe it was real.

Monday 4/6/84

Tiring, hectic day. School went so slow. Didn’t get the whole dump thingo taped. Trudged home. Getting ready to go to Justine’s, did a big juicy fart & next thing I know, some watery juice drips on the floor. OH NO! – maybe getting that wog that’s going around. Listened to tape at Justine’s, did role play & had some arvy tea!!!!

Tuesday 5/6/84

Toni can’t be wagging it – she was away today again. Got another juice in undies during skool – wet’n’ooozy’n’reeevolting. Hooray! Finished taping Dump thing! Got Science test back 23½/25 Best ever in science. Had arvy tea & rode all arvy. Did HW – heaps of it. Got in a tantrum cos’ everything’s going wrong 4 me.

Wednesday 6/6/84

Woke early. New plan – “all catch-up & HW at school & all study at home.” Down-to-earth, boring day. Good seats on bus. At speech, mim & I discussed Cooktown. [She was coming with us to the Cooktown Discovery Weekend, traditionally held on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend] Lucy, Fi, mim & I went to my place. I wrote mim a list of clothes & she took 2 records to tape. All went to shop. Came home Just on dark!!!

Thursday 7/6/84

Toni actually came to school! NO!! She was sick. Criticized Martin & Shane. God they’re dickheads. Fooled around under our tree at lunchtime. After a shower, went to Westcourt mum took back the sweatskirt she bought me, then at Earlville got a ‘splendiferous’ grey box pleated sweatskirt. Late nite. Gotta do my assign. tomorrow.

Friday 8/6/84

I’ve been so confused. Thought Wed. was Thurs. & thurs. was Fri.! Guess I’m excited. Bought lunch of pizza. Woke early. Rushed my english assignment – got it done and handed in. sooo nervous about exams, too! Got off at fi’s stop & we all went to mim’s Made fudge for the trip. Both so excited and nervous! Packed enough to last me a week! Mima came an 1hr late I panicked, but am calming down now!

Saturday 9/6/84

A Life in Words
Julia & Mima leaning against indigenous watercraft outside the Sea Museum

4:45 – mum woke us. Dressed, packed extra clothes & had brekky. Finally left 5:30. Slept 1hr. Good trip – ate, ate & ate. Finally arrived (after numerous stops) at 11:30. Flat is disappointing – no fridge or TV, cramped’n’filthy dirty. After lunch Jules, mim & me went to Sea Museum. ½ way through the tour, kind man said we could come back after 3:00 (for free) as the parade had begun. After parade, lazed in flat while mum & Geoff went to RSL. After completed museum tour, studied maths 4 2½ hrs, then went to dinner. We stayed home talking until mum came home from pub – feeling sick from drinking the water. The 2 men who came with us are really weird. One is mean 2 us. [I actually have NO recollection of anyone else accompanying us on this weekend, let alone two ‘weird’ men.]

Sunday 10/6/84

Woke early to a bright, windy day & church bells. At 9:00 watched re-enactment of Cook’s landing. Then went to Grassy Hill – windy as hell! Corn 4 lunch – rested – went to Cementary studied again. Lazed – watched fireworks (spectacular – but not as good as Cairns show works) Dins at the pub – mum’n’Geoff went with those 2 men. At the flat, talked, laughed and watched a man in another hotel making tomato and apple sandwiches, when a lady in the same hotel sprung us. Tried smoking. Was fun! I heard a noise – chucked smoke down the loo. Mim worried about the smell and how she felt bloated, dirty etc. FUUUNNY!

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